Dharamsala, 15th August, 2017: On the 71st Indian Independence Day, when whole of India was celebrating Independence Day with joy and festivity, we also celebrated the day in full vigour which strongly reminded us of our sad plight by celebrating the Independence day of our host country.

The whole school gathered in the Hermann Gmeiner auditorium and the function started at 2 p.m. The Chief Guest for the function was Mr Sharwan Kumar, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Dharamsala, and the whole program lasted for about an hour.                                           

Mrs. Sapna Pathania, a Hindi teacher and the master of ceremony for the function introduced the importance of this auspicious day, followed by a series of Indian cultural performances by the students of Senior and junior section. The splendid performances by the students and the varied items were applauded by the hall packed with spectators. As the students left the hall with a chocolate as an independence gift from the school, they were found smiling and humming the lyrics of the songs performed during the function.


NOTICE from the principal office for Measels -Rubella Elimination program


This is to bring to the notice of all concerned that as per the attached CBSE circular No: Acad-29/2017, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has introduced Measles-Rubella Elimination Program in year 2017 through free vaccination campaign in a phased manner in all states. The schools affiliated to CBSE have been asked that their involvement is crucial for the success of this program. Therefore, Mr. Chungdak la, School Residential Doctor has directed school heads and section heads to make this announcement and seek consent of parents for vaccination.

In case of any enquiry, please feel free to contact the school.



Mrs.Nawang Lhamo

Principal                                                    Dated: August 18, 2017

Resource Talk on Inclusive, Compassionate Tibetan Nationalism

Resource Talk on Inclusive, Compassionate Tibetan Nationalism

Dr. Nawang B. Phuntsog is an associate professor of Education of Elementary, and Bilingual Education at California State University. His doctorate of education in 1993 is in the area of specialization include multicultural education and curriculum development. He has been selected as a Fulbright-Nehru Research Scholar to India conducting the first phase of research that explores intersection of compassion-based inner values (secular ethics), the Middle Way Approach for resolving Sino-Tibetan issues and Tibetan Nationalism in schooling process. We are very happy to have him visit us on 26th July.

Dharamsala, July 26: Students of class IX, X and XI of Senior Section, Upper TCV school received a resource talk on ‘Inclusive, Compassionate Tibetan Nationalism on the 26th of July 2017 from Prof. Ngawang Phuntsog, , an associate professor at California State University. Besides the 380 students, Mr. Thupten Dorjee, the President of TCV along with other dignitaries of the TCV Head Office, and teachers attended the talk as well.

The program commenced with the welcome note and a formal introduction of Dr. Ngawang Phuntsog by the school Principal. Dr. Ngawang with the help of a power point presentation explained the intersection of secular ethics, middle way approach and the Tibetan Nationalism in the schooling process and the development of his interest on the same subject. Comparing the Tibetan Nationalism to the Nationalism of other countries, he said that curriculums in Tibetans schools in exile have adopted the concept of altruism and compassion rather than hatred and downgrading the image of China, which makes the Tibetan nationalism unique.

Explaining the meaning of Nationalism with traditional as well as egalitarian structure and the 3 dimensions of nationalism for each structure, he said that he feels that the Tibetan nationalism has all the three dimensions. He added a fourth dimension to the nationalism structure by interlinking all the three components. Asking whether all these can come together as a powerful source, he answered with positive that the Tibetan nationalism has reached a very important phase since we have a charismatic with a vision.

‘Although Tibetan Nationalism is a very important topic, however, there isn’t much resource”, he said. Thus, he advised the students that this is a fertile ground to undertake research. He further advised the students to have a positive attitude towards study. “Attitude makes a lot of difference in the way you study and you learn”, he said to the students. He concluded his talk by telling the students to consider study as a privilege and to study hard with enthusiasm and love.

The program ended with a vote of thanks by the school Director and a presentation of Tibetan scarf with few publications of the school to Dr. Ngawang Phunstok by the President.