UTCV School Observed World TB Day

A sound mind needs a sound body. Human health and healthy environment are directly related to each other.  Rapid globalization and unchecked consumerism coupled with human greed are taking heavy toll on human health and the natural environment. Despite universal education and Health Care Schemes by the government and various NGOs, millions of people in the world die due to TB every year. Unless we address this issue at a local level, we cannot eradicate this disease from the world. Hence, education and awareness campaign at a school level is the best precaution that we can take to curb this disease.

So we (The School Health and Environment Committee, UTCV) is trying to inculcate awareness among our children a universal responsibility in managing and curbing TB at our school level with the aim to achieve zero TB in our school.

We observed ‘The World TB Day on 24th March 2018’ on Saturday. Surprisingly, it coincided with the Annual School Spring Fete. Nevertheless, we organized many events on that day to get our messages across the wide array of people assembled on that gala day. To create awareness of the day, a powerful pictures and drawings by the students containing strong messages were posted all around the basketball court. The students from grade IV and V took part in drawing competition on the theme “How TB is spread, prevented and cured” Their works were exhibited near the school Exhibition Hall. To create awareness on TB Day amongst the students, Mrs Noryang la, one of the active members of the Health and Environment Committee organized a health talk one day before the actual day during the morning assembly. The senior school students observed the day by participating in writing competition. Top five winners from different categories were given handsome prize on the next day of school by the school Health Committee. Under the close supervision and direction of the School Health and Environment Committee, about 50 volunteers in white Green shirt did a commendable job and kept the basketball court free of litters for whole day during the Spring Fete. At the back of their T-Shirt, it bore a strong message on TB as well. Last but not the least, the School Health and Environment Committee extends their sincere thanks to Mr Urgyen la, Junior School Art teacher for collaborating and organizing Art Competition for the World TB Day.

Health & Environment Club


Happy times are here again!  The annual School Spring Fete 2018 kicked off with fine weather and blasting start. This is one of the most looked forward events by all the students particularly the younger ones. It is a living example of how proper planning and team work can make a huge difference in a day. On this day one would get to see full cooperation and involvement of all senior students and staff members in executing their assigned work. The objective behind such a mega event is to achieve self-reliant and self-sufficiency. All the sale proceed of the day would be contributed towards the betterment of school Games Committee who are responsible for the smooth conduct of almost all the major school activities in the school-be it sport, culture and literary as well.

The school wears a very festive look with plenty of stalls for various games, entertainment and food stalls. Many of our children are involved in running these stalls very efficiently by putting their heart and soul to generate income for the school. It is also a gala time for the parents and the ex-students to meet their children and to rejuvenate their sweet memories of their good old days.

All our visitors came in their casual dress and in holiday mood to spend the day in festive mood. Our local friends from Nadi, Totarani, Stoberi and Kariri were the first visitors to throng our wild elephant stall for a throw away price for items from clothing, kitchen accessories to electrical gadgets. The tiny toddlers were seen forming a chain of lines for their turn to have a funny ride at the Mickey Mouse bumpy slide. Scores of volunteers in white T-shirt were busy collecting the litters in every nook and corner of the basket ball court.  Hats off  to  the volunteers.  Like every year the evening program culminates with the start of the Tambola Game. It attracts all aspects of the people as it involves fun, excitement and above all handsome and attractive prizes. The day not only ended with good note and big returns, but there was no untoward incidents like food poisoning, fight and accidents etc.

Parents’ Day – 5th March, 2018

March 5, the birthday of Gyalyum Chenmo, the great mother of HH The Dalai Lama is observed as ‘Parent’s Day’ all over the Tibetan schools in India. Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee, the Village Director welcomed the entire guest to Dekyi Tsering Hall. To honor this auspicious day, some retired home mothers from TCV Old People’s Home were invited as our Chief Guest to grace the occasion. Besides the Chief Guest, representative from Tibetan Settlement Office, Tibetan Parents’ Association, TCV Head Office Management Officers and all serving home mothers were invited as Guest of Honor.

The celebration kicked off with the lightning of butter lamp before the portrait of Gyalyum Chenmo by the Chief Guest followed by scarf offering ceremony by the entire guest, staff members and the student representatives. To lend sanctity to the occasion, Dentsik Monlam  ( A prayer of truth) led by the school dance and music teachers were recited/sung .  To mark the occasion and to honor Her great works, a special message from DOE was read out by Mr. Tenzin Choephel, Head Master, Infant Section.

Unlike previous year’s program, we had students from Junior School as our audience instead of senior school students. The said change was purposely effected to give more exposure and sense of belongingness to the junior kids. To cater to the need of the special audience, a special program of story- telling was included this year. Mrs. Tenzin Palmo la, the English Resource Teacher and Mr. Dhondup Gyalpo, the Head Master, Junior Section, stole the whole show by their excellent story telling technique.  The function was wrapped up by Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee la, the Village Director. He highlighted the unique role played by the Great Gyalyum Chenmo in the life of HH The Dalai Lama especially in the promotion of love and compassion. He expressed his sincere thanks to all and invited the entire guest to the school Basketball Court for a special lunch. In nut shell, this year Parent’s Day was celebrated in a unique way where we got to witness many healthy changes and innovations in the program.



Dharamsala, 2nd March, 2018: On the auspicious occasion of Choetrul Duechen, students from class 7 and above of TCV School, Upper Dharamsala gathered at Dekyi Tsering hall to be blessed with the epic story of Jetsun Milarepa.

Lopon Dawa Dhondup, a monk who is dedicated to spread the works of Jetsun Milarepa through various programs, shared the epic story and the lineage of Jetsun Milarepa one of Tibet’s most famous yogis and poets. The students were also shown images of caves and places where Jetsun lived, meditated and preached bringing the students closer to Mila’s life. Witnessing with their very own eyes the locations they only heard of from books and stories made them realize the reality of the history, to which many might have sound a myth.

The students also had the rare opportunity of listening to a “ghur” – a spiritual song of Jetsun Milarepa as well sung by Ven. Dhondup Dorji. Lopon advised the students to compare their situation with that of Milarepa and told them to study hard.

To many of the students, it was a pilgrimage made in an hour.

School Opening Ceremony – 1st March, 2018

The school re-opened on 1st of March 2018 after a rather longish two months winter holidays. The school campus burst into life and the vibrancy of the spirit and the enthusiasm of the students and teachers completely transformed the sedateness and solitude of the dry and warm winter months.

As usual the school reopening was marked by formal function at Dekyi Tsering Hall at around 8.20 a.m. where Venerable Thupten Yarphel, the Principal of Phende Lekshey Ling School, Namgyal Monastry was invited as the Chief Guest. The function began with the school song by the students with the school band followed by inspirational speech by Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee, the Village Director. Amidst excitement and joy, the new staff members and the new Committee members of the year 2018 were also introduced. The Chief Guest set the stage for a new academic session with encouraging and inspirational speech. Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo, the school Principal gave a concluding speech highlighting on new  resolutions passed during 2017 TCV EDC Meeting coupled with some of the common feedbacks received from the Annual  Report by the teaching fraternity. Being the first day of the new academic session, the audience listened to the speeches and events with rapt attention and with a renewed hope and enthusiasm. The function came to an end with a singing of Tibetan National Anthem.

Orientation Program for UTCV Staff Members

27th February, Dharamsala: All staffs member of Upper TCV School, (teaching and non teaching) gathered in Deckyi Tsering Hall at 9 am. The school Director Mr. Tsultrim Dorji welcomed the staff members after two months of holiday and shared the outcomes of the 40th MDC meeting held in Delhi. The staff members were also shown a motivational speech given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the teachers on moral ethics in the year 2017.

The Principal addressed the gathering on academic related matters based specifically on the 32nd EDC meeting resolutions and teachers’ annual reports.

The talk was followed by section meeting from 11.30am to 12.30 pm. While the members of the Senior Section prepared for the special welcome lunch scheduled at 1 pm for the staff at the basket ground, the other two sections had their first section meeting of the new academic session chaired by the respective department heads.

All the staff members gathered in the same hall again at 2.30 pm for the afternoon session. The chief guest for the afternoon program was Lopon Dawa Dhondup from Nepal. A monk who is dedicated to spread the works of Jetsun Milarepa through various programs, he shared the epic story and the lineage of Jetsun Milarepa one of Tibet’s  most famous yogis and poets. All the staff members fully rejuvenated after long winter holiday look forward to a wonderful 2018.