Science Day-2017

Science day celebration has been reduced to awareness on science. It was celebrated on 6th Nov 2017 according to the date but on the same day International Film festival was using the hall so instead of postponing, we call off the presentation of striking and impressive chemical reactions on stage as further rescheduling is not appropriate for it coincides with preparation of FA-IV and Periodic test.

Students were assigned group project on usual chemical reactions taking place in our day life activities and has presented at chemistry laboratory in between the periods. Teachers further assigned individual research report on a specific element to strengthen the awareness in the  department of science and mathematics department collected numbers of students belonging to various classes to prepare the Mathematic projects and displayed charts on open wall and boards.

Science department teachers work together in chemistry laboratory after school hour in-order to prepare striking and impressive chemical reactions on stage for the ‘Science Day’.

Report on World Aids Day, (1st December, 2017)

Theme of the year: “The Right to Health and everybody is count”


TCV Upper observed World Aids Day on Friday, 1st December where every students and teachers of senior section pinned the red ribbon on their uniform and wore it the entire day as the symbol for the prevention of illegal drug use and solidarity of people living with HIV/AIDS, especially taking this year’s theme into the consideration i.e ‘The Right to Health’. Mr.Ngodup la, science teacher gave a brief awareness talk on AIDS/HIV as highlighting on the theme. Since November month is the crucial month especially for the students in preparation for the coming annual exam, the World Aids Day program was organized accordingly.

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14th November, Dharamshala: TCV School Upper Dharamsala celebrated Children’s Day with lots of fun and frolic on Tuesday, 14 November. Children’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of November all across India as a tribute to Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime Minister of India and to honor children.

The day started with a function programmed at the Herman Gmeiner Hall which was beautifully decorated by the office department of the school. The chief guest for the day was Secretary Karma Singhe of the Department of Education, CTA. The guests of honour for that day were the outgoing and the new prefects of the school, who were felicitated during the function. Unlike the earlier years, all the staff members of the school performed Tibetan cultural items during the function which the students watched with awe.

Mr. Karma Singhe while addressing the hall, reminded the immense contribution of late Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru towards the education of Tibetan children in exile, and also expressed gratitude to Nehru’s role in not only the education of Tibetan children in exile, but also in preservation of Tibetan language, culture and identity through the establishment of unique Tibetan schools.

The students were presented with cake and juice while coming out of the auditorium. Games were organized for fun. A special dham (lunch) was organized for all the students at the basket ground. Small kids were seen licking their little fingers after enjoying the varied items served at the dham.

Children are the future seeds of any nation. Celebrating the children is celebrating the future leaders of our nation. Celebration of Children’s day also creates awareness of the rights, care and education of children.

ICT Visits TCV

A team of staff and members of International Campaign for Tibet, led by Ms. Tencho Gyatso, Director, Tibetan Empowerment and Chinese Engagement, visited TCV on 4 October, 2017. At 4:30 p.m. the students of Class X and Class XI assembled in Dekyi Tsering Hall and listened to the talks of Mr. Matteo Mecacci, President, and Mr. Bhuchung K. Tsering, Vice-President. Mr. Matteo Mecacci reiterated the fact that Tibet still matters and gave an account of how he came to join ICT. Mr. Bhuchung K. Tsering talked about the changing face of the struggle for Tibet’s cause and reminded the students that each individual can contribute to the cause of Tibet.


This was followed by the distribution of messages among the students, from ICT members, which was then followed by a Question and Answer session.

The talks gave a whole new inspiration and meaning to our just struggle for the cause of Tibet.



October 23, 2017: TCV School, Upper Dharamsala celebrated its 57th founding anniversary on 23rd October with ‘Secular Ethics’ as its central theme for the year. As usual, thousands of Tibetans and Non-Tibetans also joined in the celebration.

The chief guest at the opening ceremony was President Dr Lobsang Sangay of the Central Tibetan Administration and the guest of honour was Khenpo Sonam Tenphel, Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile. The celebration was marked with Upper TCV students’ house wise march past, cultural performances and calisthenics display in the morning and inter TCV school cultural performances in the afternoon. An art exhibition was also held exhibiting the sketches made by TCV students of all grades, besides the street art exhibition by TCV Selaqui. The first day of the anniversary ended with an inter-school elocution program in the evening in which besides TCV Upper and TCV Lower, Tonglen school and Peteon Meweon school also participated.

The Second Day of the anniversary marked the 30th inter-house athletic meet. After a cut-throat competition,  Nyatri came out victorious followed by Songtsen, Trisong and Triral house respectively.

On the third Day of the anniversary, all the staff members along with the students of class X and XI gathered at the school temple for sangsol, followed by a meeting of 1992 batch students who were the guests of this year.

TCV was founded in 1960. From its humble beginning under the name of “Nursery for Tibetan Refugee Children” comprising 51 children under Mrs. Tsering Dolma Takla, the elder sister of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tibetan Children’s Village today has become the largest thriving, integrated educational community. It includes not only school education- the main thrust of its work-but also a variety of social welfare porgrammes and projects, ranging from childcare to old people’s homes, handicraft and vocational training centres, higher education and placements.

Class VI, VII and VIII Inter-Class Song and Dance Contest


Children in TCV are given a firm grounding in their culture and identity. Traditional songs and dances form an integral part of it. They have a weekly Song and Dance period during which they learn various traditional songs, dances and how to play musical instruments. Mrs. Tenzin Choedon takes the overall responsibility for Classes VI, VII and VIII.


This year, the Inter-Class Song and Dance Contest was held on 11 October amidst much fanfare. The occasion aimed to help the students display their learned skill of playing musical instruments and to give them an opportunity to present their dancing skills on stage.


Each of the Class VI’s and VII’s presented a song and each of the Class VIII’s presented a dance. The judges had a tough time picking a winner from the myriad marvelous performances. However since it was a contest, pick winners they had to. From the Class VI category, Class VI B was the winner. From the Class VII category, there was a tie between Class VII D and VII G in the top spot. From the Class VIII dances, VIII D was adjudged the best. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone involved.


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 KIKU sounds like a Japanese word and indeed it is which is abbreviated by a group of TCV sponsors from Japan from their words, meaning “We love Tibet. We support Tibet.” About hundred Japanese formed an organization called KIKU. We have over hundred children who are sponsored by our Japanese sponsors from KIKU. Their sponsorship is very wisely organized and helps as many as is possible. Every year they arrange to have knitted mufflers, caps and socks to their sponsored children as well as to their close friends. A Japanese lady in the town hires local Tibetan ladies to knit caps, socks and mufflers. Our local Tibetan ladies are kept busy with knitting and are an additional source of income for their livelihood. These knitted items are bought to TCV and are distributed to their sponsored children and their friends. We received the first consignment this year before the onset of winter and children were very happy to have these from their sponsors which are knitted by Amalas from Mcleod Ganj. The idea of helping each other and engaging unemployed mothers to help the children with their knitting skill is very bright idea and innovative.

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                   Social Science report on Gandhi Jayanti Day  7th October’2017

Social Science department of senior section observe Gandhi Jayanti day on 30th september’2017 with class XI Arts as core participant .The programme include morning presentation on Gandhi’s life, its struggle and legacy that he left in history of India .It was further followed by tribute song on Gandhi, Open quiz and reading poetry from the winner of contest held a week before.

On 2nd October’2017, actual day of Gandhi Jayanti, Social Science department in collaboration with waste warrior organization participated in cleaning drive at McLeod Ganj in cultivation of community service sense among the participant. The team was led under the guidance of Mr. Tamding with 30 students representing upper TCV School.

Mrs. Karma Choedon Chairperson, Social Science


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Report on Career Day -2017   CAREER EXPLORATION   6TH OCTOBER 2017

Career exploration experiences and opportunities can improve academic performance. They also increase the likelihood that these students will complete high school and pursue post-secondary education. This improves the attitudes of young people about their career possibilities, motivating them to persevere.

Therefore this year the theme of the Career Day Programs was “CAREER EXPLORATION”. It was held on 6th October 2017 in Hermann Gmeiner Hall. All the senior students from class VI to XI attended this morning program. The aim of the program is to make the students from class VI and above to be aware about the various careers. This time with few activities, we presented 25 different jobs. This will enable the students to make the better career planning and wise career decision. The program started at 8.30am and it took around 45 minutes.


The Programs highlighted were as follows:

  • Career Act: This activity was presented by class IX D students. All the students took active part and they were very creative.
  • Solo Song: A solo Tibetan song on Education and life was presented by Tenzin Bhuti class VII D.
  • Power Point Presentation on various Careers by:
  1. TsetanDolkar Class XI B
  2. Tenzin Thai XI B
  3. Tenzin Passang XI B
  4. Tenzin Choetso XI B
  5. Tenzin Chokkpal XI B
  6. LobsangTso XI B
  7. Tenzin Tsomo XD
  8. Priyanka XD
  9. Karan XD
  10. Tenzin Dhadon XD
  11. Tenzin Choedon XD
  12. Tenzin Pema XG
  13. KungaNyiwoe XG
  14. TenpaDhargyal XS
  15. PemaDhundup XS
  16. Drukla XB
  17.  XI A: Stage Preparation

They did wonderful.

Various other careers were displayed on the boards and walls of the section. There were prepared class IX P, XP, XS and XD.

Submitted by ChoezomTsering

School Counselor                                                                                7/10/2017

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October 15,2017:. Global Handwashing Day is an annual global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of hand washing with soap as an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives. It was founded by the Global Handwashing Partnership, and first observed on 15th October, in 2008, when over 120 million children around the world washed their hands with soap in more than 70 countries. Since 2008, this day is celebrated annually on October 15. 

Upper Dharamsala TCV school observed this important day with over 600 students and 50 staff members in Dekyi Tsering hall, organized by the Health and Environment Committee of the school. With the Principal as the chief guest for the occasion, the students and teachers of Infant and Junior section, along with the section heads and the home amalas gathered in Dekyi Tsering hall at 8 a.m. Mr. Dhondup Gyalpo, the Junior Headmaster graced the occasion by speaking on importance of hand washing and the relation of our handwashing with our future since the theme for this year’s Global Hand Washing Day was ‘Our Hands, Our Future’. Following Mr. Gyalpo, Mr. Tenzin Dawa, Secretary of the Department of Health and Environment Committee introduced the day to the audience. He gave an extensive explanation on the meaning of the day. He then spoke on the usage of our hands specifying the importance of hands. He further made the students aware of the disease causing germs, why handwashing should be a part of every one’s daily routine, and when to wash hands. The students were also taught on the benefits of washing hand.  Mr. Dawa made the students realize the importance of handwashing with the quote ‘Handwashing with soap is a “do-it-yourself-vaccine”. The presentation ended with clips on steps of hand washing which the students were made to follow the steps along with the clips. At the end of program, basins filled with water and soap awaited the students at the basket court. Each student was made to practice the hand washing.

The school hopes that the future of our students which is related to their hands are secure and healthy, as all these small kids returned to the homes with clean washed hands practicing and discussing on the handwashing steps.

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English Day

A report on English Day

As per the School Dairy, the English Department of the Senior Section, Tibetan Children’s Village School, Upper Dharamsala, observed English Day on September 14, 2017. The main goal of observing such a day is to highlight the importance of English language in our daily lives and to create an input-rich environment for language acquisition and learning. The observance is expected to create a renewed focus on the language use amongst teachers and students in the daily classroom interaction of all subjects. The main program of English Day was held in the school auditorium during the morning assembly. The day began with the recitation of school prayer – Ganglo ma (Manjushri) – in English language. The theme of this year English Day was DRAMA. After the Manjushri recitation, there was a dramatic extract by the couple of students from class XI followed by the enactment of the play Bishop’s Candlesticks by class IX and Julius Caesar by class X students.

In the fifth and sixth period there was a book fair by class VI students in the corridor of their classes.

The whole day was observed as English speaking day and students and teachers were required to speak in English. This is meant to create an English speaking ethos and classroom culture, which again form an important part of comprehensive and meaningful language inputs. Even though it was strictly observed for only one day, we hope that many teachers and students will carry forward this approach in their classroom discussions and interactions.

Secretary, English Department


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