25th April, 2019: The annual school wide Tibet Our Country Project was concluded on 25th April with various activities. The month long project was aimed to impart knowledge about the history of Tibet, to make students aware about the relevance and importance of Tibetan Buddhist principles and practices in one’s life, to explore the unique culture and tradition of Tibet. In the nutshell the sole objective on having this annual event is to make students feel that they are Tibetan and the preservation of Tibetan identity is our duty. The chief guest for the day was Mr. Lekshay Tenpa la, a former director of the school and some school sponsors as guest of honor.

The function began at 8:30 am with a sangsol (Incense burning ceremony) at basketball ground.  All the students and staff members of school attended for the same in their Tibetan traditional dress. After the prayers Tibetans tea and sweet rice were served to everyone presented, followed by presentation of Tibetan children songs and traditional sports by class I students. Everyone enjoyed the events very much, for some time everyone was sent back to the pastures of our homeland.

From 11 am the second part of program for the day was hosted at the Hermann Gmeiner Auditorium. The program started with the introductory speech by the school principal, followed by series of Tibet oriented presentations and performance of songs; the students of class XII gave talks on how to make water offering and prostration and merits of these actions. These are the two events every Tibetan does at home on daily basis. There was a song on Tibetan alphabets and vowels by students of infant section. The students of class II presented zaloo and tampae (Zalo is recitation of popular poetic conversation in verses and tampaes are Tibetan sayings) and the students of class 6 and 7 presented Tibetan songs. A students of class X staged a play on Being Trustworthy. The last item of the program was the traditional dress presentation by the students of class IX. They demonstrated the unique dresses of the three provinces of Tibet. The function ended with talk by the chief guest. The classes were resumed after lunch.


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