Parent teacher meeting

Every year we have parent teacher meeting in the month of August and this year we held Junior parent teacher meeting on 17th September 2013.

The main purpose of holding PTA meeting is to know more about the child. The teachers want to see their parents and learn more about child’s back ground. Parents and teachers want to interact frankly about the child so that we can bring out the best from that child. Every child is individual and they have different skills so we teachers share their skills to the parents.


Parents want to hear about child’s progress in the academic field so teachers show them the grades in different skills. Parents and teachers are sharing responsibility through this PTA meeting. We try not to complain each other but we try to solve child’s learning problems by sharing responsibility.

We contact children’s parents and relatives by phone, through different media and large number of parents and relatives shown up on that day. So I want to say thank you to all the parents and relatives who took interest and responsibility towards children’s academic field.


Privacy is the most important so we did PTA meeting in the classrooms. We used twenty classrooms and it went very smoothly.

 Junior Tibetan Quiz contest

On the Democracy Day of Tibet (2nd September 2013) Upper TCV had organize the Inter TCV Junior Tibetan Quiz for the First Time and all the schools have really prepared well. Six TCV schools have participated in the event and there are TCV Chuntra, TCV Suja, TCV Gopalpur, TCV Mcloed, Lower TCV and Upper TCV.

This year we chose topics which are related with Tibet’s fragile Environment base on class four EVS textbook.

General Secretary of TCV has consented to be the Chief Guest. Mr Thupten Dorjee la had deeply appreciated all the participants and the organizer. He told us to organize more activities for the primary kids.

Junior Marathon

Every year Games Committee organizes special events only for the primary students and this year on the 4th of September 2013 they have arrange a special marathon for the primary students. The distance is almost five kilometers.

During this junior marathon, 60 young girls and 60 young boys had participated. They are just nice and ten years old. The house masters really worked hard to make this event a successful one.


The main purpose of having this special marathon is to give opportunity to many students and it’s a game of mass participants. They have enjoyed every moment and we had great fun. These kinds of activities really help the children in learning different skills.


Tibetan poem recitation. 13 June 2012.

To begin with this year we had our first Tibetan poem recitation on 13th June in Dickyi Tsering Hall. As done earlier we had to divide them into two groups. In the first group we have Class II and III. And in the second group we have Class IV, V and OC. We had this done on the day of Lhakar. Our Students like to wear Chupa and they look pretty and colorful.

During the sixth period we had the first group to do their recitation. It went out really well. The students were excited and they enjoy doing these sorts of activities. The main aim of dividing them into groups is that the students are small and their listening span is short and they can’t concentrate on the program for more than 45 minutes.

We had the next in the evening. All the students in Junior Section attended the evening program wearing their traditional dress. Students did very well and especially the OC students rocked the stage. They were all new to this school and some of them even don’t know the alphabets of Tibetan when they first joined the school. The program went out very well, thanks to the Tibetan Teachers who took great effort in teaching them.


Registration Certificate (RC)

In the year 2011, the school management helped hundreds of children who came from Tibet in making RC (Registration Certificate) and today we have received all the RC from the office. It is a welcome move bringing relief to the parents and the children. 150 junior students got registration certificate, the legal document.


 A month long special Tibetan coaching class was held in Junior section for the Tibetan, EVS and Mathematic teachers by Mr Minchungla. A total of 18 teachers have signed up for the class. The coaching class starts from 4.30 p.m to 5.30 p.m every day. The main aim of having this coaching class is to help the Mathematic and EVS teachers in spelling and grammar. The coaching class is very informal and we do lots of discussions and asked lots of common problems. It is worth attending the class and all the teachers were very thankful to Gen Minchungla.

Workshop for the English teachers.  12th March

 A week long English workshop was held in Junior Section from 12th March to 19th March by Mrs Tenzin Palmo. All the primary English teachers attended the workshop.  The workshop was focus on children’s reading skill. She introduced Reader’s theatre and other wonderful teaching aids to improve children’s reading skill. Genla had demonstrated 17 lessons in 17 different classes and the kids enjoyed every bit of the lesson. The demo lessons were really good and she facilitates all the teaching materials. She made us very easy to teach reader’s theatre.

Lhakar in Junior Section

Lhakar Activites

7.00 a.m – 4.00 p.m    Children are in Traditional  Dress Chupa

7.00 a.m- 7.30 a.m    Special morning pray with Ven Ngawang Delek in the Dickyi Tsering Hall

8.30 a.m- 9.00 a.m    Teacher’s Talk on Tibetan culture, religion, customs and language.

9.00 Am- 4.00 p.m   Traditional activities in the class rooms

4.30 p.m- 5.30 p.m    Music teachers teach traditional songs and dances to  those who are interest.

4.30 p.m-5.30 p.m     Children read only Tibetan storybooks in the library

Lhakar April 2012

The Tibetan word “Lhakar”  translates literally as “White Wednesday,” as Wednesday is considered special by Tibetans because it is the Dalai Lama’s soul day In recent years since 2008, Tibetans in Tibet and in exile have taken diverse Lhakar Pledges, resolving to boycott Made-in-China products, or to go vegetarian every Wednesday, to speak pure Tibetan, or to read a Tibetan newspaper once a week, or to wear chuba every Wednesday, etc. Through these pledges and actions, Tibetans are coming together in the greatest noncooperation movement Tibet has ever seen.

In the Junior Section Library at Upper Tibetan Children’s Village every Wednesday is Lhakar as we read only Tibetan books and only Tibetan books are checked out from the library. On some Wednesdays the children dress in traditional chupa to honor our heritage. This has encouraged our children to more thoroughly explore the large number of Tibetan books on our shelves and to add to their knowledge of Tibetan culture and traditions and improve reading skills as well. Some children are participating in a program in which, when they have read and recorded 20 Tibetan books on cards for that purpose they receive a small gift, such as a pencil, sharpener or eraser.

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