Textbooks & Resources Available Online

Dear Teacher,

We have uplaoded all NCERT Books pdf (chapterwise) from clas 6 to class 12 at website http://www.cbse.online. You can send these pdfs files to your school students. New session has been started and students can’t purcahse new books due to lockdown. However they can start their study from these NCERT PDFs.

We also have uploaded NCERT solutions of all science and maths subject from class 9th to 12.

We are working on video solutions (NCERT Exercise) of Maths. Video solutions/class are ready for following class :

(1) Math Class 8  : Chapter 1 : Rational Number

(2) Math Class 9  :Chapter 1 : Number Systems

(3) Math Class 10 : Chapter 1 : Real Number and Chapter 2: Polynomials

We will try to provide one chapter every week.

We have uploaded video solutions file on website www.cbse.online. You can get also these video solutions file by whatsapp from 8905629969.

Please visit website and use the material in your online class and forward all material to students.

For any assistance or query feel free to mail us back or whatsapp at 8905629969.

PS : Please note that http://www.cbse.online is not affiliated to CBSE Delhi in any manner. Website http://www.cbse.online is a private non profit website and works to provide free digital resources to students ans teachers.