Parent-teacher Meeting

May 18, 2019: TCV School Upper hosted its first Parent-teacher Meeting of the year on May 18 at 9am. The meeting started with morning function at Dekyi Tsering auditorium. Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo la the school principal ushered the chief guest for the program Mrs. Donka Wangmo, the chief counselor of Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration onto the stage. The other guests of honour were the secretary of Mcloed Parents Association and the section heads.  Parents and relatives residing in and around Dharamsala attended the function and the meeting as requested.

The host of the occasion Mr. Tenzin Choephel  la extended warm welcome greetings and introduced the chief guest. Next was her talk which was about being Mindful and Positive Parenting. In her address she explained some effective ways to deal with changing behavior of a child at different stages of physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development. She said parenting is not only disciplining a child, but also about creating friendly space for his sound holistic growth. She said setting good example at home and school is the key factor in shaping a child’s behavior. Parents were urged to be aware of their way of parenting because he learns from what he sees and hears every day. She reminded all about the significance of maintaining close parental bonding with their child, which can only be possible through trust and respect. Frequent nagging damages parent-child relationship. A child would either fight or flight. Parents were warned to be extra careful in dealing with their troubled child.


Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo la gave the closing speech in which she announced the result of class X and XII CBSE Board Exam. She stated that in this fast growing world parenting has become very challenging, thus parents and teachers must work collaboratively for the holistic development of their children. Parents were made clear the new class X CBSE assessment structure, so that they too can play some role for the success of their child.

She thanked the chief guest for the illuminating talk and extended her deepest appreciation to all the attendees. After a short tea break the actual Parents-teachers meeting started at their respective sections. The meeting ended at around 2.30pm. 


The Holy Saka Dawa Festival


It is celebrated on the 4th month of the Tibetan calendar. It is the most revered day for Buddhist followers. It is believed that this day corresponds with three important events of Buddha’s life including His Birth, Enlightment and Parinirvana (death). It is observed for whole month. During Saka Dawa, the Tibetans and Buddhist would involve in deliberate religious activities like abstaining from eating meat, setting free of animals, Sutra Chanting, Chum dancing, visiting holy temples, giving alms to the poor and changing flag poles near the temples etc. It is believed that the merit thus accumulated will be multiplied thousand times.

In the light of this belief, the school organize many religious and cultural activities like three days  Kangyur Reading, Soltsok offering on full moon day, invitation of monks from the hermitage centre for reading scriptures, taking of Kangyur and Tengyur scriptures around the school campus to ward off the obstacles and sanctify the school campus. The entire students and the staff members of the school had the rare privilege of attending Avalokiteswara Six Syllable Empowerment by HH The Dalai Lama on the first day of Saka Dawa. All these activities are carried out to enhance the cultural and religious aspects of our tradition.

Choephel (Mr.)


Department of Education, CTA Five Month’s LongProgram on Promotion of Secular Ethics in Tibetan Schools and Community (May to Nov., 2018)

Venerable Yeshe Gyaltsen and Ms. Palmo from DOE, Central Tibetan Administration were here in our school for two days ( 16-17 May 2018) as part of five month program on creating awareness about Secular Ethics in Tibetan schools and Tibetan community. The first day of his talk was attended by around 350 students of class X till XII, and the second day by all the staff members of Upper TCV. It was funded by Fonds De Dotation Mon Ou, France. The talk cum interaction was held at Dekyi Tsering Hall in the evening. Ms. Palmo gave a welcome speech followed by brief introduction about Geshe Yeshe Gyaltsen from Sera Monastry who was the key speaker on Secular Ethic Beyond Religion.

Venerable Geshe Yeshi Gyaltsen began with the brief overview about how the idea or a concept about Secular Ethics Beyond Religion was formally initiated and conceived by HH The Dalai Lama .He said that it is based on two books by HH The Dalai Lama (i.e, Ethics for the New Millennium and The Secular Ethics Beyond Religion) and public talk in Europe ,America and  England in early 70’s.

Compassion, warm heartedness, altruistic mind, universal responsibility, contentment, tolerance etc are some of the important human values that HH the Dalai Lama has been sharing with the people around the world. He further said that teachers have a great role in stimulating the ethical values latent in the minds of our youngsters. To this end, teacher must have three basic criteria and he/she should be a role model for the students.

As envisioned by HH the Dalai Lama, Emory University in America has already incorporated Secular Ethics in their educational curriculum and it has now become time tested program in their university. Since it is becoming very  urgent and realistic in the fast changing materialistic world , DOE, Central Tibetan Administration is leaving no stones unturned to create awareness about Secular Ethics and making sure to fit it into the school curriculum by organizing many high level meetings, discussion , workshops and related programs over the years.

For better understanding and interaction with the audience, Ven. Yeshi Gyaltsen left the podium open for question answer session where we get to see many questions and answers pouring in from both the end. Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee, The School  Village Director proposed a vote of thanks to Ven. Yeshi Gyaltsen and the  organizer by offering traditional white scarf and a handsome gift as a token of gratitude.



Senior School Dhagcha Mongsel 2018

Dhagcha Mongsel is very much like the English Spelling Bee Contest. It is a spelling contest in Tibetan where they would test your spelling proficiency in Tibetan words, tenses and phrases etc. It has now become an annual feature in our literary program. It is conducted separately for Secondary and Senior Secondary School so that maximum number of students can take part in it.

Senior School Dhagcha Mongsel has become one of the much awaited Tibetan literary program of the school where the selection and sieving of the student are done throughout the year with the 10 finalist participating during the final Senior School Dhagcha Mongsel Contest. The teachers had to work round the clock in finding the best speller of the year. The entire students from class IX to XII participated in it. Every student in the Senior Section underwent four rounds of spelling test. The final of the Senior School Dhagcha Mongsel 2018 took place on 09 May 18 at Herman Gmeiner Hall. Miss Tenzin Namdol from XII ‘A’ won the Championship of the Dhagcha Mongsel 2018 and walked away with a whooping cash prize of Rs 1500/- and a handsome gift hamper.

She was closely contested by Miss Tenzin Tsayang from IX ‘D’ who won a cash prize of Rs 1000/-a certificate and a handsome gift hamper. When asked about her feelings on winning (runners up), she said.” Obviously, I felt very proud and more confident now. Having participated whole heartedly in Dhagcha Mongsel, I no longer had to consult others for Tibetan spellings and its usages now and then. It has helped me in my writings as well.”

Choephel (Mr.)

Introduction of Falun Dafa Exercise and Meditation

Ms. Chris, a social activist from Germany visited our school, and introduced Falun Dafa Exercise and Meditation for two days (8May-9May 2018) to all the staff and students of our school in five different sessions.

Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo, the Principal, of our school gave a brief introduction about Ms. Chris and importance of Falun Dafa Exercise and Meditation in our day to day life.

Before she gave demonstration on five simple exercises for all ages, she talked about the history of Falun Dafa practice and how it successfully developed over the years. According to her, the three main characteristics of Falun Dafa meditation and exercise are cultivation of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. She further said that Falun Dafa is neither political nor religious but it is based on an advanced cultivation practice of mind and body. Through these practice all our negative thoughts and desire lose their influence gradually. A clear and peaceful mind, incredible health and harmony can be achieved through this holistic practice.

Later she gave a live demonstration on five simple exercises for all ages and let the students follow her with a sweet music at the background .For the profound understanding of each exercise she explained in detail about the benefit of each exercises. She further said that these exercise can relax and energize our entire body and mind. They can be practiced on daily basis with no concern to location, time and direction.

At the end she dwelt on peaceful practices of Falun Dafa and how the peaceful practitioners/followers were ruthlessly persecuted by the Communist Chinese Party in 1999 thereby denying them the basis human rights like freedom of religion and thought. She urged everyone to raise awareness about it to as many people as possible. At last, Mrs NawangLhamo, the school Principal thanked Ms. Chris for giving a brief introduction to Falun Dafa and its related meditation and exercises.

Choephel (Mr.)

Poem Recitation Program in Infant Section: May 23

Poem Recitation Program in Infant Section: May 23

The infant Section of Upper TCV School organized a beautiful poem recitation program for the young children aged between 3 to 5 years old in Deckyi Tsering Hall at 12 noon on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. The children were all dressed up in colorful Tibetan Traditional attire. They looked so excited to take part in the event. The children recited the poems so beautifully on the stage with innocence and purity.

A total of 127 children took part in the event. It was wonderful to learn that no child is left behind from taking part in the event. Every child in the Infant Section had the most wonderful opportunity to participate in this annual event.

The theme of the poem recitation is based on this year focus area: The Education in Secular Moral Ethics in TCV Schools. Through poem recitation, the young children learnt about the need and importance of inculcating secular values in life. This event is the result of collective efforts of all teachers of Infant section headed by Mr. Tenzin Choephel, the Headmaster.

Mrs. Nawang Lhamo, School Principal was invited as the chief guest of the event. In her brief speech, she acclaimed the teachers for their hard work, valuable time and patience that entail in grooming these young buddies for the event. Most importantly, she applauded the students for their beautiful presentation and encouraged them to develop good moral values.

Professional Talk on Tibetan Traditional Art of Wood Craving.

Professional Talk on Tibetan Traditional Art of Wood Craving.

19th May, 2017:  Students of class IX, X and XI of Senior Section, Upper TCV school gathered at Dekyi Tsering hall on the 19th of May 2017 from 3 to 4 p.m. to enlighten themselves on the unique Tibetan traditional art of carpentry as well as wood carving skills. The resource person for this talk was Mr. Tenzin Gyaltsen, the master of the woodcarving studio, Norbulingka Institute.

Mr. Gyaltsen began his talk by introducing to the 390 students the various types of Tibetan traditional wood carving crafted by his teacher and the Norbulingka institute and the various wood carving tools, which the students watched with awe.

He then made the students aware of the mushrooming of wood carving skills in Tibet from the king Songtsen Gampo. He further told the students that our Tibetan culture is deeply rooted in religion and the close connection of woodcraft with the religion in the past could easily be realized with the help of wooden scriptures.  Revolting strongly against the misconception held by many in terms of meaning of education, he told that education must not only confine to academics. It should be inclusive of various skills besides academic. He further explained about the uniqueness and the beauty of Tibetan woodcrafts. Expressing his concern and trepidation, he voiced for the dire need of the Tibetans to conserve, promote and propagate the Tibetan art. He advised and reminded the students that it is our responsibility to conserve and preserve those unique art and culture, and paying attention to our unique Tibetan art could do the same.

A question answer session followed his talk. To the questions put up by the students, Mr. Gyaltsen provided his answers based on his life history. His personalized based talk surely has left a mark in the minds and hearts of our students.