US Education workshop

US Education workshop

U.S./American mission in India gave an hour long workshop for class IX and X students on 11th MAY 2017 at 2.30.p.m at Dekyi Tsering hall, Tibetan Children Village, Cantt, Dharmasala, (H.P.)

Education USA is the official source on U.S. higher education and is supported by the U.S. Department of State. They offer fellowships and scholarships. They also provide free sessions on the U.S. university application process. The general objective of providing this kind of workshop is to facilitate mutual understanding between students and scholars in India and in the U.S

The specific objective of the workshop given to our students was to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely information for higher education in the United States. Ms. Astha, an adviser who works at the Education USA program @ United States-India Educational Foundation led the workshop. She gave a detail information regarding how to apply for US study in 5 simple steps. She was accompanied by Ms. Eleena and Mr. Tashi who spoke on how to apply for visa and what happens on the day of interview respectively. The students were further provided information about their facebook, twitter, online sessions and about 90 clips uploaded on youtube so that the students can keep themselves updated.

The students listened to the workshop with keen interest and seemed inspired. Many noted the facebook address and kept their handouts and contacts.

The workshop session covered the following topics:

  • Components of application form
  • Planning the entire U.S. university admission cycle
  • Standardized tests for undergraduate students including the SAT/ACT and language proficiency tests
  • Essays and letters of recommendation
  • Financing your studies via scholarships, assistantships, and loans

Mrs. NawangLhamo, the school principal gave the introductory speech and the headmistress of senior section Mrs. Choekyi gave the vote of thanks.

Feedback from a workshop participant:

“The program was a successful one. Almost all the students around me saw it as an opportunity. It helped a lot of students to select their goal/ aim. It helped me focus on the right direction. Most of the students have urge/desire to go there, but they are afraid of their financial problems. So am I.

On the last note I want to add that; we students were highly motivated by this program. I was just a student who studied without a purpose. It was this program who gave me one. Thank you.”

Sonam Youdon Class X S Roll.No. 12115


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