KANGYUR RECITATION: May 31, 1st AND 2nd June

KANGYUR RECITATION: May 31, 1st AND 2nd June  

Saka Dawa, is the most sacred holy month when the Buddhists celebrate the birth, enlightenment and par nirvana of Buddha Shakyamuni. The holy month stretched from May 26 to June 24, 2016. Many believe that on Saka Dawa karmic results are multiplied by one hundred million times. To involve in positive deeds during this holy month, the school organized 3 days of Kangyur reading  from May 31 to June 2, 2017. Before the recitation, as a part of the sacred tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, Class XI students led by two Philosophy Instructors of the school and the student council tracked the the school campus carrying 101 volumes of Kagyur scriptures from school temple to the Senior Section, there by blessing and consecrating the whole area. All the students of Senior Section; students from class VI to XI and teachers organized reading the scriptures in their classrooms, while staff and hermits read the same at the school temple. The students expressed a depicted sense of satisfaction reading the Kagyur very seriously. The program ended with consecrating of the ceremonial offering cake at Dekyi Tsering on the evening of the 2nd June.

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Dharamsala, 29th May, 2017:  TCV School, Upper Dharamsala received the 3rd phase of the Geo Hazards workshop on 29th May, 2017. The students of Senior Section attended the hour long workshop from 2.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. in the Hermann Gmeiner hall. The first and the second phase of the same workshop were provided to the teachers and home mothers respectively.

Mr. Kunchok, a member of the Geo Hazards started his workshop with the explanation of the meaning of hazard and disaster. He then familiarized the students with the main hazards in Dharamsala, and the reason why we should be prepared. He further talked about unprepared versus a prepared school during a disaster. The students were explained how a school should be prepared for any disaster especially earthquakes. Many of the misconceptions people hold in terms of earthquakes were also cleared. Every one in the auditorium were made to practice ‘Drop, Cover, Hold’ the number one safety every one must follow.

Besides earthquake, Mr. Kunchok also briefed the students on fire hazards. The students were explained the ‘Stop, Drop, Roll’ when ones clothes catches fire. The students were further clarified on various actions one must follow to survive a fire. A question answer session followed the talk, in which students from various grades asked a variety of questions. Following this workshop, the school believes that the students are more equipped with the knowledge and thus more and better of disaster preparedness.


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On 22nd May, two members of the 16th Tibetan parliament in exile Mr. Dawa Phunkyi and Lutsang Gyari Thar paid an official visit to TCV school upper Dharamsala.  They were received by the Education Director of TCV schools Mr. Sonam Sichoe la. The two dignitaries addressed the gathering consisting of students from Classes VIII and above and the staff members of Upper TCV School in Hermann Gmeiner hall. There was a question and answer session soon after the address.

Mr. Dawa Phunkyi la began his talk on importance of punctuality. As an alumnus of TCV School Upper Dharamsala, he was taught about the importance of time during his school time by the dedicated staff members of the school. He reminded the students and staff members of the importance of preservation of rich Tibetan traditions, language and culture for Tibet and Tibetans in particular and world at large. He also highlighted the three commitments of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and requested all the students to follow the invaluable advises given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He urged every one specially the younger generation to work hard and never to lose hope for hope is the only thing that could keep us going. Mr. Dawa Phunkyi further reminded us not to forget the kindness His Holiness the Dalai Lama and follow his words wisdom.

Lutsang Gyari Thar in his speech tried to bring back the glory of Tibet’s history at the certain historical point and pride of Tibet as an independent nation. He then came to the central point of his speech to let the audience pointer about the key causes of losing our country. He reiterated our national obligation to educate ourselves more and called for to take greater responsibilities by all. He also advised the students to follow the Buddhist technique of study i.e through listening, analysing and practicing in logical and reasoning. Thus, he conveyed his message not to be swayed by cheap and baseless gossips and talks. But remain consistent in your philosophy based on reasoning and rationality. Mr.Lhutsang Gyarik Thar further reminded us not to forget the kindness and support shown by others in our lives.

The President of TCV schools honoured the dignitaries with the traditional white scarf followed by the word of thanks from the Village Director Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee.

In the afternoon, the two members of the Tibetan parliament in exile accompanied by the President, General Secretary, Village Director and school Principal paid a quick visit to three sections of the school and observed Tibetan language enrichment programs organised for the teaching staff members of Infant section and junior section. They also witnessed dialectic classes organised as teachers’ professional development program for senior section staff members.

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Poem Recitation Program in Infant Section: May 23

Poem Recitation Program in Infant Section: May 23

The infant Section of Upper TCV School organized a beautiful poem recitation program for the young children aged between 3 to 5 years old in Deckyi Tsering Hall at 12 noon on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. The children were all dressed up in colorful Tibetan Traditional attire. They looked so excited to take part in the event. The children recited the poems so beautifully on the stage with innocence and purity.

A total of 127 children took part in the event. It was wonderful to learn that no child is left behind from taking part in the event. Every child in the Infant Section had the most wonderful opportunity to participate in this annual event.

The theme of the poem recitation is based on this year focus area: The Education in Secular Moral Ethics in TCV Schools. Through poem recitation, the young children learnt about the need and importance of inculcating secular values in life. This event is the result of collective efforts of all teachers of Infant section headed by Mr. Tenzin Choephel, the Headmaster.

Mrs. Nawang Lhamo, School Principal was invited as the chief guest of the event. In her brief speech, she acclaimed the teachers for their hard work, valuable time and patience that entail in grooming these young buddies for the event. Most importantly, she applauded the students for their beautiful presentation and encouraged them to develop good moral values.

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Professional Talk on Tibetan Traditional Art of Wood Craving.

Professional Talk on Tibetan Traditional Art of Wood Craving.

19th May, 2017:  Students of class IX, X and XI of Senior Section, Upper TCV school gathered at Dekyi Tsering hall on the 19th of May 2017 from 3 to 4 p.m. to enlighten themselves on the unique Tibetan traditional art of carpentry as well as wood carving skills. The resource person for this talk was Mr. Tenzin Gyaltsen, the master of the woodcarving studio, Norbulingka Institute.

Mr. Gyaltsen began his talk by introducing to the 390 students the various types of Tibetan traditional wood carving crafted by his teacher and the Norbulingka institute and the various wood carving tools, which the students watched with awe.

He then made the students aware of the mushrooming of wood carving skills in Tibet from the king Songtsen Gampo. He further told the students that our Tibetan culture is deeply rooted in religion and the close connection of woodcraft with the religion in the past could easily be realized with the help of wooden scriptures.  Revolting strongly against the misconception held by many in terms of meaning of education, he told that education must not only confine to academics. It should be inclusive of various skills besides academic. He further explained about the uniqueness and the beauty of Tibetan woodcrafts. Expressing his concern and trepidation, he voiced for the dire need of the Tibetans to conserve, promote and propagate the Tibetan art. He advised and reminded the students that it is our responsibility to conserve and preserve those unique art and culture, and paying attention to our unique Tibetan art could do the same.

A question answer session followed his talk. To the questions put up by the students, Mr. Gyaltsen provided his answers based on his life history. His personalized based talk surely has left a mark in the minds and hearts of our students.

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US Education workshop

US Education workshop

U.S./American mission in India gave an hour long workshop for class IX and X students on 11th MAY 2017 at 2.30.p.m at Dekyi Tsering hall, Tibetan Children Village, Cantt, Dharmasala, (H.P.)

Education USA is the official source on U.S. higher education and is supported by the U.S. Department of State. They offer fellowships and scholarships. They also provide free sessions on the U.S. university application process. The general objective of providing this kind of workshop is to facilitate mutual understanding between students and scholars in India and in the U.S

The specific objective of the workshop given to our students was to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely information for higher education in the United States. Ms. Astha, an adviser who works at the Education USA program @ United States-India Educational Foundation led the workshop. She gave a detail information regarding how to apply for US study in 5 simple steps. She was accompanied by Ms. Eleena and Mr. Tashi who spoke on how to apply for visa and what happens on the day of interview respectively. The students were further provided information about their facebook, twitter, online sessions and about 90 clips uploaded on youtube so that the students can keep themselves updated.

The students listened to the workshop with keen interest and seemed inspired. Many noted the facebook address and kept their handouts and contacts.

The workshop session covered the following topics:

  • Components of application form
  • Planning the entire U.S. university admission cycle
  • Standardized tests for undergraduate students including the SAT/ACT and language proficiency tests
  • Essays and letters of recommendation
  • Financing your studies via scholarships, assistantships, and loans

Mrs. NawangLhamo, the school principal gave the introductory speech and the headmistress of senior section Mrs. Choekyi gave the vote of thanks.

Feedback from a workshop participant:

“The program was a successful one. Almost all the students around me saw it as an opportunity. It helped a lot of students to select their goal/ aim. It helped me focus on the right direction. Most of the students have urge/desire to go there, but they are afraid of their financial problems. So am I.

On the last note I want to add that; we students were highly motivated by this program. I was just a student who studied without a purpose. It was this program who gave me one. Thank you.”

Sonam Youdon Class X S Roll.No. 12115

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Resource Talk to the Students on 11th May, 2017

Resource Talk to the Students on 11th May, 2017

11 May, 2017: On the evening of 11th May, 2017, all the students of Class IX, X and XI along with the teachers of Senior Section, TCV School, Upper Dharamsala gathered for a resource talk by the Tibetan Youth Congress at 7.p.m. in Dekyi Tsering Hall.

Miss. Tsewang Dolma, the Information Officer of Tibetan Youth Congress, Central Executive Committee gave a brief introduction. Following Ms. Tsewang, Mr. Tamding Hrichoe, the Vice President of TYC, Centrex introduced the Tibetan Youth Congress, followed by vivid description of mushrooming of the Tibetan democracy in exile and the urgent situation in Tibet. His speech was followed by questions and requests from students as well as teachers to which Mr. Tamding answered the questions in detail and accepted the requests. The program ended with a Thank You note from the school Principal and presentation of Tibetan scarf to the resource persons by the School Director. Miss. Tsewang and Mr. Tamding were accompanied by Miss. Nyima Yangtso, the Vice President of Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Dharamsala.

The whole program lasted for an hour. The students listened with keen interest. The introduction to the critical and pressing situation in Tibet surely has sparked their spirits to work hard academically so that they can work and strive towards a better Tibet situation. 

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