Parent-teacher Meeting

May 18, 2019: TCV School Upper hosted its first Parent-teacher Meeting of the year on May 18 at 9am. The meeting started with morning function at Dekyi Tsering auditorium. Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo la the school principal ushered the chief guest for the program Mrs. Donka Wangmo, the chief counselor of Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration onto the stage. The other guests of honour were the secretary of Mcloed Parents Association and the section heads.  Parents and relatives residing in and around Dharamsala attended the function and the meeting as requested.

The host of the occasion Mr. Tenzin Choephel  la extended warm welcome greetings and introduced the chief guest. Next was her talk which was about being Mindful and Positive Parenting. In her address she explained some effective ways to deal with changing behavior of a child at different stages of physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development. She said parenting is not only disciplining a child, but also about creating friendly space for his sound holistic growth. She said setting good example at home and school is the key factor in shaping a child’s behavior. Parents were urged to be aware of their way of parenting because he learns from what he sees and hears every day. She reminded all about the significance of maintaining close parental bonding with their child, which can only be possible through trust and respect. Frequent nagging damages parent-child relationship. A child would either fight or flight. Parents were warned to be extra careful in dealing with their troubled child.


Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo la gave the closing speech in which she announced the result of class X and XII CBSE Board Exam. She stated that in this fast growing world parenting has become very challenging, thus parents and teachers must work collaboratively for the holistic development of their children. Parents were made clear the new class X CBSE assessment structure, so that they too can play some role for the success of their child.

She thanked the chief guest for the illuminating talk and extended her deepest appreciation to all the attendees. After a short tea break the actual Parents-teachers meeting started at their respective sections. The meeting ended at around 2.30pm. 


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