Dharamsala: 15 December, 2017: Class XI students comprising of 72 and the staff members of senior section were enlightened on the Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Education (DLIHE) on 15th December, 2017.

Mrs. Nawang Lhamo, School Principal introduced Mr. Tenzin Jinpa, an alumus of TCV and currently a lecturer of Computer Science at DLIHE spoke extensively on the strategic objective and the mission behind starting DLIHE that ‘is to ensure that each student is a passionate, life long learner who practices Tibetan values and serves the community with utmost dedication and integrity’.

He further familiarized the audience about the faculties and attractive facilities including the Buddhism studies. He then spoke on the admission requirements of various courses DLIHE offers including courses of Bachelors of Arts (Honor) in Tibetan Language (BAHTL) and Bachelors of Arts (Honors) in Chinese Language (BAHCL), as well the Ph. D in Tibetan studies which he claimed is the first such UGC recognized degree in India.

Speaking on the career prospect for graduates, he proudly said that the student graduates from DLIHE are now researchers, developers, professional translators and etc; all contributing members of various reputed organizations. He further stressed on the results of DLIHE which has been 100% distinction of 2013-2017 batch.

His talk was followed by question answer session during which he cleared doubts of many staff members as well as students.

The Institute is a part of the Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV), an integrated charitable organization for child care and educational services. The Institute claims that it is the first of its kind in the Tibetan community in India and as well as the World. The program ended with thank you scarf and school annual magazine as memento from Mr.Tsultrim Dorjee, Village Director.


Retirees’ day out in NORBU HOUSE

Norbu House in Dharamshala is rated number one in the travelogue and is highly recommended for comfortable stay while you are in Dharamshala. Being in the peak of the season, it is always full and does excellent business. Besides being so busy and over occupied attending to important customers Mr. Wangdu Tsewang took the time out to invite all our retired staff around Dharamshala for a very special luncheon. He is one of our former students and sponsors several children in the Village as well as two students from DLIHE for college education. His hotel, restaurant and conference hall are epic centre of Dharamshala hub for several public events. The latest being the press conference by ex-representative of His Holiness – USA Mr. Penpa Tsering.

We were about sixty such retired staff around Dharamshala mostly from our retired staff quarter in TCV. It was for the first time that many of our retired staff were ushered to the main lobby of Norbu House overlooking a panoramic view of Dharamshala. Mr. Wangdue was particularly very concerned and took good care of all our oldies making sure that everyone had a very comfortable table and shortly tea, snacks, soup were served in succession and finally we had a very well prepared cuisine to the delight of all our retired staff.


He says this is just a very symbolic gesture of his expression of gratitude for the services rendered for his upbringing and education by TCV. He plans to make this an annual feature on the encouragement of several notes, likes and comments he received from several ex-students across the globe on his facebook. Those of us who attended his invitation for the luncheon truly felt honoured and close to our hearts. Our bondage in the TCV family is based on true feeling of love and care.

On behalf of TCV we are very happy to present him a traditional scarf and a small souvenir as a token of our appreciation. The souvenir was presented by one of the most senior and revered Gen Tenzin La who saw TCV grow from a small Nursery to one of the largest educational and social organizations in exile. He took pivotal role in the metamorphosis of children growing from young tiny toddlers to responsible and contributing entrepreneurs like Wangdu.

Science Day-2017

Science day celebration has been reduced to awareness on science. It was celebrated on 6th Nov 2017 according to the date but on the same day International Film festival was using the hall so instead of postponing, we call off the presentation of striking and impressive chemical reactions on stage as further rescheduling is not appropriate for it coincides with preparation of FA-IV and Periodic test.

Students were assigned group project on usual chemical reactions taking place in our day life activities and has presented at chemistry laboratory in between the periods. Teachers further assigned individual research report on a specific element to strengthen the awareness in the  department of science and mathematics department collected numbers of students belonging to various classes to prepare the Mathematic projects and displayed charts on open wall and boards.

Science department teachers work together in chemistry laboratory after school hour in-order to prepare striking and impressive chemical reactions on stage for the ‘Science Day’.

Report on World Aids Day, (1st December, 2017)

Theme of the year: “The Right to Health and everybody is count”


TCV Upper observed World Aids Day on Friday, 1st December where every students and teachers of senior section pinned the red ribbon on their uniform and wore it the entire day as the symbol for the prevention of illegal drug use and solidarity of people living with HIV/AIDS, especially taking this year’s theme into the consideration i.e ‘The Right to Health’. Mr.Ngodup la, science teacher gave a brief awareness talk on AIDS/HIV as highlighting on the theme. Since November month is the crucial month especially for the students in preparation for the coming annual exam, the World Aids Day program was organized accordingly.