Our Postal address:

Tibetan Children’s Village, Dharamshala Cantt.
Distt. Kangra (H.P.) -176216 INDIA
Main Office: 01892-221354
Director: 221673               Principal: 221266
  •  Accounts Office:                            220207
  • Sponsorship Office:                       221354
  • Senior School:                                220164
  • Middle School:                              220206
  • Junior School:                               220359
  • TCV Health Centre:                    221245

4 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. For Mrs Tsenkyl
    I have received your letter and small Tenzin Kunsel.
    I was very pleased.
    I follow with interest all the news coming out of your beloved land.
    Me and my family (my wife Alfonsina, my children Sofia and Antonio) always think of the little Tenzin.
    We did much pleasure the letter of Tenzin and we really enjoyed the design that has sent us in the other letter.
    We are fine, but we are going through a period of crisis, which affects the whole country Italy.
    I thought I’d send my kids in the next year to find our adopted daughter.
    I do not know if you can do it.
    Thank you for all that you do for Tibetan children.
    I greet you, a hug to the little Tenzin by all of us,
    Joseph, Alfonsina, Sofia and Antonio


  2. Dear all I already recieved a letter from Mrs. Tsamchoe Dolma. She informed me about this web site and I’m very happy about it. I’s wonderfull to read all and look at the pictures. So it’s like I can have a little part of your daily life. I wish you all a lot lot of love and peace an good health! you are all in my hearth. love daniela critelli


  3. Dear Madam, dear Sir,
    my friend Siglind Cramm-Ninck, Im Zehntenfrei 2, 4102 Binningen, Switzerland, told me that she gives regular donations for a child so that it can go to school. I would like to do the same, if possible for a girl but it also might be a boy if there is a special need.
    Henriette Rauch, priv.
    Hauptstrasse 22
    79650 Schopfheim
    Tel.: 07622-2036
    Yours sincerely
    Henriette Rauch


  4. Thank you for your letters and Christmas wishes. It is summer here in New Zealand and we are preparing for celebrating Christmas Day with our family . I very much appreciated the heart felt letter from Kunchok Kyab, and was interested to hear of his hard work and sencere appreciation. I am pleased to support such a worthy cause and hear how well the children are managing .
    Yours sincerely Liz McConnon- Day.


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