“Alone we can do so little- Together we can do so much”- Helen Keller

PTA is an educational partnership between teachers, parents and the students. It aims to foster self esteem, motivation and fulfillment in our student.  It is a day for the parents to enquire about performance, the contentment or the behavior of your son or daughter in the school. It is also an opportunity to resolve concerns over the student’s specific academic or behavioral issues with the teachers.

TCV School, Upper Dharamsala had it’s first Parent Teacher Meeting (PTA) for the year 2018 on 14th July, 2018. The function of the first PTA was held on the above mentioned date in Dekyi Tsering hall from 9 am to 10.30 am. Around 300 parents attended the function.  The School Principal welcomed and thanked all the parents who came to be a part of the day which she said is one of the most important events of the school. Since His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been focusing on the promotion of human values, the parents were enlightened with the term ‘Secular Ethics’ and methods a parent must adopt to promote human values in our children by Geshe Ahaten and Geshe Ngawang Delek; philosophy teachers of our school.

Senior School PTA Meeting was held in two phases instead of one to do better justice and give better individual attention to the students. The first phase was held on 13 Jul 2018 in the afternoon for the staff students and residential students.The second PTA meeting was held on Saturday, the 14th 2018 for the day scholars and local parents whose wards were in the school. Despite the inclement weather on that day, scores of parents turn out to attend the morning presentation and meeting with the respective teachers in the class thereafter. As expected, there was positive involvement from both the parents and teachers. It has helped many students and the parents to know about their children’s academic performance and involvement in the school activities. As a follow up to PTA, the school counselor have also taken an initiative to organize peer tutoring programs in the evening and organize extra classes during the holidays and consultations with the respective subject teachers  during the breaks between and free hours.Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”–  Bob Beauprez

Chophel (Mr.)

UTCV Class VI to VIII Tibetan Elocution Contest 2018


Inter Class Tibetan Elocution Contest for class VI to VIII took place on 11 July 2018 at Herman Gmeiner Hall at around 7 p.m. in the evening.

The contest consists of three different categories .i,e. Class VI poetry recitation, class VII speech delivery  and class VIII will perform any dramatic enactment. It is an annual feature and many students participated in it. Since each class has to select and send two to three representatives they have to undergo lot of preliminary contest in their respective classes. Once the respective classes finish their selection, they had to face audition test before the Tibetan teachers who will finally select and train the best four students from each category for the grand finale. The students with best reading skill and fluent in Tibetan language were selected as Chairperson to host the evening contest.

Miss Tenzin Dechen from VIII D who was the Chairperson of the contest welcomed the Chief Guest Mr. Dorjee, the Assistant Head Master of the Senior School. The contest began with poetry recitation followed by speech delivery and dramatic enactment. The judges had tough time to assess them as all the participant from three different categories did very well to outdo each other with their terrific performances. Anyway, the first prize from Poetry Recitation Category went to Miss Tenzin Choezom from VI D whereas from speech category it was none other than Miss Tsering Dolkar from VII D who got first prize. We saw stiff competition amongst the participants from dramatic enactment but by virtue of better script, confidence, and execution, the prize was finally shared between Miss Sangay Choezom and Mr Pema Namgya lfrom VIII D.

Besides giving handsome prizes and certificates to the winners, a participation certificate and consolation prizes were also given to all the participants including the Chairperson. In nut shell, the contest was stiff and it was worth watching as every participant took it very seriously and executed very well. The respective class teachers and the concern Tibetan teachers deserve equal credit for working so hard and for setting the standard higher.

Choephel (Mr.)


The birth anniversary of HH the great XIVth Dalai Lama is the most looked forward day in the calendar of the Tibetan people who revere him as their paramount temporal leader. HH the Dalai Lama turned 83 and His birthday is celebrated by peace loving people all around the world.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama celebrated his 83rd birthday on 6th July 2018 in Ladakh with the Tibetan community and his Buddhist followers there. He urged Individuals to work and contribute to world peace. He also reiterated his four commitments to promote world peace, harmony among religious traditions, further the Tibetan issue and revival of the Nalanda tradition in its native India.

Here in Dharamshala, the official celebrations of the Tibetan leader’s birthday was attended by local Tibetans, Indians and tourists. Chief Guest Shri. Kishan Kapoor, Minister of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs; Special guest Shri Gopalbe Narayan Singh, MP, RajyaSabha; Special guest Shri Hanardhan Singh Sirgriwal, MP Lok Sabha graced the festivities with the presence. Also present were Ms. Pema Yangchen, the Tibetan minister for Education, Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok, the Deputy speaker of the Tibetan parliament and other dignitaries. All the students from grade VI to XII attended the day long hectic official celebration where they had an opportunity to listen to the speeches by different dignitaries and cherish the taste of different cultural show by different Tibetan and local communities. Besides the distribution of sweets and cakes, a lunch was also served to all the people attending the function there.

To get the feel and to enjoy the mood and joy of the celebration, special program for junior and infant section was also organized at the school itself. Wide variety of cultural shows, poetry recitation and individual talent were presented by the students. Sweets and cakes were also distributed to all the students and the staff members. The program ended with Gorshe Dance at the school basket ball court both by the staff members and the students.

To wind up the daylong celebration in a big way, Senior School Idol 2018 was held where 10 best singers vied against each other at the Herman Gmeiner Hall amid lot of cheers and claps. Five best singers were selected on the basis of voting by the audience and panel of judges together. At the end Miss Ugen Lhamo from class XII B and four other singers were selected from among the ten best singers who will compete in grand finale. To mark the celebration, a special vegetarian meal was served in the evening to all the students.

HH the Dalai Lama once urged. “The best gift for me on my birthday; please keep your own mind, your own heart more compassionate, more spirit of genuine concern for other’s well-being. And with that motivation if possible serve others, help others….”

Chophel (Mr.)

UTCV Senior School Inter Class English Debate


Inter Class English Debate for class XI and XII was held on 4th July at the new hall. It was attended by all the staff members of Senior Section and the students from grade IX to XII. Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi, the Senior School Head Mistress was the Chief Guest in that evening. Like an old adage “Normal is boring” One would get to see some healthy changes in a way debate was conducted. Instead of just one motion, we saw three different motions which were well crafted and very relevant with the school system all across India (CBSE System)

Three best debaters from each class were selected and trained by Mrs. Tsering Dolkar, PGT English. It was keenly fought contest as all the participants came out with good preparation and one would get to see sense of stiff competition spirit amongst the debaters. Since the topic or motion of the debate was very relevant and realistic, scores of students from the floor stood up to voice their argument. Like the moon shining among the galaxies of stars, Miss Tenzin Kunsang from class XI ‘A’ stood out from the rest by her eloquent voice, style of presentation, reasoning skill particularly during the rebutting round. She stood first and walked away with handsome prize, trophy and a participation certificate .She was closely followed by Miss Tenzin Yega and Master Ngawang Topten from XI ‘B’.  At the end, it was class XI debaters who emerged victorious with good margin of victory over their senior class. The Chief Guest did the honor and applauded all the participants for their hard work. Mr. Dorjee, Assistant Head Master of the Senior Section thanked the English Department for organizing the said activity with real enthusiasm and earnestness during the next day morning Assembly.

Chophel (Mr.)

Senior School Inter class Tibetan Debate 2018

As earmarked in the school calendar, Senior School Inter Class Tibetan Debate between Class IX and X was conducted on 03 Jul 2018 at Herman Gmeiner Hall in the evening. Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi, the Head Mistress of Senior School was the Chief Guest in that evening. Since we are observing this year as “Year of Secular Ethics” the organizers have chosen a very befitting topic as motion for Tibetan Debate. The motion was “that Ethics is the Most Essential/Fundamental need of Human being”

The speaker from both the end spoke quite eloquently based from the fact, figure and instances from various reliable sources.The competition was stiff. However, the speakers from ‘For the motion’ spoke better and more eloquently which can be ascertained from the applause they received in that evening. By virtue of better delivery and befitting reply in the rebutting round, class X won over class IX. Mr. Kalsang Wangchuk from X P was adjudged as the best speaker. Since the floor was left open for the audience to express their opinion on the said motion, some students stood up and put forward their argument in the true spirit of eagerness and real earnest.All the participant were given certificate and prize by the Chief Guest. Everything went well except for the fact that some English words were unnecessarily used by the participants when the debate is supposed to be in their own mother tongue. i.e. tibetan.

Chophel (Mr.)


Oral Health and Hygiene Medical Camp was held for the second time in Upper TCV School for three days from 25 June to 29 June 2018. It is initiated by Dr Tenzin Damdul, a former student of UTCV who is presently based and practicing in Northern Carolina, USA. He is assisted by six specialists from USA and India and the said camp was jointly organized by Dr. Tenzin Damdul and a team of specialist along with the School Health Clinic staff members.

The camp was started with the talk by Dr Tenzin Damdul who gave a brief introduction and overview of the medical camp during the school morning Assembly. With the help of power point presentation, he emphasized on the importance of oral health and hygiene in our day-to-day life. To facilitate proper screening in an organized way, the camp was split into seven groups consisting of one specialist each and assisted by the school Health Clinic members. Dr. Chungdak remained very busy overseeing and debuting nurses and facilitating available resources at the back and call of the specialist.

The actual medical camp started with the Cancer Screening for classes from VI till IX at the Senior School. Simultaneously Dental Screening for grade II to V was also carried out during the school hour at the Open Stage near the school Basket Ball Ground. Screening for senior girls and boys who are living in various hostels were also carried out from 2.30 to 06 P.M.





The treatment for the students diagnosed with problems was done on the second day. The school administrators were busy arranging support teachers to supervise students’ movement and arranging tea, snacks and meals for the doctors. In the evening of the second day, the students of class VI till VIII gathered at Dekyi Tsering hall at 7 p.m., where Dr. Narpatsingh Rajput, a professor and implantologist assisted by Dr. Shabana Memon, a dental surgeon gave tips on dental health and hygiene. At the same time, the students of class IX till XII gathered at Herman Gmeiner hall where they received a very interactive and informative talk on most common dental problems and how dental problems and our body is related from Dr. Preet Jain, a professor, an implantologist and Prosthodontist.

The screening of staff members were on the third day. It was followed by talk on Oral Health and Hygiene by Dr Tenzin Dadul for the staff members in the evening for about 90 minutes. The fourth and the final day was reserved for the dental treatment of the staff members at the school Dental Clinic from 9 A.M. which went on till late evening.

The entire students and the staff members are very thankful to Dr Tenzin Dadul and his team of specialist doctors for undertaking the trouble of carrying out cancer/dental screening and providing necessary intervention treatment to scores of students and staff members for three days at a stretch. It is the second medical camp by Dr T. Dadul and his team. Their visit didn’t end here as they had to visit all the sister schools in and around Himachal Pradesh. Their visit was very timely and it has benefitted us in a big way.

Choephel (Mr.)