A simple living and High Thinking teacher

It was the day when I was in my ex-school Mount Kailash in Nepal.  There was one Nepali teacher who always wears  old fashioned clothes. He never showed up in stylish clothes and always come in old clothes. I forgot to mention one thing. He is not poor. He is very rich. You might feel bit confused right now. We too were confused in the beginning but then we heard many good things about him. Like a saying, “ All that glitter is not gold” Appearance are often very deceptive. We were wrong. He is very down to earth person who is ever ready to help anyone in need. He is good in almost all the subject and gets along well with both the students and the teachers. He is our role model. Now we understood that he is very simple and high thinking teacher.

Tenzin Phentok  VII D UTCV




We all have a dream.

What if it is good o bad

It is just a dream.

We can fly,

We can glide on the clear blue sky

but only in the dream.

We can be what we wanted to be,

We can see what we wanted to see

And swim like a fish in the deep blue sea.

We all dream for a long time,

Not only in the night time,

but also in the bright day time.

Tenzin Gyurme VII D UTCV

 A life of a tree

Since the days when it’s in its delicacy

It stands for its life that is dubious

Beholding the soil beneath its root

Facing every natural adversity that passes by


With the gradual changes in its stance

No wonder how self-reliant it might be

With no case of harm to its surrounding

But only the optimum effects are from its changes


Right from the day it was sowed on this earth

It started to be on itself by spreading the

Roots for its spontaneity. The virtue of its

Beauty started to hit the world of nature.

But no one sensed, other than itself of its presence


Throughout the changes that it carries in its form

It only provides the goodness that it has in it

Be it the nature of beauty that it upholds

Or of the wholesome fruits that it bears for others


Tenzin Choney  VII D UTCV

  How does Internet benefit the society?

Internet is like a fuel to all gadget accessories. The phone use is half incomplete without internet. Internet allows all the uses of social media, up to latest news, discoveries and information that comes to be in a handy sort of way. It is like a matrix or a network which helps people in innumerable ways.

It can serve a community/society in different ways. It can be used by an old man, a house wife, a student, a business man and every single person. It is very useful and helpful if we use it properly. However if it is used incorrectly it may even reach to a dangerous extent. It can make a man successful but at the same time it can also destroy a man’s life.  It helps in a childs education, man’s business, house wives reality shows and many other purposes. It can be used incorrectly by making wrong use of social media and through cyber bullying.

For better speed, there are bigger schemes which are more expensive and also known as WI-FI. It is normally kept in a house. It is very important t to know the value of internet as everything in this world is not dangerous if we use it properly. Therefore, internet can either be a boon or a curse for mankind.

Jigme Lodhen VIIID UTCV



My favorite books

My favorite books are the books written by R.L Stine and Geronimo Stilton. To be frank I didn’t really like  reading book till I was in grade II. Surprisingly, one day Kalsang, a friend of mine, recommended some  books for me. I tried those books casually. Believe me, I began to like the series of these books. Soon I began reading more and more of the books such as ‘The kingdom of Fantasy  and The Goosebumps Horror land series. Not only that I gradually began to like the Jigsaw Jones series. All of these books are all about adventures, horror or mystery. But I feel that every type of book is useful for you in your life.

Reading books enables you rich in words and strengthen your grammar and spelling better than ever before. You cannot only become an author or a great poet but also become very famous. Who knows you might get a Nobel Prize in Literature also. If you have a passion and interest in exploring and  discovering new things then you should  immersed yourself  through the pages of the book. Well, I’ve said something about my favorite books….what’s yours?

Tenzin Namgyal  VI D UTCV

 My Mom is My Best Friend

I believe my mom is my best friend. In my fourteen years, I have come to realize that friends come and go but family stick together forever. The one person that has always stayed or stood by me through thick and thin is my mom. No matter what I do or what happens in my life, my mom was always there and will always be. I know that I can always count on my mom for my whole life.

Do you know who is that one person I go to when I am having a really bad day or hard time? That person is none other than my mom. My mom is the most funny, caring, generous and strict person in the whole world. She always know the right things to say to me when I am upset, always advises me when she thinks I am going in a wrong tract. She gives me the best advice. Yes! I do go to my friends and elders for advice but my mom’s advice is always better. Not only does she fulfill motherly duties, she also fulfills best friend’s duties as well. She makes my favorite food and loves gossiping with me. She takes me wherever I want to go .if my mom was not there for me I would be a totally different person that I am today. Till now she has been my best friend and most of all acted both as my father and mother.

Furthermore, my mom is the best thing I have in my life. She will always be there for me. When I grow up, I want to be same like my mom and bring up my child like how she is to me. My mother is my hero, my role model and my best friend. I love and miss you mom.

At last but not the least, I would like to end with the saying “ a mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”

Tenzin Metok(12070) Class X B UTCV

Oh, My beloved Mother!

Oh, my beloved mother, you are the one

Who sacrificed all your comfort,

Without a second thought

Offered me all that you have

Oh, my beloved mother, you are the one

Who guides me through the paths of

Life with all your magnificent and inspiring

Advice, and pushed me to the very edge of being safe.

Oh, my beloved mother, you are the one

So typical of your sweet and unselfish nature,

And I always remember you telling me to

Be more refined and dignified

Oh, my beloved mother, by keeping all this in my mind

I truly want to thank you for what you are.

Tenzin Choetso Bhutia Class X B UTCV



I’ve been reading books of the old days.

The legends and the myths.Spartans of Roman.

Heroes of the Greeks,

Some immortal Gods,

Some evil demons also!

I’ve been reading modern books.

The adventure and the twists.

The great avengers,

The guardians of galaxy,

Some super heroes,

Some fairy tale bliss.

And I always hope

To be in one of them.

Soon I shall write a book.

With lots of adventures and twists.

Both about modern and classics.

With some legends and super heroes,

Immortal Gods and fairy tales,

Evil demons and dark villains.

All of them in one book!

Tenzin Palden Bhutia VII D UTCV







 Last year, I was always a happy girl. I never thought in my life that one day I could become a divorce parent’s child. When I heard the news from my mother that she got divorce with father, I felt very, very upset and cold. I felt like to beg them not to do so for my sake, but there was a lump of sadness in my throat which remained unheard. My eyes filled with ocean of tears. But she calmed me down. My father is in Swiss and my mother lives in India. I don’t know why they got divorced. There are always tears in my eyes when I think of my parent’s case. I always wanted to know that why it had happened to me. This year I realized how the other children feel when their parents get separated. So, my wish and message to all the parents is “Please feel the feeling of your children before you sign the divorce paper.” I pray to god it would never happen to any child being born on this planet.

By Tenzin Tseyang Class V B 10633


Well! Every people have a beautiful moment in their life. I too had a heaven sent opportunity to write an English poem on my mother land (Tibet). Besides a natural beauty of Tibet, I wrote about the serious problems being faced by our brothers in Tibet. For a thunderous applause, my heart felt poem got selected by the jury in Italy. I got a golden chance to visit Italy on the first week of July 2012. Luckily my friend Tenzin Chodon also got selected. As it was my first trip aboard. I squealed with joy like a grunting pig. So I just waited for that day. My dream came true in a fascinating SPARK!!!! My legs flanged and my eyes sparkled as diamonds. I just skipped off to the airport wiping a sparkling sad tear. The nine hour flight journey to Italy was a complete new experience for me. Believe me, we kept so busy that we found ourselves zooming here and there, all day like a busy bees. Receiving the certificate and prize before thousands of people was the proudest moment for us. Chodon and I wore TCV uniform for meetings and interview a chupa for a cultural dance. We also got a rare chance to carry and wave Tibetan national flag while marching through the entire length of the town. One afternoon uncle Gelek, ex TCV student who was our escort, took us to a famous city of Rome. Wow! We saw a great Amphi theatre. It was huge and great. I couldn’t even forget the wondrous time with a Tibetan family at Como. We get to eat and licked yummy and mouth watering triple ice creams. We also had pasta and spaggati, with spicy toppings!!! One week of stay at Teramo, Italy past like zooming rocket. Finally we bid good bye to Italy and headed home. We learned a lot. We felt very happy and would like to thank TCV for giving us a chance to go on a fascinating trip to Italy.

Garakze Italiano!!!!!

By Tenzin Tsomo Class V B


The clock strucked 5:30 pm. It was time to leave the library. I packed my bag and went outside. It was a foggy evening. I could hardly see anybody. My friends and I went to the open stage to play Byjing( game played with rubber band). Since the floor was slippery, we decide to play barefoot. We removed our summer sandals at the corner of the stage. When we all were playing one of my friends shouted, “Monkey, Monkey”. And to my surprise there were three big monkeys around us. We ran for our life leaving our summer sandals and bags behind. We were all worried, because our bags contained library books; mine had a big packet of scrumptious Oreo biscuit too. The biggest monkey came forward. The monkey opened my bag and he took out the biscuit and ate it hungrily.  He threw my bag on the ground when he was done with the biscuit. I was glad my library book was left untouched. I quickly picked up my bag and left the spot. The biggest monkey called to the other monkeys. And then they left swinging on the trees gracefully.  My friends and I headed to the open stage to get our things. We picked up our things. Then we waved bye to each other and set of to our own home.

By Tenzin Diki Class V P 10453

Save Tibet.

Tibet is my country. Tibet is a beautiful and peaceful land. It is the roof of the world. Tibetan people are simple, honest and religious. In our country people eat Tsampa and live on cows, sheep, goat, yak, and horses.  There are many animals, forest, rivers, and lakes. But in 1959 the red Chinese came and have destroyed our country. They beat our people. People are burning their bodies for freedom. But nobody hears our cry. If the Chinese keep ruling our country then one day, all the rivers, forest, animals and lakes in Tibet will be ruined. Everyone will be a great danger by changing the world climate. So people of the world support us and save Tibet.

My Motherland


Tibet, My beautiful land, once

It’s no more beautiful, now

Cause of cruel Chinese,

It’s fading away.

Our holy place

It’s now fallen.

Into pieces like

torn papers.

Oh! Mighty God,

Can’t you help us?

Our Tibetans are suffering,

under the cruel Chinese rule.

Name  Tenzin Tsomo

Class  VB

Age    11 yrs


Name Tenzin Choedon

Class VB

age 11 yrs

I Miss You,  Mom                                                                                                                             Tenzin Tashi, X “B”

I miss you, Mom.

Every time I see my friend’s mom

Pacing up and down the corridor

My heart gets carried away by them.

I miss you, Mom.

Every time I think of your loving care.

I wonder when I will repay it back to you

For your marks are deepest, strongest and the greatest of all.

I miss you, Mom.

Every time I close my eyes

Sensing you smiling at me

With my tears rolling down whenever I open my eyes.

I miss you, Mom.

Every time I stay alone

Searching for your beautiful aura

That’ll bring your presence nearby me.

Mom, you have been far away since then,

I keep missing you every day.

Yet it makes me so gay

To feel that I have got a mother on bay

And I’m not a motherless atleast.

I miss you mom


Kids Who Are Different                                                                                                                                Kunsang Nyemo, X “B”

Here’s to the kids who are different,

Kids who don’t always get A’s,

Kids who also have a heart and soul,

That beats every time they fall down.

Here’s to the kids who are different,

Kids who’re labeled as crazy and dumb,

Kids who don’t fit around

With guts and grits,

Yet who can also dance of their own,

With taste so different yet to dear to them.

Here’s to the kids who are different.

Kids with a mischievous streak

For one day when they will grow,

As history have shown

It’s their difference that makes them



Tree, My best Friend                                                                                                                     Tenzin Dhadon, X “B”

I wonder,

How the trees came about?

Is it a god gifted or a man made?

How it breathes when there is no hole?

How it stands so still when it keeps growing?

With so many questions knocking me down to ten,

Many dare not to give a thought,

For all they care is to use them,

I am real amazed at their lowly attitude.

Some are small, some are big,

And my pa says they live for decades long.

For they get CO2 in return of Oxygen they give.

It’s like we are bonded to live together.

Yet few realize of your true worth

You, who gave us paper, clothes and more.

You, who ask for nothings in return,

You, to whom I couldn’t say my sorry feelings,

So did we really deserve to have such a faithful friend?


Dear Gen  Phuntsok Namgyal lak,

Thank you for the reply.

It is my pleasure to attached you  one  photo of OC 1 in 1985 . The one in front of you was me.

I always cherished everything I had in the School. I am really really grateful to all Teachings and non Teachings Staffs of TCV. The contribution of the TCV towards our Nation is infinite and all efforts and dedications of every teachers and staffs of Tcv is priceless.

Thank you for latest TCV blog, I felt quality of images /photos  are not that much good. May be the resolutions of the photos are low.

I have been working here since 2003 , I learnt so many things from Rinpoche . Sadly many Tibetan considered him as Bonpo which is not at all true.  Many Tibetan  don’t understand how much works has done for the Tibetan inside and outside  in order sustains Tibetan race and Culture . Here in western or Europe thousand and thousand follows after him like his shadows and he has more than nine thousand students around world.  That is just for your information Gen lak.

With my warmest regards and Tashi Delek ,

Yours student ,


Lhakar in Junior Section

All the Tibetan children wear colourful dress of chupa on Lhakar and these small kids love to wear chupa on every Wednesday.  The day starts with our morning prayer at 7.00 A.M with our religious teacher for half an hour. We assemble at 8.45 A.M in the hall and the Tibetan teachers prepare talk base on Tibetan culture, religion and language. The teachers prepare colorful charts and pictures during the morning talk. We also display different kinds of posters and students’ project base on our culture and language on Lhakar in the corridors. It really enriches their knowledge. Children love to discuss because they are very inquisitive by nature. I request all the teachers to encourage our children to speak pure Tibetan and we are doing our best.  We will enrich our Lhakar activities. We are going to add lots of other activities in the coming days.

                                                                                                        Lhakar April 2012

The Tibetan word “Lhakar” (ལྷག་དཀར་) translates literally as “White Wednesday,” as Wednesday is considered special by Tibetans because it is the Dalai Lama’s soul day (བླ་གཟའ་).In recent years since 2008, Tibetans in Tibet and in exile have taken diverse Lhakar Pledges, resolving to boycott Made-in-China products, or to go vegetarian every Wednesday, to speak pure Tibetan, or to read a Tibetan newspaper once a week, or to wear chuba every Wednesday, etc. Through these pledges and actions, Tibetans are coming together in the greatest noncooperation movement Tibet has ever seen. In the Junior Section Library at Upper Tibetan Children’s Village every Wednesday is Lhakar as we read only Tibetan books and only Tibetan books are checked out from the library. On some Wednesdays the children dress in traditional chupa to honor our heritage. This has encouraged our children to more thoroughly explore the large number of Tibetan books on our shelves and to add to their knowledge of Tibetan culture and traditions and improve reading skills as well. Some children are participating in a program in which, when they have read and recorded 20 Tibetan books on cards for that purpose they receive a small gift, such as a pencil, sharpener or eraser.

I am Tibetan

I am Tibetan because I wear Chupa

I am Tibetan because I eat Tsampa

I am Tibetan because I speak Tibetan

I am Tibetan because I came from Tibet.

Tenzin Sangmo III P


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