Workshop on Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

September 9, 2019: The teachers of TCV senior section attended a day long Workshop on ICT from 9:15am to 4 pm organized and funded by the Department of Education of Central Tibetan Administration. The main objective of the workshop is to assist the teachers in integrating ICT in their teaching  and learning process. Despite facilitating five ICT rooms, CTA took a great initiative in conducting a workshop on ICT for the teachers. The workshop was of great benefit for the concerned teachers in applying ICT in their work.

The resource persons of the workshop were Ms. Tsering Tsamchoe from Mevon Tsuklag  Peton school Dharamsala, and Ms. Tenzin Youlo from Department of Finance(CTA). The actual workshop began with a pre-assessment on ICT.

Through activities the participants were made to have deeper understanding of the various theories and methods of teaching and learning.

There were also power point presentation highlighting the benefits of integrating ICT in teaching:-

  • ICT when used into the curriculum, it revolutionized the learning process.
  • ICT keeps students engaged in their learning using powerful tools and became creators and critics instead of just a consumer.
  • It is a necessity of today’s students to have 21st century skills

She further made very clear what is not ICT:-

  • ICT is not a computer learning class
  • It is not a substitute for teacher
  • It is not a teaching tool-e.g.- teaching using a Power-point presentation to teach
  • It is not learning parts of computer machines as chapter.

Throughout the workshop they reminded the teachers to design constructive learning activities and allow students to use technologies to create or construct something out of the lesson they are learning.

Both the resource persons explained how integrating of Information and Communication Technology in education helps our students in developing higher order thinking skills like analyzing, evaluating and creating.

At the end of the session, teachers seemed to have found the workshop enriching and convincing. The post assessment scores also showed that the participants have well digested ICT. The average score was 7out of 8.

Mrs. Yeshi Dolma

73rd Independence Day of Indian

15 August, 2019: The school celebrated the 73rd Independence Day of India on August 15. To mark occasion a function was organized in the new auditorium at 2 pm with colorful patriotic performances dedicated to those who sacrificed lives for the freedom of India.  Staff members and students above class VI attended the function. The chief guest for the occasion was Shri Narendra Dhiman the director of district food and the other guests of honor were the managerial staff of TCV Head Office. The program started with a warm welcome speech by Mrs. Sapna Patanian (Hindi teacher of school) the MC for the occasion, and singing of Indian National anthem.

Students representing class XI and XII delivered speeches given by Indian freedom fighters both in English and Hindi. Patriotic songs and dances were showcased by students of class V to X.

To show our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the people and government of India, the Chief Guest and other Indian guests of honor were honored with a framed portrait of H.H the IV Dalai Lama of Tibet.



  • To impart knowledge and awareness about menstruation and hygiene.
  • To avoid fear and emotional disturbances on the onset of menstruation.
  • To seek help from doctor if one faces irregular problems during menstruation.
  • To take care of oneself during menstruation.

Gyen Ngawang Tenzin la (Science Teacher) gave talk on Menstruation and Hygiene to the Upper TCV School girls from classes VI – X on the following topics:

  • Signs of puberty in girls.
  • Menstruation.
  • Quality of menstrual blood.
  • Menstrual cycle.
  • Amount of blood loss.
  • Menstrual flow pattern’
  • Emotional and behavior changes.
  • Pre-menstrual syndromes.
  • Length of Menstrual cycle.
  • Causes of irregular periods.
  • Remedies for irregular periods and menstrual pain.
  • Menstrual Hygiene.
  • Nutrition.
  • Myths and Taboos.

CONCLUSION: The Health and Environment Committee of Upper TCV School organized this talk to the girls. They listened   enthusiastically and enjoyed the talk very much. It’s worth organizing such a talk in the school. I hope they have gained a lot of knowledge from this presentation. 

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              UPPER TCV SCHOOL. 

5thInternational Yoga Day Celebration

June 12, 2019: The 5th International Yoga Day was observed at 7.30 am at the school basketball ground. The gathering was attended by the students of kindergarten to class XII, teachers and other staff. The senior school Headmistress, Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi welcomed all to the program and briefly introduced the significance of day which is coinciding with the summer solstice, the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The aim of the program is to create awareness about yoga among young and adults and to encourage them to adopt it in their life style for better mental and physical health.

Mr. Tenzin Kunga, the Physical Teacher demonstrated several favorable yoga poses with their benefits; Surya Namaskar, Singhasan, the lion yoga pose, Hasya, the laughter yoga, etc.  The students of class IX and above were in the ground following instructions from PE teacher, performed wonderful yoga exercises and inspired the spectators with their flexible movements. The most spectacular sight of the day was to watch a small group of kindergarteners doing yoga exercises so enthusiastically at one corner. The yoga practice lasted for half an hour.

With a vote of thanks by the Headmistress, the program concluded.  Everyone seemed to have enjoyed a lot and walked off to their classes talking about their favorite yoga posture practice.

School Reads Kangur, the holy scripture

13 May, 2019:In this holy month of Saka Dawa (the fourth month of Tibetan calendar),the school had its annual three- days scripture reading program started on 13 May, 2019.The program aims tocommemorate the sacred life of Buddha Shakyamuni: his birth, enlightenment anddeath, also to encourage students to dedicate themselves to all kinds of positive action.

At 7am there was a long procession of class X and XII students carrying the sacred text on their shoulder circumambulating the entire school campus to bring good luck and blessing to the school.The actual reading began at 9 o’clock simultaneously at the school temple and senior section classrooms. The thirtyfive hermits invited from the hermitage above the school and staff members read the scripturesat the school temple and students of class VI and above read the scriptures in classroom undertheir teachers’ supervision.Members of cultural committee and welfare committeeof the school were behind the successful completion of Kangur reading program on 15th June. It was indeed a spiritually blissful and virtuous time for students and staff members.


Dharamsala, 11st June, 2019: With the success of 2019 class XII Arts result, TCV School Upper Dharamsala welcomed the third Humanities batch on 11st June, 2019. 

The students from various schools i.e TCV School, Upper Dharamsala, TCV School, Bylakuppe, TCV Suja, Zanskar and SBBHS, Nepal attended the welcome orientation at Dekyi Tsering hall at 6.30 p.m.

Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi, the Senior Headmistress introduced the members of the Managing Committee, Faculty members, Advisory Committee members, home mothers and student council members to the school. The School Director, Mr. Tsultrim welcomed the students and talked about the various facilities of the school. He further told the students that they must use these facilities judiciously. Following the school Director, Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo, the School Principal congratulated the students on their successful class X result and stressed on the importance of good teacher student relationship for a successful result, and that they must study hard.

On the morning of 12nd April, all the students were taken on a guided tour by the Student council at 7.30 am. Since discipline is the foundation stone to a successful school, the school Advisory Committee familiarized the students with the various rules and regulations of the school in the evening of 12th April at 6.30 p.m.

The reading of kangyur and Tengyur; a collection of translation of Buddha’s teaching and collection of translations of treatises respectively by the senior students and staff members from 13th June proved as a good omen for the new students as they move towards their career with their chosen stream.

Inter-House Cultural Competition, 2019

May 30th, 2019: The evening of 30th May witnessed the Inter-house cultural competition of TCV School, Upper Dharamsala in Herman Gmeiner hall. Unlike the previous year which focused on the traditional opera, this year, the focus was on the Tibetan traditional dance and song. The much awaited mega event finally concluded with over 400 participants performing with excellence to get the trophy.

Ven. Karma Yuthok Gelek, Kalon to Department of Religion and Culture graced the event as its chief guest. Trained by their house masters with the help of other teachers, each house performed with perfectionism. The competition no wonder was down-to-the-wire neck and neck. This year, Songtsen house came out victorious.

With over 500 students learning and practicing Tibetan cultural songs and dance for the whole month of May, the whole environment of the school seemed changed. The sounds of Tibetan musical instruments with melodious voice of students singing at their highest pitch filled the whole air. Everywhere, students as well as staff members could be found humming the songs they hear every day. Tenzin Nangsel, a student from USA who joined this school temporarily was even found performing with grace and perfection in both the dances of her house during the final competition.

The annual inter-house cultural competition which was started way back in the 1980s aims at imbibing in our children our rich Tibetan cultural art. This program is one of the most important programs of the school. Since this program involves maximum number of participation, the program also teaches our students team work and dedication.