Clean Up during His Holiness Teaching to Tibetan Youth

Clean Up during His Holiness Teaching to Tibetan Youth

From June 5 to 7, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave a special teaching to Tibetan youths at Tsuglakhang. During the three-day teaching, all the 60 members of our school’s Health and Environment Committee did their best to keep the temple courtyard clean.

To start with, we all gathered at one place to carry out the work more efficiently. Then Gen Tsetan la divided all the students and staff into four groups and appointed one group leaders. Groups were sat at different corners of Tsuglakhang courtyard. Once volunteers started distributing bread and tea to public, our student groups started moving to their respective places and collected the trashes after every break and lunch hours.

At the end of each day’s session after public leaves the temple area, we stayed back to sweep the whole area and collect all the trashes at one place. We have requested class nine boys to stay back little more time to wait for the garbage truck and send others back to their homes.

Above routine was followed during all the three days of teaching and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation as we were able to carry out the clean-up work without any complaints and inconveniences.

Health and Environment Committee -2017


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