Science department of middle section had taken an initiative to put up innovative children’s science fair project on 3rd September 2012, which is fully based on learning by doing and with fun.  The program is administered under close guidance of four of our science teachers.  We had worked for the project few months ahead of science week to ensure suitable selection of topics and prepare projects in good number.  This time, teachers have upper hands in choosing the topics and preparing children for the final program.  There were 39 different projects in total and all of them are prepared during non working hours.  This is a sort of pilot project and we hope to continue with this.


Aims behind Science Fair:


  1. To develop positive attitude towards learning science
  2. To develop scientific temperament.
  3. To satisfy students curiosity about the world around them.
  4. To appreciate work of scientists and strengthen scientific concepts through experience.


Project prepared under Mrs. Tenzin Wangmo la’s guidance are:


  1. Leaping egg (Class VIII S)
  2. Detergent propelled boat (Class VIII S)
  3. Live balloon (Class VIII S)
  4. Human flame thrower (Class VIII S)
  5. Mysteriously moving flame (Class VIII S)
  6. Observing algae and fungi under microscope (Class VIII S)
  7. Are you right or left sighted (Class VIII S)
  8. How do we breathe (Class VII D)
  9. Stand an egg on its head (Class VII D)
  10. Centre seeking scale (Class VII D)


Project Prepared under the guidance of Mrs. Ngwang Tenzin la:


  1. Working model of Electroscope (Class VII S)
  2. Survey on blood group distribution and compatibilities among blood group (Class VII S)
  3. Electroplating (Class VII S)
  4. Working model of railway signal (Class VII S)
  5. Activities related to Bernoulli’s principle (Class VII P)
  6. Reaction time activity (Class VII P)
  7. Two activities on Newton fist law (Class VII P)
  8. Bouncing magnet (Class VII P)
  9. Starch test (Class VI D)
  10. Working principle of gear (Class VI D)
  11. Testing lung capacity (Class VI D)
  12. Magnetic care racing (Class VI D)
  13. Archimedes principle (buoyancy) (Class VI D)
  14. Connecting simple circuit (Class VI K)


Project prepared under the guidance of Mr. Tenzin Namgyal la:


  1. How steady is your hand? (Class VIII B)
  2. Working model of putt putt boat racing (Class VIII B)
  3. Working model of simple electric motor (Class VIII B)
  4. Walk along tublewing glider (Class VIII P)
  5. Magnetic fishing (Class VI B)
  6. Magnetic football (Class VI G)
  7. Magnetic golf game (Class VI P)
  8. Knock down your enemies (Class VI P)


Project prepared under the guidance of Mr. Tenzin Ngodup la :


  1. Mile Stone (Class VIII D)
  2. Hitting the bulls eye (Class VIII D)
  3. Wheel of compound (Class VIII D)
  4. Mysterious Reflection (Class VIII D)
  5. Talent Zone (Class VIII G)
  6. Magnetic Car (Class VIII G)
  7. Elementola (Class VIII G)



My name is Pema Khando Kongpo, and I am a student at RutgersUniversity studying biomedical engineering.  As I ventured into my last year as an undergraduate student, I looked for various opportunities to take part in during my summer vacation.  After weighing out the different experiences that I could have, I chose to teach at the Tibetan Children’s Village in Upper Dharamsala as a volunteer student teacher.  Now that my time here has come to an end, I can honestly say that it was not spent as I had expected it would be.

Although I stepped onto the grounds of the school as a teacher, I feel like I am a student awaiting my name to be called upon during graduation.  Since my arrival, I have never stopped learning something new about education and teaching, Tibetan culture, human nature, and mostly, about myself.

The Tibetan Children’s Village is truly just that, a community fostering the well being of the Tibetan children.  As a Tibetan raised in America since a very young age, I never had a strong connection with my Tibetan identity.  I was sincerely shocked to see our culture not only thriving but also flourishing here.  Under the circumstances, I embraced the opportunity to immerse myself in this community in all the ways I could think of.

The actual experience of teaching at this school is beyond any of the “what if” scenarios I ever fabricated.  There were many times when I faced frustration or anger, but they were all fleeting at best.  The moments of joy when students were really learning and understanding, and most times having fun, are countless.  These days, learning and education are always associated with hard work, exams, and scores.  Most people, including myself, forget that learning is an important aspect of life that never ends and is not just something we do in school.  Beyond the English speaking skills, I hope my students carried away from me this very thought.

Since the learning process never ends, but simply accumulates, I can honestly say what I have accumulated in my experience here surpasses anything I ever fathomed.  I found rhythm and coordination when I thought I was tone deaf.  I found literacy in a language when I could hardly speak it.  I found more compassion here in my short stay than I can sum up anywhere else.  Last but not least, I found a voice that I had always kept quiet.

So as I sit here at “graduation”, I look forward to returning to America with a new perspective on life.  And I take away with me the amazing times I’ve had here.  What was actually two and a half months flew as fast as two weeks.  Of course, I want to thank the faculty and staff for allowing me this once in a lifetime opportunity and especially the middle section English department for allotting me their class periods.  There is no doubt that I will be back, the question is just a matter of when.


20 students from Middle School took part in Japan Art Party Exhibition 2012 .It was held on 19th Aug 2012 at the school ArtRoom. It is the 4th year and it has now become an annual feature in our school calendar. It is a program, co- sponsored by ANT-Hiroshima and Art Party Hiroshima, that invites children’s orphanages, shelters. And other children’s groups to take part in an annual art exhibition in Hiroshima, Japan. The art works created by children are sold at the exhibition and 100% of the money raised is returned to support the children involved. It seeks to raise donations for children’s organizations while raising awareness of children in need among people in Japan. Through this program, many of our students not only received handsome prize money on numerous occasions but learnt a good deal of lessons on painting and art work.


Late Dr. Hermann Gmeiner founded the First SOS Children’s Village inImst,Austriain 1949 when he was convinced that help alone couldn’t be effective where a child has no home.  His noble idea touched many destitute children’s life including that of Tibetan children.

Dr. Gmeiner’s memory lives with the children and co-workers of TCV when his birthday is observed on 23rd June every year with a special program.  At the function held in TCV Upper, Dharamshala, the General Secretary  of the TCV spoke about the life and great work of Dr. Gmeiner especially towards Tibetan Children’s Village particularly during the initial years and difficult periods of TCV.  On the occasion, a butter lamp was lighted by Mr Tsewang Yeshi la, The President of Tibetan Children’s Village on behalf of all the TCV family members.  A prayer of Truth and one minute silence was also observed to mourn the death and lend solidarity to 41 Tibetan martyrs who self immolated themselves in Tibet this year. Later, a final match of Dr Hermann Gmeiner’s Soccer Cake Tournament was played between Class XII and XII. Besides this, a special meal was also served on that day.

World Environment Day (WED)

On the significant occasion of World Environment Day (WED), Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) and its global network of regional chapters observed the day by organizing various green events such as marathon race, cycle rally, mass clean up & tree plantation.’
An undertaking of ‘Women’s Environment & Development Desk’ (WEDD) of TWA, Central TWA along with its regional chapter of Dharamsala organized a green marathon in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala on 5th June 2012. Around 50 young people including students from Upper TCV took part in the marathon which kick-started at the famous Mcleod Square and to Bhagsunag waterfalls and then concluded at the gate of the Tsuklakhang temple. Mr Phurbu Tsering from VIII P and Miss Tsering Dolker from VIII P stood first in the boy’s and girl’s marathon respectively. They also received a cash prize of Rs 1000/ each.
Alongside, a signature campaign to save ‘Tibetan Nomads’ was organized.
TWA’s WEDD pledges to hand deliver the entire signed petition to respective government delegates and environment ministries of the downstream nations and thereby relay the crucial message of the imperativeness of preserving Tibet’s environment which matters a great deal for Asia’s future security.
The mission of the Environment Desk at TWA is to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change upon Tibet’s unique ecosystem and upon the plight of Tibetan women The TWA environment desk is committed to disseminating timely and useful information that highlights to the international community the critical issue of climate change in Tibet and engaging in proactive measures and campaigns to combat the policies and the destructive impact that the policies hinges on the social lives of the Tibetan people. The environment desk believes that it is imperative to draw on the Chinese environmental policies that are denying the human rights of Tibetans living insideTibet.

Middle School Inter Class Final Tibetan Debate competition 2012

The Middle School Inter Class Final Tibetan Debate competition was held on May 19  at the Hermann Gmeiner Hall at 7 p.m.. The motion for the debate was ‘Observation of Lhakar is the best activity for the cause of Tibet”  Tashi from VIII G was adjudged as the best debater. Miss Tenzing Yangchen and Mr Rinzin Tsering from VIIIP were selected the second and third best speaker of the event. The over all winning team of the event was Class VIII P. The event proved to be relevant and significant to the audience as the debate contains details that are not only landmark in the history of Tibetan struggle against freedom from Chinese occupation but it also highlight/emphasis some core elements of Tibetaness in us.


Presentation of dialects on the topic ” Force” : Under the watchful eyes and guidance by Tenzin Ngodup, Science Teacher from Middle Section,  10 students have presented a dialects on a science subject entitled “Force” before the students of Middle School during the morning assembly. It was a nice change and we get to see how the Tibetan system of dialects practice can be incorporated/integrated into modern subjects.  If they are lucky, they can be selected for 15 minutes presentation before HH The Dalai Lama during His Holiness three days teaching at TCV School from1st June to 3rd  June 2012.

18 May:



The World’s Children’s Prize for the Right of the Child(WCPRC) is the world’s biggest annual program for children and young people geared towards empowering them to understand , respect and demand for the rights of the child around the world. The program enables children to learn about human rights, democracy and global friendship and understanding. One of the main highlights of the program is the global vote where children are given the right and the responsibility to cast votes to choose their candidate who they deem made the most outstanding contributions towards delivering their rights.

Middle School Social Science department and some volunteer students from VIII D and VIID prepared and gave a power point presentation on the three nominees for the World’s Children’s Prize  for the Rights of the Child(WCPRC) 2012 on 15 May 2012 at Herman Gmeiner Hall. They highlighted on the lives and achievements of the three nominees. All the students from class VI to VIII (465 students) participated in the WCPRC voting. The students made their personal choices and independent decisions.


At the age of six, Anna Mollel saw for herself how difficult life is for children with disabilities in northern Tanzania. Her worst experience came many years later, once she had started fighting for the rights of those disabled children.

Anna arrived at what she thought was an empty village. But lying on the floor of a house she found an eight-year-old girl, alone and abandoned. She couldn’t move and would have died if Anna hadn’t come.

Anna Mollel has been nominated for the 2012 World’s Children’s Prize for her over 20-year struggle for children with disabilities in poor rural areas in north-easternTanzania.

Thanks to Anna and her organisation, Huduma ya Walemavu, thousands of children with disabilities have a chance to live the life they deserve. They get medical care, operations, physiotherapy, therapy, wheelchairs and other aids, the chance to go to school, safety, and love. Anna is constantly speaking out on behalf of the children through talking about their rights with politicians, organisations and, more than anything, with people living in remote rural villages.

Since 1990, 12,500 children, mostly Maasais, have had a better life thanks to Anna and Huduma ya Walemavu. These are children who would have been neglected, abandoned and could even have died if it hadn’t been for Anna’s struggle for their rights.


As a young girl Sakena Yacoobi is the only girl in her class. She thinks to herself, “Why can’t girls go to school?”

When war hitsAfghanistan, Sakena is studying in theUSA. She wants to return home and help those worst affected by the war – women and children. When girls are banned from
 attending school, she opens secret schools. Almost 20 years later, she is still fighting forAfghanistan’s children. More than 700,000 of them have received education 
and healthcare through Sakena and her organisation, AIL.

Sakena Yacoobi has been nominated for the 2012 World’s Children’s Prize for her long and dangerous struggle to fulfil Afghan children‘s and women’s right to education, healthcare and to learn about their rights.

Sakena founded her organisation, Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) in 1995, during times of oppression and intense conflict. The Taliban regime had banned girls from going to school. But Sakena opened 80 secret schools, trained teachers, and created secret mobile school libraries. Today, Sakena and AIL run hundreds of schools, health clinics and hospitals in Afghanistanand Pakistan, and have trained 19,000 teachers. The teachers learn new methodologies and have helped 4.6 million children learn critical thinking skills. Every year they give 125,000 children education and healthcare.

Through Sakena’s work more than 5.5 million Afghan children have gained new opportunities and faith in the future, despite extreme poverty and 30 years of war inAfghanistan.



Ann grew up under the violent Apartheid regime in South Africa. When she was 15 years old, black children her age who protested were being shot and jailed. As a young prosecutor she saw children who had been beaten by police and bitten by police dogs, and who were sentenced to whipping.

Ann became a lawyer fighting for children’s rights and has written laws protecting them. She takes children’s cases to court. When she wins those cases, many children in similar situations to her clients are helped.
“Children are people. They need opportunity to participate in the decisions that affect their lives”.

Ann Skelton has been nominated for the 2012 World’s Children’s Prize for her more than 20 year long successful fight for the rights of children affected by the justice system. Ann has done groundbreaking work forSouth Africa’s children both in the court rooms and by changing laws affecting children.

When Nelson Mandela became president Ann was asked to chair the writing of the new law protecting children in trouble with the law. She assists, for example a child in a divorce case, a child mistreated at a children’s home, an unaccompanied refugee child, children being ill-treated in prison, children in ‘mud schools’ 
in bad conditions. Through reaching a court decision in favour of these children, Ann has helped and protected allSouth Africa’s children in similar situations.

Ann is the Director of the Centre for Child Law at theUniversityofPretoriaand is assisted by two young women attorneys.

General Physical Check-up 2012

General Physical check up has now become an annual feature in our school.The school Health Clinic  headed by Dr Chungdak, optometrist Mr. Namgyal, Dentist Mrs. Tsomo and two other staff nurses carried out thorough medical checkup of all the students. As expected, they did a splendid job of enhancing the health standard of the school community.

6 May 2012

Science Department  gives a presentation to the Sunday School:

We are honoured to have been invited to give the back ground of scientific prospectus of human brain and our nervous system to the Buddhist Sunday School at Dialectic Institute.  Team of our science teachers through the aid of power point presentation gave a series of lecture on the composition and functionality of human brain and our nervous system. Answering the volley of questions from the Buddhist students it has undoubtedly strengthened their perception of conscious level of our perception from the Buddhist point of view and finally finding the connection between brain and the consciousness and self. A very stimulating morning where our science teachers inter acted with Buddhist monks and nuns.

30 Apr 2012    Farewell Tea Party

As a mark of gratitude and honour,  a  simple tea party  was arranged for 16 teachers from The Institute of Buddhist Dialect School at Dharamshala Despite the fact that the monks were tied up with their regular classes and having received our  request in such a short notice, they undertook the problem of coming all the way from their school to teach Buddhist Dialects to  our student for whole one month. The teaching was very effective and it has solved one of the major problems in updating the curriculum in Buddhist dialect study. We sincerely thank the Director and all the staff members of The Institute of Buddhist Dialectic School, Dharamshala for rendering a timely help and support.

26 Apr 2012  English Elocution

Middle School Inter Class English Elocution was held in the evening on 26 Apr 2012 at Dekyi Tsering Hall. The contest consist of poetry recitation, dramatic extract and speech delivery. Under the close supervision of the English teachers coupled with the seriousness shown by the participants, the competition was very stiff and the judges had a tough time in assessing the best elocutionist. Tulku Jigme Woeser from VII D stole the whole show with his heart rendering speech entitled ” I had a dream ” by Martin Luther King, Jr.

13 Apr 2012                2nd Tibetan Spelling Bee

The Second round of Tibetan Spelling Bee was held. 462 students sat for the said test.

08 April 2011              Self Immolation in Tibet

VIII D gave a power point presentation on the topic “Self immolation in Tibet”18 students have participated in it.

07 Apr 2012                Inter Class Tibetan  Elocution

Inter Class Tibetan Elocution was held on 07 Apr 2012 at Dekyi Tsering Hall.The contest consist of three categories ; poetry recitation, dramatic extract and  speech delivery.

07th April 2011            World Health Day Observed

Under the initiative and direction of school Health Committee, we observed World Health Day on 7th April 08. Keeping in view the growing cases of substance abuse in our community, it was felt necessary to create awareness and educate our children about the ill effects and risk factors of the substance abuse. To this end, the school organized poster writing competition on various themes like “Say No to Drugs”, “Smoking and Chewing tobacco is injurious to health,” “Save our mother earth.” A brief talk on the importance of keeping good health by the school Health Committee member followed by area cleaning and water tank cleaning in the evening.

04 April 2011              Mock Earthquake Drill

Coinciding with the ‘World Disaster Day’ the entire school staff members and the students participated in mock earthquake drill during the morning class session.

30 Mar 2012                The First round of Tibetan Spelling Bee test ( Dhag cha Mongsel)

The first round of Tibetan Spelling Bee was conducted. About 464 students could participate in it.

26 March 2012            Introduction of Tibetan Dialect

As envisioned by HH The Dalai Lama and as a follow up measure to EDC resolution, Tibetan Dialectic subject was introduced in our academic curriculum. To achieve firm grounding and to give a good beginning and upgrade their standard, The Institute of Buddhist School of Dialect, Dharamsala deputed 16 monks to teach and upgrade Buddhist dialects to our school for one month from  26 Apr to 25 May ( one hour a day every evening). As a follow up measure each class has to compete with other class on every Thursday during the morning assembly and every 7th period.

18 March 2012            Daily English Reading Activity

Daily English Reading Activity was observed beginning from 16th March and it will continue till 30 July. It will be followed by Daily Tibetan reading during the morning assembly. This is an exercise to acquire reading habit and to bring improvement in their reading skill. Based on draw of lots, minimum 3 students from any class have to come and read before the morning assembly on daily basis for five to ten minutes.

17 -21Mar 12              New Tibetan Education Policy

Mr Tenzin Dhonyoe and Mr Sonam Tsering attended one week Orientation on New Tibetan Education Policy in Exile at Shara Institute of Tibetan Higher Studies, Dharamshala being organized by DOE, Dharamshala.

17 Mar 2012                Annual School Spring Fete

The annual spring fete was held. Many local parents, guardians, teachers and ex -student came and helped in making this annual event a grand success. The entire events of the day was handled by the school Games Committee for the purchase of sport uniforms, refreshments, games items etc

16 March 2011            Registration for Middle School Idol 2012

The registration for the Middle school Idol was done. About 153 students registered for the Tibetan song singing competition.

09 Mar 2012                English  Project entitled ” Project Read”

The student read and wrote 3738 book report in English ( in last year alone)  It was a huge success . So we decided to continue this year too. It was  started  from 09 March  and it will continue till the last week of July 2012 followed by Tibetan Book Report from August till November.. It is one of the most important exercise to develop reading habit at a formative stage and to bring improvement in students’  writing and reading skill . Each student had to read and write book report on minimum two books a month.. To give easy access to books, they can visit school library, Culture Centre and supplementary and resource books near the staff room.Through this project, we get to see many voracious book readers and independent learners.

07-9 March12              New Tibetan Science Book Review

Mr Tenzin Ngodup along with two other Science teachers from sister school attended three days of class IX  New Tibetan Science Book Review being organized by DOE, Dharamshala at Gangkyi.

3 March 2012              Under 14 Boys Soccer Team

Mr. Lobsang Norbu our physical instructor has started training the Under 14 boys soccer team since from the beginning of the academic session. This is an annual program and the selected team will represent TCV upper under 14 soccer team. The TNSA will organise under 14 soccer tournament every year.

01 March 2012           School Opening Function

All the staff members and the Senior Section students attended the School Opening Day Function at the school auditorium.

27 to 29 Feb 2012       Teacher’s Orientation program

All the teachers and the staff members reportedthree days in advance from the winter holiday and attended two days of orientation and one day class preparation. Besides the orientation, they attended the respective Section meeting cum Department meeting in preparation for the first academic session 2012

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