Workshop on Smartclass

April 17, 2019: A workshop on smart-class was arranged for the teachers of TCV Upper Senior section during 4th and 5th period in the smart classroom. The session was also attended by the Principal and the section heads of both Senior and Junior. The main objective of the workshop was to encourage teachers to use smart class facility for more effective teaching and learning environment. The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Suheel, who is a trainer of EBix smart class. He gave a vivid introduction on the contents of the smart class package and showed all the features of the program. He talked about the advantages of using smart class in their daily teaching – how it saves time and facilitates teaching more realistic and fun. At the end of the session Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo la, the school Principal thanked the resource person and urged all the teachers to make maximum use of the smart class facility the school has.  The workshop has definitely made the teachers more confident and inspired to adopt smart class as one of their teaching aid.


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