TCV Upper Dharamsala: PGPs and Collaborative Practices

TCV School Upper Dharamsala has 98 teachers who come under this Teacher Professional Development Project which directly benefit its 1873 students. Under the leadership of the School Principal Mr. Namdol Tashi la and the three headmasters Mrs. Ngawang Lhamo la, Mr. Sonam Wangdue la and Mr. Tenzin Choephel la, the school is implementing the project successfully. In the beginning of the school session, the school had its first Orientation cum workshop on TPD by Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la, the Curriculum and Teacher Development Officer. Since then, plan had been chalked out to put the workshop into action.

Professional Growth Plan (PGP):
The teachers were given enough time to submit their individual Professional Growth Plan (PGP) to the school heads. Some of the teachers had their one to one meeting with their concerned headmasters about their progress regarding PGP. Some of the PGP topic by teachers included: To improve Reading Skills; To Improve Mathematics competency; To give one to one support to students who are weak in Tibetan Subject etc. The teachers used their own free time to carry on their PGPs. They also referred to books and seek help from senior teachers which directly lead to their own Professional Growth.

Collaborative Practices in the school:
The school has Senior (9-12), Middle (6-8), Junior (2-5) and Infant section (k-1). All the sections have their own Collaborative practices going on. Their Collaborative Practices include Book Discussion, Co-operative teaching and Lesson Study Groups.

UTCV-Pic-1Infant Section Book Discussion: The Infant section teachers are having Book Discussion as their collaborative practice. All the teachers of Primary section had selected a book on teaching Primary Classes which was published by TCV Upper Dharamsala. The teachers discussed on the topics one by one and in turn teachers demonstrate the lesson strategy present in the book. The book was as per Montessori Method of teaching.

Junior Section Lesson Study Group:
 Almost all the teachers in junior section were involved in Lesson Study Groups except 7 English teachers who had Co-operative teaching.

UTCV-Pic-2Junior Science Lesson Study Group: There were 5 science teachers who were doing Lesson Study on class IV Science Subject. The medium of instruction was in Tibetan. The teachers prepared a lesson together and turn by turn the teachers demonstrate the lesson and do de briefing after lesson observation. The final Lesson Plan was submitted to their Headmaster.

UTCV-Pic-3Junior Math Lesson Study Group: There were 5 Junior Mathematics teachers who were doing Math Lesson Study. The teachers worked together and prepared a lesson plan. They demonstrated the lesson in the class and others observed the lesson. They met after the demo lesson and discussed the observation. The final Lesson Plan was submitted to the headmaster.

UTCV-Pic-4Junior Tibetan Lesson Study Group: The Junior Tibetan teachers had their Lesson study group. The teachers met during their PGP period and prepared a lesson together. One teacher demonstrated the lesson while others observed. The lesson was further brushed up until a good lesson was formed.

UTCV-Pic-5English Teachers Co-operative Teaching: All the 7 junior English teachers had their Co-operative teaching based on class II standard. They chose one Poetry lesson. All the teachers presented the lesson by using Reader’s Theatre script. They had also prepared various activities based on the Poetry lesson. They met together and worked on how to make the lesson more interesting. The lesson plan and the script were submitted to the headmaster.

Middle Section Weekly PG Meeting: As a part of Collaborative practice, this year, the Middle section had set their PG session during the 7th period, every week. During that time, all the teachers sat in their own Department and discussed on their Professional Growth Plan, Positive Behavior, classroom management and Lesson Plan. The weekly report on what happened and discussed during the session was submitted to the headmaster.

Senior Section English Book Discussion: A group of English teacher had chosen book discussion as their Collaborative practice. The book they discussed on is “Positive Discipline”. During the TPD session i.e. 7th period, the teachers sat together and had discussion on the book. They shared their opinion and understanding. The teachers were put into groups according to the chapters. They were expected to give a final presentation on the book with the help of PPT to the rest of the teachers in the coming days.
Download Positive Discipline PPT Zipped
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UTCV-Pic-6Senior Section Lesson Study Group: Excluding those in Book Discussion Group, rest of the teachers had their own Lesson Study groups. Almost all the subject teachers had their own group. The Lesson study group included subjects like: Tibetan, Business, Mathematics, Science, Humanities etc. The teachers followed the lesson study cycle one by one during the TPD period. The lesson plans developed were submitted to the headmistress.



30th May 2014: A lesson Demonstratio


n was done at Infant Section, Upper TCV Dharamsala by the Montessori teacher during the 7th Period. All the group members along with the Headmaster Mr. Tenzin Choephel la gathered in the class.

The subject chosen was Mathematics and the medium of instruction was Tibetan. During the teaching, they aptly used the Number Game. After that a brief discussion was done with the headmaster and the professional Development Officer, Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la.


P1030864བསླབ་གཞི།         ནང་ཆོས་སློབ་ཚན་ལས་དགེ་བའི་ལས་ལམ་བཅུའི་སྐོར།

འཛིན་རིམ།         དགུ་པ།

ཚོགས་ཐེངས།      གཟའ་པ་སངས་ནམ་ཡིན་གྱི་ཚོགས་ཐུན་བདུན་པ་ལ་གནང་རྒྱུ།

བྱེད་སྒོ།             སློབ་ཚན་འཆར་འགོད་དང་ལས་རོགས་དེ་བཞིན་བོད་དགེ་


དགེ་རྒན།           ༡༽བོད་དགེ་བསོད་ནམས་ཚེ་རིང་།










LESSON: The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse (prose)


PERIOD : Seventh Period on Fridays


Mrs Tenzin Choekyi

Z.Bhatia English Teacher

Senior School, TCV Dharamshala Cantonment

Collaborative Teaching

P1030856Lesson Topic: Pair of linear equations in two variables

Grade: X

Time: Every Friday ,7th Period…. Discussion + Lesson Teaching ( Term 1)

Teachers: Mr. Lobsang Tenzin

Mr. Sonam Topgyal


Lesson topic: Motion

P1030861Grade: IX

Time : Every Friday 7th period (term I)

Teachers: i) Mr. Tenzin Lodoe

ii) Mrs. Ngawang Tenzin




Lesson topic: Population (Age composition)

Grade: IX

Time: Every Friday 7th period: Discussions + lesson planning (term I)

Teachers: i) Mrs. Phurbu Thakchoe

ii) Mr. Tenzin Wangchuk


Lesson topic: Polynomial

P1030863Grade: IX

Time : Every Friday 7th period (term I)

Teachers: i) Ms. Lhakpa   Dolma

ii) Mr. Tseten   Dorji



P1030860TCV Education Director has convened a meeting of Principals of TCV schools in HP in order to discuss the implementation of TPD Project on March 19, 2014. Followings are some the main outcomes of the meeting.

1.     As per guidelines from the DoE/The Tibet Fund, TCV pilot schools will organize one collaborative learning program (book reading/discussion or lesson study or others) during the first semester. Since all the schools are relatively big with large number of teachers, such program will be organized section-wise (Junior, Middle, and Senior). School heads will discuss with their respective teachers and decide on the program by mid-April, 2014.

2.     Teachers in the pilot schools will also design and work on a yearly professional growth plan (PGP). They will plan their PGP in April 2014 and submit the written plan to school heads by April end. In the beginning of May, teachers will discuss their PGP with principal or headmaster or assistant headmaster or department heads. They will then pursue their plan. School heads will support and monitor by asking some teachers to share their progress during the monthly section meeting. At the end of the year, teachers will write a brief reflective report on their PGP along with their annual report and submit it to the school heads. Good reflective writings will be uploaded on TCV website.

3.     Schools will create a 7th period for the sake of carrying out TPD programs and other school activities.

4.     In order to help teachers understand the new approach, TCV Teacher Professional Development and Curriculum Officer Kalsang Wangdu will visit TCV schools and give a brief workshop to all teachers. Visit schedule is as follow.