Dharamsala, 21st April, 2017: After bidding farewell to the last batch of class XII Commerce on 18th April, TCV School Upper Dharamsala welcomed the students of class XI Humanities stream on 21st April, 2017. We are restarting Arts stream in plus two after a gap of two years for logistic modality to finally start a Junior college with plus two for all the streams in due course of time in TCV Bylakuppe in the south.    

All the new 82 students of class XI; 51 from TCV School Upper Dharamsala, 7 from TCV School Selakui and 24 from TCV School Bylakuppe attended the welcome orientation at the staff mess at 7 p.m. The students were welcomed with sweet rice, butter tea and snacks. They were then introduced to the members of the Managing Committee, Advisory Committee and their respective home mothers. The School Director Mr. Tsultrim talked on the importance of education and discipline. He further reminded the students about their reason behind coming to Upper TCV School and that they must never forget their ambition to struggle for the last two years of their schooling.  Following the school Director, Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo, the School Principal expressed the importance of listening especially in a student’s life. She also spoke on the extra responsibility the students should shoulder being the senior most students of this school and to be an example to others.  

On the morning of 22nd April, all the students were taken on a guided tour by the Student council at 7.30 am. The students assembled again at 9 a.m. during which they were introduced to their respective subject teachers. Since discipline is the foundation stone to a successful school, the school Advisory Committee followed by the Headmistress, Senior Section familiarized the students with the various rules and regulations of the school. The School Director as well as the School Principal also shared their hopes and aspirations on the students.

Acquainted with the school campus, concerned stake holders and the school rules and regulations, the students headed to their class.  We look forward to a wonderful productive year with our Senior Most students.

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Graduation ceremony 2017 – April 18, 2017

Graduation ceremony 2017 – April 18, 2017

One hundred and eighty two students of Commerce stream after completing their last paper on the 17th joined for the last time for an impressive graduating ceremony on the 18th April on the main basketball ground. The class of 2017 Commerce is the last and final batch from our school as the plan is underway to move all plus two to the south in our branch Village – TCV Bylakuppe.

As customary in most of the well-established educational institutions normally invite one of the prominent former students to be back to Alma mater for the graduation function as the guest of honour. This year we are very happy to have Mr. Lobsang Tenzin – class of 1991 who works as civil servant as joint secretary of Planning Commission under CTA. He was very kind enough to congratulate each one of them with traditional scarves. Awards were also presented to the students who were involved in various services. The chief guest shared his personal experience with the assembly and emphasized them to be intelligently involved for their personal growth and academic excellence.

Master Shawo the representative of the graduating students expressed his gratitude to TCV and our staff for making a big difference in the life of children who now see the actual value of our reaction in different shades of our moods when things are not OK with them during their adolescence. He emphasized to his class mates to be the ambassador of TCV and live by our family philosophy wherever we are stationed in our life.

Both the director and school principal shared the dais to give the last parting words as they leave the fold of TCV and open a new chapter in their life to enter outside world with no cushion of protection like we are used to in TCV family. They are on their own to tread the path of adult world.

With about 10,65,179 students appearing in 2017 CBSE class XII examination we have 182 of our students. We confide in them and hope to get excellent result which would be out eventually in the beginning of June this year. As an expression of our good wishes, a special luncheon was arranged on the main basketball ground to bid our students adios. All our staff joined for the farewell lunch.

Among our 182 graduating students there are three of them who have been in TCV since their infancy. They have gone through our whole system from baby room to homes and to the hostels. Today it was very heartening to see them leave their sweet home. They are Sonam Lhawang, Tenzin Lhundup and Tashi Choephel. They leave TCV to be on their own. They were little babies in diaper and today with little whiskers they graduate with flying colors.

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ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

The shakeout earth quake drill is organized every year on the 4th April as a commemoration for the Great Earth Quake of 1905. On this very day in 1905 the earthquake on a rector scale 7.8 led to a loss of 20,000 lives and about 100000 building raised to the ground. This devastating event in Dharamshala left a very ugly mar on the beautiful scenic landscape of our town especially around St. John’s Church of Wilderness which stood as the testimony of that very fateful catastrophic natural calamity. The shakeout drill is an exercise to prepare ourselves in the event of such natural calamity where we have no control, nor any prediction to make ourselves prepared. Like the imminent death it could strike to anyone of us on any unfortunate day. It is therefore a very serious exercise for us to react when such thing strikes us. Being in the community of children it is our primary goal to ensure the safety of our children. This kind of drill calls for an active participation in all seriousness. Over the years participation with genuine interest and purpose is losing all its intended objectives.

When we first started this exercise there was serious participation from all – government office, municipal cooperation, zonal and civil hospital, police, fire brigade and press. Now it has lost all its intend purpose and is becoming a mock exercise with fun and laughter.

On 4th April earthquake drill was to be done in all the sections of Upper TCV, but due to an important occasion, the drill could not be carried on that day. Thus, on 6th April the day started with a presentation by Class X D students on the topic ‘Earthquake’, but due to bad weather the actual earth quake drill had to be postponed.

The drill was aimed to enhance our knowledge on earthquake and to prepare oneself mentally when such disaster occurs. So keeping this in mind, on 11th April a short presentation was also done in Dickey Tsering hall for the Junior Section students.

Earthquake drill was carried out in all the sections on 11th April at 11a.m. The students under the supervision of their respective teachers practiced ‘DROP, COVER, HOLD ON’ after which they quietly moved to the school ground which is the safest place. There, roll calls of the students were taken by the respective class teachers. The students who were missing were reported to the rescue team who went in search of the missing students and brought them to the ground. The Headmistress delivered a short speech on earth quake.

Around 1726 students and more than 120 staff members participated in the drill and all the participants gave their full support during the drill and gained knowledge. The drill ended well on a satisfactory note.  

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Change of administrative heads

Change of administrative heads (4th  April, 2017)

TCV today saw a very emotional ceremony of valediction to the outgoing director Mr. Ngudup Wangdue and Principal Mr. Namdol Tashi. Mr. Ngodup Wangdue is retiring from his forty years of dedicated service for the care and education of our children. He has been in the administrative post in the major part of his service in TCV. Way back in early seventies he began his job as a teacher in one of our most remote area in Ladakh during the formative years when TCV Ladakh was in the making. He started his job in TCV Ladakh as a teacher and then as Headmaster and finally as Village Director. Considering his maturity and inter-personal relationship traits he was posted to the areas where his forte could best be suited. He was posted as director in one of the largest Tibetan Settlement in south – Byllakuppe where TCV was blossoming as one of the top Tibetan schools in the south India. He was like a father figure in the Village. He was then requested to take over the directorship TCV Suja where we have all our senior students from Tibet and being in the midst of Tibetan settlements in Bir and Chauntra with several monasteries in the vicinity his involvement to make TCV the focal point was creditable. His final transfer was in Upper TCV where he worked until today with sincerity and dedication and considered TCV as just a part of his life. It is no doubt very sad to part with him physically but we are bound in heart and spirit. We wish him a very meaningful retired life.

We now have one of our former students Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee who will take the reign of responsibility as the director of the same Village where was groomed and educated. We are very happy to have several of our former students taking up very responsible posts. He has a wide range of administrative experience working as a teacher, boys’ hostel warden and senior school headmaster. He then worked as the Village director in TCV Gopalpur and when Mr. Ngodup Wangdue retired from directorship, TCV found a perfect replacement to be on the hot seat of UTCV. We wish him success in his endeavor.

We are also touched to part with our principal Mr. Namdol Tashi and with his final word to the assembly about our habitual lapses. He steered the school with very strict vigilance for the last five years. Owing to his commitment and dedication with well-focused deliberation he was promoted to the post of director of TCV Suja. We are very confident of his leadership and dedication.

We now have our senior school headmistress Mrs. Nawang Lhamo to take up the challenging task to head the academic responsibilities to work as our new principal. With her experience in the management of senior school for the last five years her new responsibility to steer the school in the right direction for academic excellence would be one of her main focus. We wish her success in her work. In place of Mrs. Nawang Lhamo we have one of our senior teachers Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi Drenang to work as our senior school headmistress. With her very high qualification we are confident that there would be visible improvement in our academic standard and children’s personality development.

In the evening staff hosted a farewell dinner to the outgoing director and welcomed our new director Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee. We are very happy to have McLeod Ganj Parents’ association president, TCV Day school Headmistress and our students’ council who offered traditional scarves to the out going directors and newly appointed TCV Heads.


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Saturday the 25th March saw hassle and bustle of Dharamshala crowd in TCV.  Dharamshala’s short span of spring weather is a befitting and welcoming occasion to have a huge convergence of children, parents and friends in TCV. All our visitors came in their casual dress and in holiday mood to spend the day in festive mood. The school wore a look of a country side market fair with stalls set up on the main basketball ground. There are various stalls testing your skills as well as luck. It was fun seeing a huge crowd near the chains of stalls where they serve delicious fast food. Our neighboring villagers from Nadi, Totarani, Stoberi and as far as Kariri throng our wild elephant stall for a throw away price for items from clothing, kitchen accessories to electrical gadgets. There are smiles on the face of our visitors stuffing their shopping bags with things at a throw away price. Our tiny toddles were forming a chain of lines for their turn to have a jolly ride at the Mickey Mouse bumpy slide. This seems to be main attraction of our spring fair. In the evening we had Tambula and Dekyi Tsering Hall was packed with eager participants vying to get very high awards in cash in hundreds and thousands. Everyone was fully engrossed to strike off the call of the number on their tickets. Crescendo of the moment come when everyone hoped to get HOUSE FULL with over three thousand rupees for take way prize.

The day was very memorable as well as enjoyable. A lot of pain and long hours of preparation and organization went by unnoticed and we feel it is important to express our gratitude for the voluntary involvement of our staff and students for making the day not only enjoyable but also worthwhile to have sufficient fund for our activities pertaining to games, sports and cultural activities without having to pinch our coffer. We would like to express our gratitude to The Third Gorkha Rifle Battalion for sending the whole team of soldiers to pitch stall tents for us.

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Winter holiday was extended until 6th March to facilitate our children to be with their family during Tibetan New Year. Staff reported back on the 5th and students on the 6th after almost two and half months of long winter holiday. In order to create a learning environment and to rid of holiday mood we organized orientation for staff on the 6th morning.

We are very fortunate to have been graced by ex-Katri Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche to give a very penetrating deliberation to all our staff on the very first day of our new academic year. His talk focused on the need of the hour to improve and incorporate secular ethics in our educational system. Based on his vast experience and learning he clarified of our misconception and misinterpretation of secular ethics. He built a very sound foundation of our understanding of very popular adage “Secular Ethics” and provided us a crystal clear framework and recommended readings of His Holiness Dalai Lama books that form the whole philosophy of secular ethics.

Our director Mr. Ngodup Wangdue briefed very lucidly the outcome of management meeting resolutions and laid ahead a very clear roadmap for the year round programs and activities. Special luncheon was arranged to welcome all our staff on the very first day of our academic year and we feel honoured being joined by our chief guest Prf. Samdhong Rinpoche for the welcome lunch on our main basketball ground. We then split into our four sections to make a master plan for the year round activities and had a very meaningful meeting.

The school opening function was organized the very next day on 7th. We are again fortunate to have Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche as the guest of honour. The function began by honouring our senior staff who served the organization with unstinting years of service for the children. Staffs serving over forty years, 30 years and twenty five years were honoured with citation and statue or thangka. TCV is striding forward year by year because of dedicated service of our workforce. Amongst the service recognition recipients we have Mr. Ngodup Wangdue – Village Director who served TCV for the last forty years mostly in the administrative post.

Introduction of the various committee members were also done and honoured with traditional scarves. The chief guest gave a very motivational speech emphasizing mostly on children’s opportunity in the school for their own growth and development. Principal Mr. Namdol Tashi announced the change of examination modality by CBSE and with very personal word of appreciation and vote of thanks the function ended and immediately after lunch the first day of the school began. We hope the new academic year be very productive with maximum participation by all our children and staff

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Children’s Day: 14th November, 2016

Children’s Day: 14th November, 2016


Children’s day program is one of the annual events that our children look forward with much excitement.  We celebrate Children’s day with the sole purpose of entertaining our children to bring about little laughter and fun in the midst of their serious academic pursuits. Children’s Day is celebrated throughout India to pay our deepest gratitude to the first prime minister of India – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who we owe tons of love and gratitude for being the main architect behind having separate schools for Tibetan refugee children. His farsighted vision of Tibetan children back in early sixties pays off today making our community vibrant and lively.

This kind of programs interconnects various departments under one slogan: Entertain, Entertain and entertain our children on children’s day. Each department met and spent several days preparing for the entertainment show for our children. The evening was a big treat for our children rolling them with lot of fun and laughter. Various shows from cultural dances, songs to glimpses of Bollywood items rocked the stage and made our children fully engrossed for about an hour and half.

This year Junior and Infant section did an excellent job of making a complete change of our stage and hall with beautiful decorations and life-size quotes from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Nehru. As the children were ushered in the hall for the morning function everyone was awestruck with the beautiful decoration making the whole atmosphere very festive and meaningful.

After the felicitation address by Mr. Dhondup Gyalpo and our President Mr. Thupten Dorjee, the stage was set for the oath taking ceremony for 2017 students council under new head boy and head girl.  Every one applauded with appreciation for the excellent job done by the outgoing students’ council and wished success to the newly appointed captains and prefects. Director Mr. Ngodup Wangdue concluded the morning function with his word of appreciation for the involvement of all our staff making the day memorable for our children.


The morning function was followed with several entertaining games for our students in Infant and Junior. We are grateful to Punjab Regiment 26 Battalion band for making their presence felt with their beautiful display of Army band. Special lunch was arranged in the respective homes and hostels. This year children’s day was very entertaining and a lot of fun for our children.





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