18th June, 2017 was observed as world Gang gyok day in different schools around the world and we the staff members and students of Upper TCV Dharamsala took part in observing world gang gyok day and organized 6 km health race from our school to Asia Health resort and back to school.

It was around 7:45am that the school Principal, headmasters, physical education teachers and the selected students for Kang Gyok (a health race) got assembled on basketball ground. Before the actual race, the school Principal gave a brief introduction of the world gang gyok day followed by physical teachers’ instruction on how to proceed for the short distance course.

At 8:15am with a school banner raised high, the children from classes VI to XI took part in actual race with excitement, zeal and sincere motivation in support of the world gang gyok day program organized by the school administration. All the participants were inspired and motivated by the active participation of the school principal, headmasters and the physical education teachers in the actual race covering the complete race course.

After the completion of race, all the participants returned back to school with lot of joy and satisfaction. All the participants were then told to relax and served a bottle of water and fresh juice sponsored by Nangten Menlang Socio Buddhist Research Charitable Trust.

The Kang gyok program finally was concluded with three minutes meditation on peace and mindfulness with brief and clear instructions from physical education teacher Mr. Karma Dorjee la.

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Upper TCV


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