Workshop on Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

September 9, 2019: The teachers of TCV senior section attended a day long Workshop on ICT from 9:15am to 4 pm organized and funded by the Department of Education of Central Tibetan Administration. The main objective of the workshop is to assist the teachers in integrating ICT in their teaching  and learning process. Despite facilitating five ICT rooms, CTA took a great initiative in conducting a workshop on ICT for the teachers. The workshop was of great benefit for the concerned teachers in applying ICT in their work.

The resource persons of the workshop were Ms. Tsering Tsamchoe from Mevon Tsuklag  Peton school Dharamsala, and Ms. Tenzin Youlo from Department of Finance(CTA). The actual workshop began with a pre-assessment on ICT.

Through activities the participants were made to have deeper understanding of the various theories and methods of teaching and learning.

There were also power point presentation highlighting the benefits of integrating ICT in teaching:-

  • ICT when used into the curriculum, it revolutionized the learning process.
  • ICT keeps students engaged in their learning using powerful tools and became creators and critics instead of just a consumer.
  • It is a necessity of today’s students to have 21st century skills

She further made very clear what is not ICT:-

  • ICT is not a computer learning class
  • It is not a substitute for teacher
  • It is not a teaching tool-e.g.- teaching using a Power-point presentation to teach
  • It is not learning parts of computer machines as chapter.

Throughout the workshop they reminded the teachers to design constructive learning activities and allow students to use technologies to create or construct something out of the lesson they are learning.

Both the resource persons explained how integrating of Information and Communication Technology in education helps our students in developing higher order thinking skills like analyzing, evaluating and creating.

At the end of the session, teachers seemed to have found the workshop enriching and convincing. The post assessment scores also showed that the participants have well digested ICT. The average score was 7out of 8.

Mrs. Yeshi Dolma

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