Report on Career Day -2017   CAREER EXPLORATION   6TH OCTOBER 2017

Career exploration experiences and opportunities can improve academic performance. They also increase the likelihood that these students will complete high school and pursue post-secondary education. This improves the attitudes of young people about their career possibilities, motivating them to persevere.

Therefore this year the theme of the Career Day Programs was “CAREER EXPLORATION”. It was held on 6th October 2017 in Hermann Gmeiner Hall. All the senior students from class VI to XI attended this morning program. The aim of the program is to make the students from class VI and above to be aware about the various careers. This time with few activities, we presented 25 different jobs. This will enable the students to make the better career planning and wise career decision. The program started at 8.30am and it took around 45 minutes.


The Programs highlighted were as follows:

  • Career Act: This activity was presented by class IX D students. All the students took active part and they were very creative.
  • Solo Song: A solo Tibetan song on Education and life was presented by Tenzin Bhuti class VII D.
  • Power Point Presentation on various Careers by:
  1. TsetanDolkar Class XI B
  2. Tenzin Thai XI B
  3. Tenzin Passang XI B
  4. Tenzin Choetso XI B
  5. Tenzin Chokkpal XI B
  6. LobsangTso XI B
  7. Tenzin Tsomo XD
  8. Priyanka XD
  9. Karan XD
  10. Tenzin Dhadon XD
  11. Tenzin Choedon XD
  12. Tenzin Pema XG
  13. KungaNyiwoe XG
  14. TenpaDhargyal XS
  15. PemaDhundup XS
  16. Drukla XB
  17.  XI A: Stage Preparation

They did wonderful.

Various other careers were displayed on the boards and walls of the section. There were prepared class IX P, XP, XS and XD.

Submitted by ChoezomTsering

School Counselor                                                                                7/10/2017



October 15,2017:. Global Handwashing Day is an annual global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of hand washing with soap as an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives. It was founded by the Global Handwashing Partnership, and first observed on 15th October, in 2008, when over 120 million children around the world washed their hands with soap in more than 70 countries. Since 2008, this day is celebrated annually on October 15. 

Upper Dharamsala TCV school observed this important day with over 600 students and 50 staff members in Dekyi Tsering hall, organized by the Health and Environment Committee of the school. With the Principal as the chief guest for the occasion, the students and teachers of Infant and Junior section, along with the section heads and the home amalas gathered in Dekyi Tsering hall at 8 a.m. Mr. Dhondup Gyalpo, the Junior Headmaster graced the occasion by speaking on importance of hand washing and the relation of our handwashing with our future since the theme for this year’s Global Hand Washing Day was ‘Our Hands, Our Future’. Following Mr. Gyalpo, Mr. Tenzin Dawa, Secretary of the Department of Health and Environment Committee introduced the day to the audience. He gave an extensive explanation on the meaning of the day. He then spoke on the usage of our hands specifying the importance of hands. He further made the students aware of the disease causing germs, why handwashing should be a part of every one’s daily routine, and when to wash hands. The students were also taught on the benefits of washing hand.  Mr. Dawa made the students realize the importance of handwashing with the quote ‘Handwashing with soap is a “do-it-yourself-vaccine”. The presentation ended with clips on steps of hand washing which the students were made to follow the steps along with the clips. At the end of program, basins filled with water and soap awaited the students at the basket court. Each student was made to practice the hand washing.

The school hopes that the future of our students which is related to their hands are secure and healthy, as all these small kids returned to the homes with clean washed hands practicing and discussing on the handwashing steps.