Commerce Department has conducted Power Point Presentation Contest between Class XII and XI commerce on 17th June 2013 in the Hermann Gmeiner Hall. The contest started at 7 pm and chief guest for the night was Mrs Nawang Lhamo, Senior Section Headmistress. The prime objectives of this contest include the following: (i)                To provide wider opportunity for the students to expose their learning via power point presentation.(ii)               To bring out new ideas, styles and innovations in their power point presentation.(iii)             To enhance their confidence, public speaking skill, and creativity. Eight contestants, four each from Class XII and XI were selected. The interested students turned up for the selection round in our tutorial room during long break on 23rd May and 24th May 2013. The topic for the presentation was declared as ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ Mrs. Nawang Lhamo, chief guest on the night has appreciated the participants for their wonderful presentation. She was also very happy to see the new faces of some students taking part in it. All the participants have taken active part in this Power points presentation and they tried hard to perform at their best. Their confidence of facing the public has immensely improved. This presentation really turned out a very meaningful program. Participants came up with different styles, ideas and innovations in their presentation. We can conclude that audience has been very attentive, enthusiastic and had gained lot of knowledge out of it. This has been a very successful and fruitful presentation.

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The Inter Class Tibetan Debate between class IX and X was held on May 30, 2013 at 7 p.m. in Deckyi Tsering Hall. Since this year is observed as the year of virtues in TCV schools, the topic for the debate in Tibetan language was also selected on the same theme, “Moral ethics are more important than education”. Both proponents and opponents spoke with strong and convincing arguments. Class X won the debate contest and Master Tenzin Sangpo Nubgya of Class XD was declared the best debater. Mr. Ngodup Wangu, Village Director, was the chief guest and provided sincere suggestions for further improvement.

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May 1-7
The social week was observed from 1st to 7th May in the Senior section. The Objective of social week was to

  • To develop feeling towards schools properties.
  • To realize the mistake committed by students toward school properties.
  • To take care of public or school properties.

Social Week Programme

Day one (Wednesday):  we had an opening presentation on the attitudes towards school and public properties by the students in Tibetan.

Day two (Thursday):  we had  repaired the broken chairs and desks after the class by teachers and  classes were distempered by the respective students.

Day three(Friday) we had painted school board, corridor and also distempered the another four classes.  Day four(Saturday) social department of middle section had cleaned the area and senior had done the painting of the remaining class rooms in the afternoon.

Day six(Monday) we fixed window panes.

seventh day (Tuesday) We had a conclusion day with the presentation by students in English.


  1. We made some differences in the classroom and the environment.
  2. 14 classes were painted.
  3. Repaired two teacher’s chairs.
  4. Fixed four classes’ window panes.
  5. Painted the school board near the gate.

Social science teachers borne all the expenses incurred towards this year social project.

 Annual student’s council meeting’s report 2013- May 4-5

The Annual Student Council Meeting of TCV School located in Himachal Pradesh was held in Upper TCV School from May 4-5 in Culture Centre. The Upper TCV was the host and the captains and prefects of all TCV schools of H.P. gathered here for the meeting.  Master Rigchen Wangyal of Class XII Arts A chaired the meeting and Master Thupten Dorje of Class XII Commerce was the secretary. They had serious discussions on several agenda such as moral values, learning environment, Tibetan language and substance abuse. They stated that they had a very meaningful discussion on above five major problems and had worked out on some pragmatic remedial measures to prevent those problems in school. Besides the formal meeting, they had very enjoyable time together and had the wonderful opportunity to know each other.

2013 Senior Section Inter-Class Girls’ Soccer Tournament: March 18-22

In order to encourage girls to be more physically active in games, the Inter- class Soccer game was held from 18th to 22nd March, 2013. Mr. Tenzin Loten, Senior Physical Instructor provided the girls them the required practice from March 6th to 14th. Seven teams were formed amongst the girls from Class IX to XII. The Girls Soccer tournament was played on the knockout system. The final match was played between class X and XII Arts A on 22nd March. Class X won the match against XII Arts A with the score of 2 – 0.

2013 Inter-Class Senior Boys Soccer Tournament: March 23-April 16


The senior boys Soccer tournament started from 23rd March and ended on 16th April. The nature of boys Soccer tournament was Semi-league cum knockout. There were 15 teams that were classified into two groups: Senior Group and Junior Group. The senior group consisted of all the class XII boys and in the junior group had class IX and X boys.

Amongst the Class IX and X group, the winner was Class XG and the runner up was Class XB.  In the senior group, the winner was Class XII Com.A and the runner up was Class XII Com D.

2013 Inter-class Senior Section Boys Basketball tournament: April 19-29


The Inter-Class Basketball tournament of the Senior Section began on April 19th and ended on 29th April. The tournament was played on knockout system due to the shortage of time and also to provide opportunity for more number of participating teams. The senior group had all the class XI and XII boys’ teams and the junior group had all the teams of class IX and X boys. Class XP was the winner of this year Inter-Class Boys Basketball tournament and the runners up was bagged by Class XS. In the senior group, Class XII Com D was declared the winner and Class XII Com A bagged the runners up of this tournament.

Senior Section English Elocution Contest, 2013: April 26

On Friday, 26 April, 2013, the students of classes IX and X, and the staff of Senior Section assembled in the Dekyi Tsering Hall for the English Elocution Contest between Class IX and Class X, organized by the English Department of the section.  At 7:00 p.m. the event started with the Chairperson, Miss Tenzin Norzom, welcoming the Chief Guest, Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal, TCV Data Administrator, and other guests including the Education Director, Mrs. Sonam Dolkar, and the Director, Mr. Ngodup Wangdue.

The contest included three sections: poem, speech and dramatic extract. There were two elocutionists in the compulsory poem section, one from each grade, who recited the poem ‘Best, Beat, Drums’                by Walt Whitman, and Miss Himani Parigot of Class IX won this round.  The Speech section had four students, two from each grade, and  Miss Tenzin Choeyang was adjudged the best speaker in this round. The last section also had four students, two from each grade, and there was a tie between Master Dawa Dorjee of Class X and Miss Tamding Wangmo of Class IX who were both adjudged the best dramatists.

Ms. Nancy Corliss, Volunteer at the Junior Section Library, Mrs. Yeshi Dolma, English teacher in the Middle Section, and Mr. Lobsang Tsultrim, Art teacher in the Junior Section, were the three adjudicators for the contest.

The clarity and confidence of the elocutionists had an impression on the audience who watched the whole event spellbound.




2013 Senior Section Report

World TB day: March 24

All the sections under the initiative of School Health Committee organized the world TB day. The teacher in charge of School Health Committee in Junior and Middle sections provided talk during the morning assembly. At the senior section, five selected students who are the members of the health committee were made to do the presentation on 25th March as the world TB day fell on Sunday. The main aim was to create awareness about the infectious diseases which causes the death of nearly one and half million peoples yearly in this world. Also, the health Committee also put up the related information on TB on the notice board for additional information.

The presentation highlights were :

  • Why 24th march is observed as world TB day?
  • What is the TB?
  • What are the symptoms of TB?
  • What are the treatments for TB disease?
  • What are the ways to protect you from getting TB?

Health Talk for boys and girls: April 4 & 5

On 4th and 5th March, a special health talk was arranged by the school Health Committee for boys and girls separately in the new auditorium at 6.30 p.m. Dr. Kelly Egan under the guidance of Dr. Chungdak la, our school doctor, was invited to be the resource person.  The evening gender basis health talk proved to be useful for the students in raising questions and clarifying their doubts on health related issues that deeply concern them. The doctor talked only for few minutes and most of the time was spent on Q&A round.

Dr. Kelly Egan is a medical doctor from Madison, USA and she is specialized in Child health care. She volunteered to render her service in Tibetan Delek Hospital, Dharamsala for about one month during her stay in Dharamasala.

World Health Day Program: April 7

The World health day was observed on 7th April worldwide and the school observed this day on Saturday 6th April. The theme was on blood pressure as blood pressure connects the centre most property to one’s health.  Dr. Kelly, Medical Practitioner from Madison, under the recommendation made by Dr. Chungdak la, our school Doctor and Mr. Lobsang Tenzin, Chairperson, School Health Committee provided a PowerPoint presentation during Gmeiner auditorium. The presentation was made so simple that the students could easily understand the importance of maintaining blood pressure. She started her presentation with the term “blood pressure” in a very simple way; blood pressure is how hard our heart works and brings oxygen in the blood. Dr. Kelly also advised students not to take junk food, avoid salty items, reduce consumption cold drinks and on top of that, everyday exercise is very important for blood pressure. Through this talk on blood pressure, students realized the importance of taking good and healthy diet.


An orientation was organized for the students of class XI Commerce on April 8, 2013. At 7 p.m. in Deckyi Tsering Hall. The main aim and objective of this program was to provide them with the information on admission formality, discipline of the school, and the overall conduct expected in the school.  Mr. Namdol Tashi, school Principal gave a stimulating introductory speech on why and how students should make optimum utilization of two year stay in the school and stressed on the importance of orderliness and ebings disciplined in school. This was followed by Mr. Tsetan Dorjee, Chairperson of the School Advisory Committee who explained the school rules and regulations and disciplinary measures being adopted in the school.  Then Mrs. Nawang Lhamo, the Senor Section Headmistress welcomed the students and introduced them to the Village Director, Principal, Home Incharge, concerned teachers, home mothers and school captains and prefects. She made them aware about the specific rules and regulations of the senior section and made earnest request to the new students to set good examples to others in the school. After the formal program, the school captains and prefects held an interactive session through ice breaker games. The program ended at 9 p.m.The sharing session proved to be not only enjoyable but helped students to get acquainted with each other.

HAPPY MOTHER EARTH DAY ( April 22, 2013)

According to the United Nation , Humanity has got a “common, but differentiated responsibility” for climate change. The common responsibility is to protect our mother

our mother earth and reduce the green house gas emissions. However we have differentiated responsibility at an individual, institution or organizational level.

As a part of Mother Earth Day program, the school My Climate Club members presented on how the club was formally established in the year 2009 under Mr. Tenzin Jamyang ,  science teacher at senior section . Mr. Jamyang took permission from the then principal Mrs. Sonam Dolker ,  Mr. Tsultrim Dorji, Former Headmaster  and the then assistant headmistress Mrs. Nawang Lhamo to form the club and extended its networking with the Swiss My Climate organization’s climate education department headed by Julia Hoffstetter and project manager Dominik Mosching. My Climate ( – The Climate Protection Partnership is an international initiative with Swiss origins. It is among the world leaders when it comes to voluntary carbon offsetting measures.Since then more than hundred students ranging from class seven to twelve had been active member of this club . The club has carried out many projects out of which the three main are :

I)  Project Hotstuffchillout : The project is initiated by My Climate Organization in Europe in the year 2009.  It involves sharing of projects and ideas directed towards preservation of the environment among the environmental club members of different schools in different parts of the world. The platform was the website through which each school made their own profile. It was through this project that our school climate club gave the proposal for the replacement of incandescent bulbs by the much more energy efficient compact fluorescent lamp( C.F.L.) .

The students wrote articles , exchanged ideas through skype conversation  and developed models of Green City in the future. The students therefore got exposed to outer world and have a better understanding of the places around them

II) Project U.TCV School Goes C.F.L.: This project involved replacement of more than 500  incandescent bulbs in the school by the much more energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps( C.F.L).The financial aid to this project was provided by the My Climate organization. Investigations were  made during the project which involved taking electrical meter reading  before and after the replacement of incandescent bulb. The findings clearly showed considerable reduction in the electrical energy consumption as well as it’s cost. It was also through this project that an important finding regarding the C.F.L’s power factor (p.f) was  made. It is highly recommended that before buying any C.F.L , one must check the bulbspower factor which ranges between 0 and 1 and buy those which has a power factor of closeto 1.

III) Eco-monitoring and Eco-auditing scheme : In the year 2010 ,because of the success mainly of Project U.TCV School Goes C.F.L. , The department of science and environment , Himachal Pradesh honoured the club by enlisting it among the 15 clubs of   the District to carry out the state run program , Eco –monitoring and Eco auditing scheme in collaboration with the Centre for Science And Environment.Finally, Mr. Tenzin Jamyang laid out his plans for the future of the club which involves creating a Climate network for the global youth.

  2. A two-day orientation program was held for the teachers and staff of the upper TCV school on the 27th and 28th of February 2013. On the first day, Mr.Namdol Tashi welcomed all the staff members with his introductory speech. Since this year, TCV resolved to organize value based program in order to instill values in students, Reverend Lobsang Dhakpa, Professor from Institute for Higher Studies in Tibetan Dialectics, Dharamshala was invited to give teaching based on Buddhism to the staff members.  After this, the principal shared the decisions arrived at the EDC and also gave meaningful feedback on teachers’ annual reports.Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal, Village Director shared the decisions arrived at the Financial meeting. On the second day, the headmistress convened the meeting at 9 a.m. and all the important announcements were made in regard to the smooth functioning of the senior school. The meeting also focused on various ways to prevent students from indulging in breaking school rules. After this, the subject committee meetings were held in all seriousness to bring innovative changes to create more congenial learning environment in schools.

2. School Opening Day: March 1

The school opening day ceremony was held in Dickyi Tsering Hall. Class X and XII students attended the function. Mr Lekhsey Tenpa from TCV Head office was invited as the chief guest. The chief guest in his speech deliberated on importance of carrying out duties with a broader perspective of TCV mission in mind to all the concerned staff and students.

 3. PARENTS DAY: March 5

The school observed the Parents Day on 5th March coinciding with the birth anniversary of Gyayum Chenmo, the late mother of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. All the students from class VIII and above attended the program. Mrs. Karma Dolma, Senior CTA staff from Home Department, Dharamshala and alumni was invited as the chief guest. She spoke on the importance of education in life and advised students to make best of their time in schools. She also highlighted on the importance of role of teachers and parents in developing overall aspects of children in school.


The 54th Tibetan National Uprising day was observed at Tsug-la-khang, the main temple in Dharamsala. Thousands of Tibetans led by his Holiness the Dalai lama and the exile Tibetan leadership took part in the function. A total of more than 500 students from Class IX, X and XII of Upper TCV Senior Section joined the official commemorations. The students along with public as well as foreign friends and supporters also participated in the protest march led by Tibetan non-organization from Tsuglakhang to Police Ground in lower Dharamshala. The school also arranged a lunch to the staff and students who joined the program.


The Tibetan Women’s Associations commemorated the 54th Tibetan women’s Uprising day on March 12, 2012 at the martyrs’ Pillar in honour of the sacrifices made by Tibetan women in Tibet. Hundreds of Tibetan women along with supporters took part in the commemorations. The function was followed by a protest march raising slogans for a free Tibet and demanding an end to china’s repressive policies in Tibet. All the girls from Class IX, X and XII participated in the commemoration of the day wearing school traditional chupas.

6. Class XII Graduation Function: April-1

The graduation function for the outgoing students of Class XII was held on April1 on the Basket Ball ground at 9.00 a.m. in the morning.Dr. Kunchok Dorjee  at Tibetan Delek Hospital, Gangchen Kyishong, Dhramsala and an alumnus was the chief guest of the function. All the staff members and the students from KG –XII attended the function. The ceremony began with offering of scarves to the outgoing students. Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal offered the scarf to each graduating on behalf the school. The chairperson of the Staff Welfare Committee and School captains offered scarves on behalf of staff and students respectively. The Student Council and Mr. Namdol Tashi, the Principal, gave a stimulating introductory speech on the occasion and the chief guest offered a ceremonial scarf to each graduating student. This was followed by a speech from the chief guest who shared his wonderful thoughts drawn from his life experiences relating especially to his school life  to encourage students to prove worthy of their lives.  Finally, Mrs Nawang Lhamo, Headmistress of the Senior Section, concluded the function encouraging students to continue to work hard to meet the needs of the Tibetan community and extended sincere thanks to school captains, prefects, hostel prefects, Class monitors and others who rendered  support  in smooth functioning of the school.


Seventeen students and four staff members from Mount Madonna School, Watsonville, California, USA visited our school on April 2, 2013. A special program was arranged to ensure meaningful interaction between them and our students. The program began with a welcome note from the Headmistress who expressed the hope that the visit would bring mutual benefit to both Mount Madonna and TCV students. Master Thupten Dorjee, School Prefect presented them with a PowerPoint presentation on how TCV expanded from a mere nursery to a large integrated family.  This was followed by a short documentary film on how children in TCV School spend a typical day. Then Master Tashi Dhondup, Class XII Arts A from Tibet shared his personal experiences from Tibet to TCV School which was very moving story. After the presentation, the interactive session was held in small groups of four to five students. A total of 22 senior students consisting of school captains, prefects and students from the Senior Section had the opportunity to interact with students of Mount Madonna during the interactive session. The session proved to be meaningful to the students as students from both schools expressed their feelings and thoughts not only on personal matters but also about the world at large. After the session, the student council conducted short guided tour of the campus. Mr.Ward Malliard who is the main teacher incharge of Mount Madonna School thanked TCV school for the hospitality and shared his words of wisdom to the students.

8. Lhakar Celebration: April 3

The school management decided to continue to observe Lhakar wearing traditional dress this year.The Senior Section decided to continue to organize Class presentation in Tibetan language with a view to promote Tibetan language, culture and identity and to instill values grounded on Tibetan Buddhism. This value based program is in line with the resolution passed in the Educational Development Committed Meeting. Class XII Commerce A presented its Class presentation on various ways of greeting people from different culture and also on their etiquettes. This Class presentation in Tibetan language aimed at developing respect and understanding for people from different cultural backgrounds. The most interesting part was that the students were introduced few Tibetan vocabulary which are not commonly used by the Tibetans. The program ended with a feedback from Headmistress and thanked the Class teacher, Ms. Tsamchoe and others who contributed to the presentation.

9.  Geo Hazard Earthquake Drill: April 4

The school Management Committee in its meeting discussed the earthquake drill and unanimously decided to conduct the earthquake drill in homes and hostels this year as students had received several drill practices in classrooms. During the meeting, Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal, Village Director and Mr. Namdol Tashi, School Principal gave strong directions to the section headmasters and headmistress to make this drill effective through necessary preparations. The school doctor was asked to depute a medical team for the drill. The section headmasters and headmistress made the announcements during the assembly on needed preparations to carry out the preparedness drill effectively. The teachers were assigned different homes and hostels.Mr. Dhundul Thokmey, Mr. Tenzin Jamyang and Ms. Dolma Yangzom were appointed the main incharge who would guide and supervise the preparation work in homes and hostels from Senior Section. The teacher incharge of each home and hostel held meeting with home prefects on preparation and gave precautionary tips to students in homes and hostels before the drill. All the necessary arrangements were done such as making charts on precautionary measures during earthquake, making improvised stretchers, formation of rescue teams and first aid medical camp.On April 4,2013 at 11 a.m. a total of 1945 students that comprises of 1032 boys and 913 girls of all sections: Senior, Middle, Junior and infant sections and  128 teachers and staff members took part in the drill.The drill began with a drumbeat for about 2 minutes, all the students practiced Drop, Cover and Hold on under their beds in their respective homes. After the drum stopped, all the students came out of their homes and hostels covering their heads.  Then they assembled in three locations: Basketball ground, football ground and Dal lake where medical camps were set up by the School Health Centre and the senior first aid club. Teachers and students assembled in these various locations depending upon proximity from their homes. The main teacher incharge in each home was asked to take the roll call to check if all the students had been evacuated safely. Students from each home and hostels volunteered to be a part of a rescue team and acted as injured students for the drill. The rescue team evacuated the injured persons to the medical camp where they were provided immediate basic treatment. The headmasters and headmistress thanked the teachers and students for their cooperation and also emphasized on the need to take this exercise more seriously in future for their own safety measures. The entire drill was quite stimulating as students responded well to the drumbeat and this has helped in developing survival skills as students gained awareness about the basic survival skills. Since this has now become an annual feature in the school, the teachers who shouldered special responsibilities suggested in their feedback that this activity must be mentioned in the school diary so that everyone will be mentally prepared and it will go a long way in identifying potential dangers and avoiding major setbacks in the near future. Secondly, homes are more vulnerable and prone to earthquake especially at night and in the early morning. Hence creating awareness and organizing separate workshop for home mothers on earthquake Safety measures in required. The local authority should take it very seriously and send atleast one official to each school to observe the drill and make necessary suggestions to the school authority. A good presentation on earthquake drill should be given by an expert or a disaster management teacher a day before the actual drill practice.  Since earthquake is a sudden event, advance notice on time schedule should not be notified on that day.  Staff, students and medical team should be notified to stay alert for signal. This will enable us to  assess how well prepared we are in rescuing injured persons and providing basic medical care and support  effectively and with efficiency in the wake of disaster.


The Student Council under its wing has formed a committee called ‘Future Tibet and Present Tibetan Youth’ which includes student volunteers from the Senior Section. One of its main intellectual exercises is to create awareness in students about the books in Tibetan language authored by Tibetan writers in and outside Tibet and also to create a forum where varacious student readers can share and review the books. On Saturday, September 3, 2012, Ms. Sonam Pelmo, School Prefect acting as a moderator organized the book discussion forum in which student readers shared  ten Tibetan novels and books that they have read in their leisure time. The program was organized in Class XII C Classroom from 2.30 p.m.-4.30 p.m in the afternoon. It was encouraging to see that a total of 43 students participated enthusiastically in the program even though it was their free afternoon. They took lively participation in the discussion and learned much from the interaction with each other. Ms. Sonam Pelmo in her feedback received from the students conclusively stated that this is a program that should not fade away and should be carried out in the years to come. She was also assured that the students would extend their cooperation and teamwork towards the success and continuity of this program in the future.  It was a pride and encouraging seeing students taking initiatives on their own and contributing their energy beneficially towards promoting intellectual atmosphere in the school.



On 3rd September 2012, the Senior Section of Upper TCV concluded Mathematics Week ceremony by organizing a panel discussion on Mathematics. The toppers of 1st term examination from classes IX to XII were selected as speakers for the program .The programme was organized by the science department of the school. The panel discussion on mathematics was held so that the students get the right motivation, guidance, facilitation and also the right exposure in learning mathematics.

The introductory speech was extended by Miss Dickyi Dolkar, Science Teacher (TGT) wherein she emphasized on the importance of organizing “the panel discussion on mathematics”. She made a stress in the learning of mathematics. Mathematics is a creation of human mind concerned chiefly with ideas, processes and reasoning. From poor to rich, everyone has to use mathematics in their lives at some point .It is now being applied everywhere like in the economy of a country, construction of buildings, marking and evaluation of persons. In fact, a modern life style is completely handicapped and highly improbable, in the absence of mathematics.  In this regard, the participants have been enlightened by learning mathematics with listening, reasoning and practical application in day to day life situations.

The four toppers of 1st term examination 2012 from classes IX to XII participated. Each child spoke on different areas of the importance of mathematics. Following are the topics spoken by each participant:-

1. Tenzin Sangpo (Class IX D): How to Learn mathematics

2. Tenzin Dolma (Class X D): Application of mathematics.

3. Tenzin Kunga (Class XI A): Tips of learning mathematics.

4. Tsering Sonam (Class XII E): Scope of mathematics

The interactive section between the mathematic teachers and the participants was interesting. The discussion remained very active through the session. Finally, Gen Tsetan Dorjee la, spoke on the conclusion part of the program. He stressed on hard work, and learning co-relation with practical application and also emphasized on learning sound English language, if one has to acquire mastery over mathematics. Gen Tsetan la also shared that “Determination, discipline and hard work equals the way to success.”



The Commerce Stream debate between class XI and XII on the topic “Ethics in Business is more important than Profit”, was held in the Hermann Gmeiner Hall at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, August 24, 2012. Master Thupten Dorjee , Class XI Com C opened the debate session in an exciting and lively manner by  introducing  the purpose of holding a debate on the topic that is so relevant in the context of the modern business world.  Three students from each class participated in the debate. Unlike the traditional style of debating, in this debate, there was an extempore session in which each team was shown a picture on the screen for which they had to meaningfully interpret and draw inferences based on the debate topic.  Both the teams put forth their strong arguments fully supporting their motions for the debate. Ms.Tenzin Dronme Naga, Class XI Com C was selected the best speaker and Shyam Kumar Kapoor in the second place and Kunga Dokden, Class XII Com D in the third place. The overall winning team was Class XI Commerce. It was indeed a great pride to see students engaged in an extemporaneous debate. The debate ended with encouraging remarks from Mr.Namdol Tashi, School Principal who gave thought-provoking feedback and also provided concrete suggestions for further improvements.



 Science inspire award is a program to inspire and arouse in the young students the curiosity  to take keen interest science and learning by doing. The program is initiated in the year 2010 by the Department of Elementary Education ,Kangra in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

According to the program a  list of students from class six to nine who has secured the highest marks in the science subject should be sent to local Elementary Education Department who will then randomly select any number of the students from the list . The selected students will be awarded with a cash prize of Rs 5000 from which the student must use atleast Rs. 3000 to develop his or her own project model. The particular student will then be called for the District Level Science Inspire Exhibition succeeding which the student will have the opportunity to take part in the State Level and then to National level Exhibition.

This year two students of Tibetan Children’s Village School were awarded the Inspire award cash prize,

Anuraj for securing highest marks in science subject ( class VIII 2010)

Tenzin Yangchen for securing highest marks in science subject ( class X 2010)

Tenzin Yangchen left school in between the year 2011 as she got selected in a scholarship program and which left Anuraj the lone representative for the District Level Science Exhibtion.




The Science Inspire award cash prize of Rs 5000 winner Anuraj of Tibetan Children’s Village School took part in the District Level Science Inspire Award Exhibition which was held at Jallandhar Dharamsala , Nagri Palampur Road , Chamunda in District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh state.from 12 to 22 August in different phases . The program was organized and sponsored by Department Of Elementary Education, Distt Kangra and Ministry Of Science and Technology , New Delhi. Anuraj’s  project Slide Projector has been selected for the State Level Science Exhibition which will be held in the month of September. He was among 113 students out of 1300 students from about 200 schools who took part in the Science Exhibtion. The project was supervised by science and technology teacher  Mr. Tenzin Jamyang who is also the chaiman of senior section science department for this year.


TCVSeniorSchool organized Parent-Teacher Conference on Saturday, August 18 in Deckyi Tsering Hall for the parents and local guardians who live in the vicinity of Dharamsala. The main purpose of the conference was to encourage parents’ involvement in their children’s education. As it is clearly proven from research and also from our past experiences that children do much better in school and grow up to be more successful in academic life when both parents and teachers are involved in child’s education. The program began at 9.30 a.m. in the morning. Mr.Tsutrim Dorjee, Headmaster welcomed the parents and local guardians and expressed thanks to them for attending the program despite the bad weather. Mr. Namdol Tashi, Principal gave a speech on the importance and purpose for holding such a program in school. The speech was stimulating and the talk ended with a big round of applause. We received encouraging responses from parents on the day as there were about 190 parents and local guardians who attended the program. The parent–teacher conference that began at 10.30 a.m. lasted till 5.30 p.m. in the evening. All the subject teachers worked hard through the day talking things out to the parents about allround development of the students focusing mainly on the academics.  Mr. Sonam Topgyal, Father of Michiko Yamasaki of Class XD in his feedback stated, “During his time as a student, teachers did not give individual attention to each student but assessed the class as a group. But in this parent-teaching meeting, teachers have to know each student individually by telling parents how his/her child performs. In this way, it will improve the performance of the child.”

The Creative Writing Workshop: August 01, 2012

One full day workshop on Creative Writing for the students from Class IX – XII was organized jointly by the Headmaster’s Office and the English Department, Senior Section on August 01, 2012. The workshop was initiated and proposed by the Tibet Writes, – a network of Tibetan writers, poets, editors and critics, to all the TCV school branches in and around Dharamsala.

The whole program was divided into 3 different sessions. The morning session, which was from 9:00 a.m. till 11:00, was a joint session and was held at the Herman Gmeiner Hall. During this session, the resource persons were introduced to the participants and this was then followed by 15 minutes of reading from their own collection and sharing their experience and question answer session respectively.

The next two sessions were the group sessions. Since it involves active interaction and participation, the senior section students were divided into two groups. Class IX and X students had their sessions in Dekyi Tsering hall, while class XI and XII students had theirs in the Herman Gmeiner hall. The first session of the class IX and X was taken by Mr. Bhuchung D. Sonam, and class XI and XII by Mr. Tenzin Tsondue and Ms. Tsering Wangmo Dhumpa, and the next session vice versa.

The resource persons talked about the importance of writing and how English writing having wider audience would eventually help the cause of Tibet. They then taught the students how to create a poem by using simple and precise words. Following the child centered method, the resource persons started with the words that associate with poetry and with the students created a beautiful poem with ease within no time. The students not only enjoyed the sessions, but also realized that writing could be fun. Many students left the venue with a new hope and inspiration.

Submitted by: Tenzin Choekyi Drenang (P.G.T. English)

July 1st:Quiz Contest- Life History of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.The final quiz contest on the live history of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was held on July 01, 2012 in Dr. Herman Gmeiner Hall to mark 77thbirth anniversary of H. H. the Dalai Lama. This grand event was organized by the executive members of the Student Council and honored by the village Director Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal as the chief guest for the occasion. The entire 800 senior section students have participated in the preliminary knock out rounds conducted through written test and eliminated to reach at this final stage.  The final participants had to face different rounds and the student quiz masters have skillfully tested the knowledge of the participants from their recommended books ‘Freedom in Exile’, and ‘My land and My people’ authored by H.H. the Dalai Lama.  The event closed successfully by distribution of prizes and closing brief speech by the chief guest.


Stay Away From Drugs, Keep In Touch With Health

26th June 2012 was celebrated as international day against drugs abuse and illicit trafficking. Whole world is affected with drugs both rich and poor and our community is not exceptional. Addicts range from the homeless, to white-collar professionals, college students to, street children especially to teenagers.

Thus, on that very occasion to discourage using drugs and substances in our school, our school principle Namdol Tashi la has delivered a powerful speech to the students and shared his real life experiences to prevent drugs and substances. Apart from this program Health committee has organised slogan competition in senior section and painting competition in middle and junior section.

In our community the trend of movie making is emerging especially on health and many film makers making short documentary explaining various types of drug abuse found in the community.  Thus committee found this as an effective tool to stimulate the mass and telecast some videos associated with drugs addicted victims’ sharing problems and the deadly diseases they affected.

Students were not behind student council actively participated on that day members of students’ representative collaborated with health committee affixed poster affected with drugs, smoking, alcohol and gutka to give awareness to students. Thus a drug sees no nationality, no colour, not even age bar it simply kills, to fight against drugs we have fight together. Together we can together we will make the difference.




The Inter -Class Tibetan debate contest was held between Class IX and X on June 8, 2012 in Herman Gmeiner Hall. The motion for the debate was, ‘That peaceful methods are more beneficial than violent means in resolvingTibetissue.’ The Class IX team won the debate. Master Tenzin Sangpo, Class IXD was chosen the best speaker and Master Lobsang Yeshi was chosen the second best speaker of the contest. Mr. Namdol Tashi, Principal, as the chief guest of the event provided valuable feedback on ways to bring about more quality to the program.


Following the instruction of Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration, the school organized a letter writing campaign on June 11, 2011 as a mark of support and solidarity to the activities organized by the Tibetan students insideTibet. All the students of the Senior Section participated in the letter writing campaign during the last period on the same day. Each student of the Senior Section wrote two letters-One addressed to the Prime Minister and the public and the other one addressed to the Chief Minister and the public of the state. In the letter, the students thanked the government and the people ofIndiafor giving them shelter over the last 53 years. Over these five decades, Tibetans were able to preserve their culture and identity while making steady progress in the field of education and health science. This letter writing campaign also helped students in realizing their refugee status and their added responsibilities towards their country.


All the students of the Senior Section from Class IX to XII participated in the preliminary round of selection for DOE Final Tibetan Essay Contest during the fifth period on June 13, 2012. The Tibetan Faculty of the Senior Section created the topics for the Senior Secondary and Secondary levels. The topic for the Senior Secondary level was, ‘The need for upholding Tibetan Identity in Tibetans’ and for the Class IX and X, the topic was ‘Tibet belongs to Tibetans’ Three top students from each level have been selected and they are qualified to represent our school for the Final DOE Essay Contest that is scheduled to be held July 9, 2012 in all Tibetan schools in exile.


All the students of the senior section participated in the preliminary selection for DOE Tibetan Calligraphy contest on Saturday, June 16, 2012. Three top students from each level from this preliminary contest will represent our school for the Final DOE Tibetan Calligraphy contest to be held July13, 2012 amongst all Tibetan schools in exile.




The commerce faculty of the Senior Section organized a program on the PowerPoint Presentation Contest between Class XI and XI on the topic, Importance of cross-cultural understanding in international businesses on June21, 2012 at 7 p.m. in Herman Gmeiner Hall. All the students of the Senior Section from Class IX-XII attended the program. There were 10 finalist students from both Class XI and XII who got selected in the preliminary round of selection. The main objective of the program was to develop awareness of diverse business etiquettes of varied nations and to develop their confidence and public speaking skills.  Thupten Dorjee, Class XICom.C was declared the winner of the contest. Yeshi Dolma, XI Com.C and Kunsang, Class XII Com.E stood second and third position respectively in the contest. Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee, Headmaster distributed the prizes to all the winners and the consolation prizes were also given to all the participants of the contest. The program helped students to understand the importance of having quality of cross-cultural sensitivity in international relations or trade.This contest also facilitated them to understand other countries’ traditions and ways of life and how misunderstandings, offence and a breakdown in communication can occur without having knowledge and sensitivity to others’ culture.



The school organized Kagyur Recitation for two days from May 21 to 22 during Saka Dawa, the fourth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar. The Saka Dawa is observed as one of the most important festivals of Tibetan Buddhist as it is a very auspicious celebration of three important events in Buddha’s life- Birth, enlightenment (Nirvana) and Death. It is believed that virtues that are collected during this month will have manifold effects. Keeping this in mind, the school arranged the Kagyur recitation program. Before the recitation, as a part of the sacred tradition of Tibetan Buddhist, class XI boys were made to cirumbulate the school campus carrying 101 volume of Kagyur scriptures from school temple to Deckyi Tsering Hall. The students of class XII, XI and XD section along with their concerned teachers and the office staff took part in Kagyur recitation. Class XI students attended the first day and the students of class XII and XD attended the second day. All the concerned staff and the concerned students recited the Kagyur through the day with seriousness. Since the reading could not be finished on the two scheduled days, the students of Class XII spent another few hours on May 23 and finished the recitation at 11 a.m. in the morning. The students experienced a heightened sense of blessing and felt it was worth attending and reciting the Holy Scriptures.

 May 22



Global warming is a global issue now a days and it is high time we must take concrete steps to combat this problem. One of the ways to do it is by educating and making people aware of it. Tibet is regarded the ‘Third Pole’ by many scientist. This is because after the Antartic and the Arctic pole, Tibetan Plateau contains maximum number of glaciers and it is also the source of major rivers in Asia on which billions of life are dependent. Keeping this in mind, the students of class X- D gave a powerful power point presentation on the topic ‘World’s Third Pole’. The presentation was delivered in Tibetan on Lhakar day (Wednesday 16, May) in the Hermann Gmeiner New hall to all the staff and students of senior section from class nine to class twelve. The presentation included the following topics:

i)  Introduction of Global Environmental Crisis

ii)   Why Tibet is regarded as ‘Third Pole’

iii)         The Plateau’s Glacier and the Permafrost.

iv)   The state of major rivers flowing from Tibet

v)  Over exploitation of Tibet’s resource

vi)   Condition of Tibetan nomads

vii)         Views of eminent personality on the issue

viii)     Conclusion – experience sharing

Everyone in the hall followed the presentation with their heart and soul and on this day of Lhakar we were able to fulfill the need of the hour that is creating awareness about our country Tibet “The Third Pole”. The presentation was followed by a group song called “Bhod Kyop” which means “Save Tibet”.

Being asked about why the topic was chosen, class monitor Palden said, “we want to create awareness about the climatic changes occurring in Tibet because of global warming and the reckless ways in which the Chinese government are changing our way of lives. The climatic change happening in Tibet also affects the whole world’s climatic condition”

When asked about their feelings after the presentation, one of the students Tenzin Dolma remarked “I was even more nervous than the speakers. I was worried whether the presentation would go well or not. But since it went even better than we hoped for and i am very happy”

On the other Tenzin Tendar said “I was very excited as well as happy to do this presentation. I was completely relaxed. I enjoyed my presentation.” Lobsang Yeshi who wrote the scripts of power point in Tibetan language and who is also one of the group leader for the presentation exclaimed “after learning and researching about ‘ Third Pole’ by ourselves and presenting it to the senior section, I gained lots of knowledge about the climatic changes happening in Tibet. The success of the presentation is the culmination of effort of so many individuals. We would like to thank the following people from the bottom of our heart –

Our school principal: Mr. Namdol Tashi

Our section head master: Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee

Our section assistant headmistress: Mrs. Nawang Lhamo

Head of Environment section of Department of Information and International Relationship: Mr. Norbu

Our class teacher: Mr. Tenzin Jamyang

Head of Cultural Committee: Mr. Tenzin

Member of Cultural Committee: Mr. Lhagyal Tsering

Technical Support In charge: Mr. Jayang Lodoe and his team”.

As a follow up, the class displayed the framed pictures of Tibet and gave additional explanations to the students of the senior section, middle section and junior section during the break time. The section headmaster has recommended this presentation to be shown at a public platform.

senior English Debate:  May 18

The Final English Debate competition was held on May18 at the Hermann Gmeiner Hall at 7 p.m. The debate was held between Class XI and XII. The motion for the debate was ‘That the recent self immolations have helped the Tibetan cause” The team of Class XI won the debate.Master Thupten Dorjee of Class XI Commerce ‘C’was chosen the best speaker. Master Tenzin Dawoe of XI Arts ‘B’ and Kalsang Tsering of XII Commerce ‘D’ were selected the second and third best speaker of the event. The over all winning team of the event was Class XI. The event proved to be relevant and significant to the audience as the debate contains details that are landmark in the history of Tibetan struggle against freedom from Chinese occupation.


In support of the green campaign launched by NDTV under its initiation of special program called the NDTV-Toyota Greenathon4, a total of 560 students from the Senior Section that comprises of Class XI and XII students and the members of My Climate Club and the Environment Club along with their class teachers and teachers- in-charge participated in the area clean-up activity in the vicinity of St. John’s church, near Forsyth Ganj, Dharamsala. The students enthusiastically took part in the program by cleaning up the designated area. Students also participated in the cycling race that was aimed at creating awareness in the general public about the importance of cycling and its multifaceted advantages. Overall, the program helped students to gain more awareness of the environmental issues and they also got convinced of the fact that how an individual can make difference to the environment from causing further irreparable damage.

DAY                           DATE                        SUBJECT                                    CODE                 CLASS
MONDAY               16,JULY              MATHEMATICS                               41                            X
MONDAY               16,JULY             SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY           86                            IX
WEDNESDAY      18, JULY           ENGLISH COMMUNICATIVE        101                             X
WEDNESDAY      18, JULY           TIBETAN/HINDI-COURSE B        17/085                     IX
FRIDAY                 20, JULY            SOCIAL SCIENCE                                87                              X
FRIDAY                 20, JULY           ENGLISH COMMUNICATIVE          101                          IX
TUESDAY            24, JULY           SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY                  86                           X
TUESDAY            24, JULY            MATHEMATICS                                  41                                IX
THURSDAY        26, JULY           TIBETAN/HINDI-COURSE B          17/085                      X
THURSDAY        26, JULY          SOCIAL SCIENCE                                    87                              IX
SATURDAY        28, JULY         FOUNDATION OF IT                             165                               X
SATURDAY       28, JULY         FOUNDATION OF IT                              165                             IX


The 26th Inter-House Athletic Meet ofthe school was held on 5thMay, 2012 at the school playground in somber atmosphere. All the staff and students from Class IX to XII gathered on the football ground at 8.30 a.m. The school management invited all heads of the Tibetan schools located in and around Dharamsala to be the guests. The monks from theInstitute ofBuddhist Dialectics and the artists from Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) were also invited as guests for the event. Mr. Thupten Dorjee, General Secretary of the TCV schools was invited to be the chief guest of the day. Soon after the arrival of the chief guest, the program began with the introduction of the theme of this year in both Tibetan and English languages. Owing to the serious ongoing struggles inTibet, the main theme of this year athletic meet was kept- “Homage to the Martyrs of Tibet”. Both staff and students joined together and paid their deep homage and camaraderie to the all the martyrs by observing one-minute silence in salutation to the martyr who self immolated themselves for the cause ofTibet. This was followed by reciting the prayer of truth, singing the Tibetan and Indian National Anthem, oath taking by the school captain and singing the school song by the students. The chief guest then declared the meet open and the sports events started thereafter. All the sports events went on smoothly and the winners of the various sports events were awarded the certificates of appreciations for their excellent performances in games and sports. However, the final declarations of house performances were not made possible because of the heavy downpour that occurred just when the closing function was about to take place.  However, the result was declared by the Games Committee Chairman, Mr.Tsultrim Dorjee during the joint assembly and prizes were given by the chief guest Mr. Thupten Dorjee la on May 9.

The overall championship of the 26th Inter-House Meet-2012 was Nyatri House followed by Triral House in the second position and then Songtsen House and Trisong House in the third and fourth positions respectively.

Sonam Tashi of Nyatri House bagged the best Athlete of the senior boys division and Jamyang Choedon of Nyatri house bagged the best athlete of the senior girl division. Topgyal Tsering and Tsering Dolkar of Nyatri house were declared the fastest boy and the fastest girl in the 26th Inter-House Athletic Meet. Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee acknowledged all the staff members and all the volunteered students for their cooperation towards the success of the event. The event proved to be a meaningful one as 


We all share one mother and it is our “mother earth’. On this very important day, My Climate Environmental Club that comprises of forty students of our school went to the nearby town, Mcleod Ganj and carried out a mass rally in collaboration with some volunteers and staff of the Tibetan Welfare Office  at around 10 :00 am in the morning . It was flagged off after planting a tree by the teacher incharge, Mr. Tenzin Jamyang along with a student members.

The team voiced slogans –e all share one mother and it is our “mother earth’. On this very important day, My Climate Environmental Club that comprises of forty students of our school went to the nearby town, Mcleod Ganj and carried out a mass rally in collaboration with some volunteers and staff of the Tibetan Welfare Office  at around 10 :00 am in the morning . It was flagged off after planting a tree by the teacher incharge, Mr. Tenzin Jamyang along with a student member.

“Stop burning waste. We don’t want to breathe toxic air”,

“Keep nature clean -It is your home too”,

“Stop littering, we want our nature clean”.

The march became the centre of attraction for a while and people started pouring in to raise their voice and to show their sense of solidarity. And in doing so the noble work of working for our mother earth gained its momentum.  After a complete round of the McleodGanj, the team gathered at the main square to get dispersed into sub – groups and stepped in the shops and restaurants and counseled the owners about the proper disposal of waste especially the plastic bottles. In the same afternoon, the climate group segregated the waste of the school of the day which they had collected the day in advance.  All the segregated waste such as Paper, plastic, metal scraps; wood, sand and food waste were weighed.  This was done to carry out another project under the Green School Program of Centre for Science and Environment based inNew Delhi. The day overall belonged to our mother earth and the students committed themselves in this endeavour tirelessly and with full of passion.


A community service week was jointly organized in the school from April 24-30. All the students of the Senior and Middle section participated in the weeklong program. The theme of the week was ‘In remembrance of our heroes, the memory of our Pawo, we salute our nation’s hero.’ In line with the theme, the faculty members of the social science department planned various activities for paying tribute to the freedom martyrs for their great sacrifices. The week began with the presentation of PowerPoint by the students under the guidance of Mrs. Karma Choedon, History (PGT). They shared the theme of the week and the work carried out in the previous years and the action plan of the week.The students unfurled the Tibetan national flag and creatively decorated the Pawo Memorial garden. Under the direction of Ms. Tenzin Bhuti,Political Science(PGT), the students of Class XI Arts gave a facelift to the garden by digging the earth and planting the flowers in the afternoon. The Painting competition, the Caption contest and the Essay contest in both Tibetan and English were held for the Class IX and all the students participated in the contest based on their own interests and aptitude and enjoyed the experience working on their unique artistic talents. There were 30 students who took part in the Tibetan Essay Contest and Sherab, Class IXP was declared first in the contest. A total of 71 students participated in the English essay competition. Tenzin Kunga, Class IXD bagged the first prize. In Tibetan and English poem contests, there were a total of 6 and 9 students in each and Tenzin Sangpo Nubja and Yangchen Dolkar of IXD were declared the winners of the contest. In the painting competition, a total of 56 students participated and Phurbu Tsering bagged the first prize in the competition. Prizes were distributed to the winners on the concluding day of the week. The special program was also organized for the retired staff members. Mr. Tenzin Wangchuk was appointed the incharge of the program.The students of Class X offered refreshments and extended a sense of gratitude for their selfless service in their youth to the school and community and spent the afternoon of April 26 at the old aged quarters cleaning the retired homes and clothes. The area clean up of the campus was also carried out by Class XI and XII commerce students during the third period on Saturday, April 28. The social science teachers not only supervised the students, but also worked with them.  It is important to note that each social science teacher played a special role in making the programs a successful one. On May 30, Mr. Dhundul Thokmey, the chairman of the Social Science Department presented a report of the week through the PowerPoint slides during the morning assembly and the student enjoyed the photos of their engagements in various services. This community service provided the staff and the students fulfilling experiences and a sense of purpose in their lives. More importantly, this program helped students in sensitizing the needs of the community.


271 new students join Upper for Commerce and Arts: April is very busy and hectic month. We have 271 students join us from all our branches. We are also happy to have eight students join Commerce plus one from SOS Pokhra –Nepal. Over crowding in the homes, hostel and classrooms had to be adjusted and there has been a lot of movement and shifting with their bed bunks and personal belongings in the busy lanes of hilltop area of TCV. 100 girls in class XI are very fortunate to have a brand new hostel. For them every thing is new from beds, beddings, kitchen to rooms. Even our cook and hostel matron are also new. All strangers gather in this new hostel and now the dust of excitement is fully settled and children have adjusted to the new environment very quickly. We have their class photos:


                                                                                                           ARTS B

                                                                                                COMMERCE A

                                                                                                COMMERCE B

                                                                                            COMMERCE C

World Earth Day Project

Environment is not secured! People are so reckless harming Mother Nature without any terror, knowing the fact every year, disaster affects millions of people and cause economic losses of billions of dollars. But still we are in the midst of making these errors. We are responsible for these disasters and we have to educate and prepare to ensure a viable plan of action to overcome this problem.

Dharamsala is one of the preferred tourists’ destinations. Each year this place is crowded with visitors especially on summer season. Enjoying the cool breeze, various spot most importantly the weather. But it is found that weather is changing according to the local resident they found that there is fluctuating in weather each year.
The prime reason behind changing in weather was environmental issues. Dharamsala is no mor

e a place we call clean and green. If you peep around you will find dirt, piece of plastic, garbage, litter and what not no one cares for it. Litter mount and result in disaster.
22nd April, around 09:00 am on World Earth Day, Environment Club of Upper TCV organised cleaning project of illegal dumping sites. To accomplished this mission environment club enlists 4 club executive members, 3 volunteer teachers from senior section, 3 Indian staffs from community service and 70 students from senior and middle section. School issue gloves and mask to the participants and dumping truck was facilitated by Tibetan welfare office Dharamsala.
The first dumping site was located 35 meters from Punjab National Bank (PBN) as shown in picture below. This area was preferred dumping site by nearby resident. Accumulation of rotten garbage attracts rats and other disease-carrying creatures. Dumping hazardous waste people’s health at risk and can harm the environment but still people dumping their trash to this illegal dumping site.

If we take into account this area was a prone zone for landside each year. Last year during raining season municipal cooperation incurred huge cost for mending the road. Landside was mainly because people tend to choose this location as dumping sites. It affects for local resident who passing by most important tourist get trap for hours to clear the road.
Thus students and teachers took initiative to clean up, it was tough as the site was too steep and mounted with massive garbage but strong determination for community service made possible to cleanup this site very clearly. Shown in picture above how the site looks so polluted before and after it look so clean and tidy.
After hours hardship we had accomplished first site teachers and students marched to next location which was located 100 meters from PNB and was again illegal area where people choose their dumping site. For sure this garbage does affect Dharamsala climate most important affects global climate change.

This site was totally polluted and unhygienic, garbage scatter all over hills and disturbs the beauty of nature. Teachers and students took in charge and move down to the foothill and cleared up garbages completely.
As shown in pictures below how this site was severely polluted before our mission, after cleaning this area gained its originality back. That’s how this year World Earth Day was successfully accomplished.

In short, Garbage is a serious problem alarming at our locality. Everyone has the responsibility to make environment clean. It can cause a serious problem for the citizens and most importantly to the environment an unpleasant atmosphere to creating a center for disease infection. It is thus very important to take serious action to overcome such severe problem last not but the least together we can and together we will make difference.

Education Tour

Mr. Avasti with small group sharing inventories system in flour mill

General Manager Mr. N.K Avasti explaining about process of flour mill


Report Submitted to Headmaster

Senior Section Upper TCV School

Dharamsala HP


Education Tour for Commerce Students

Education tour is an important part of human nature and a useful educational tool.  It is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. Learning experience and expose children to a ‘real life’ situation of what has been taught in the classroom, in this manner learning provide effective tool in children’s life.

  1.     I.      Objectives of Education Tour

1.1  To create an interest in the field of commerce studies.

1.2  To evaluate between real life situation and what has been taught in the classroom.

1.3  To gain a real life experiences of business activities.

1.4  To investigate different Tibetan business operation, culture and tradition in Norbulinkga institute.

The committee members of commerce faculty decided to take three destinations to fulfill the above objectives. Which are listed below;

  1. 1.     Kangra Flour Mill Factory
  2. 2.     Norbulinga Institute
  3. 3.     Kangra Fort


  II.      Education Tours involving:


2.1   Teacher and Classes participated:

This trip was divided into two batch on 6th of April first batch was taken to the above listed destinations which consist of class XIITh Commerce A & D escorted by Class Teacher Mr. Chemi Tsering and Mr. Mingchung additional with two more subject teacher Mr. Tenzin Phuntsok  and Miss Tsamchoe.

On next day second batch (Class XIIth Com B,C, & E) was escort by Class teacher Mr. Sonam Topgyal, Dr. Bhatia and Miss Tenzin Rigdol and other subject teachers Mr. Karma, Miss Dolma Yangzom, Miss Tenzin Yangchen, Miss Tsering Bhuti.


2.2   Cost of funding: Bus and Meal

School bears the responsibility for supervising the transport. The cost of the transport was funded by the school and pupils also contributed little. Meal was also offered by school.


  1. III.        Outcome of the Tour.

This tour was done in very effective way; the destinations chosen by committee members are very relevant to the class context. This kind of exposure for the students and firsthand experiences will helps in leaving a permanent mark in students’ life. Students enjoyed the trip and exhibited immense interest in all the units covered in the excursion. We urge this kind of educational tour should be encouraged in future.


This education tour was follow up by students report wherein students expressed their experiences gained and relates their day to day learning in the class.

                                                                                                     Education Tour

A Report

An incredible ‘Education Tour’ was undertaken by the school for class twelve batches on 6th and 7th April. It was organize in such a manner that every students and even the assistant teacher could enjoy a lot at the same time, provided a profound knowledge regarding the working performance and marketing strategy of Himachal Flour Mill and Norbulingka.

It was worth of years study. As the school puts most importance in students, school hired three buses for this education tour. The students left around 08:00 am from the school basketball court in their chorus. It was perfect time for students to enjoy by singing in group and moreover, it played a crucial role in developing the interaction between students and teacher.

On the way to Himachal Flour mill, the students were landed at Kangra Fort and gave one hour to enjoy and study the historical monuments, even more luckily, we were coincided the filming that was on the procession.

After one hour, the students headed to the flour mill. The General Manager gave concrete information regarding the working condition, technique and process from administration level to marketing performance. But most importance of all, he brought the students to the factory site and explained with processing machine and tools and that not only gave theoretical knowledge but also it gave whole picture of what a factory basically does and works.

After having lunch, the students are given the opportunity to visit Norbulinkga and its working condition. The Public Relation Officer (PRO) introduced the working performance and marketing stand of self-reliant institution ‘Norbulinga’.

In a nut shell, that excursion regarding the ‘Himachal Flour Mill’ and Norbulingka are wonderful experience for students to see and observe the reality of what we have studied in class over the years. It gave deep understanding on economic activities which are standing in the market. All the students were very happy and satisfied.

Name: Gyaltsen (4029)

Class: XIIth Com’ ‘C’

A Report On Education Tour

Kangra, 6 April: The business faculty of senior section had organized an education excursion to Himachal Flour Mill, Norbulinkga Institution and Kangra Fort for the purpose of gaining living experiences of business management. In this tour total 221 students of class XIIth commerce were participated escort by respective class teacher.

On 6th and 7th of April around 08:00 am our tour begun, our first destination was Kangra fort where both student and teacher gained a historical experiences of ancient Kangra king.
The next destination was Himachal Mill Factory where students gained a real life experienced factory activities. The General Manager gave relevant information of management and function of this flour factory. Every student get the incredible opportunity to take a glance on the function of mill and its working condition, worker working efficiency and management level.

The last place student covered was Norbulinkga institute. Mr. Tsering Phuntsok public relation officer (PRO) provided sufficient knowledge about different department Norling, how these departments are coordinated and directed to achieve overall objectives. The best part of Norbulinkga is a self-reliant institute. Where every products were made very carefully, there are indeed consumer oriented they follow the principle of ‘made for order’ for foreign consumer. They do it on e-business.

In short, this excursion brings joy, knowledge and a lot of experiences. We really thanked for school to organised such a wonderful education tour, this tour bonded us more with bookish world and give us more understanding how in real life situation business works.

Name: Nyanchok Thar

Class: XIIth D

Education Excursion for Class XIIth

Al the student of class XIIth went to education excursion on the 6th and 7th. Our main destination was the Himachal Flour Mill in Kangra and the Norbulinkga Institution.

Before visit Flour Mill, we went to Kangra fort which is heritage of the kingdom Jolan Dhakra. The Museum is the most wonderful there that it shows the development of civilisation.  Next destination was flour mill.

We were welcomed by the factory general manger Mr. N.K Avasti and he explained details about the production process and then the management. Student given privilege to asked question based on their production process relating to what student had learned in the text.  Mr. Avasti divided the students in small group and took thoroughly tour to mill.

Next destination was Norbulinkga institute. Mr. Tsering Phuntsok public relation officer (PRO) explained the purpose and process of their institution.

At the end, this education trip we found the place where we can apply what we learned by practical, we become more interested on what we learn. Also I am very inspired that the NorbulIngka is Self reliant institution.

Name: Dechen Sangpo

Class: XIIth ‘E’


Education Excursion

The educational excurision of upper TCV for this year academic year was organised on 6th and 7th of April 2012. All the students and teachers of commerce faculty memeb4rs accompanied us on the tour. Tour took-off in three businesses specially arranged for the purpose. All students got up at 6:00 am. Some students did not even sleep as they spent the how previous night with anxiousness of expecting a wonderful trip dreaming with open eyes.

We all knew very well that this kind of tours plays an essential role in the holistic development of a child. Tours are very useful land informative. It is during those days that the students add to go through books. Moreover, these tours are life from becoming dull. Tours are indeed a part of education and a very necessary part. We all must feel proud that our school is organizing such things.

We left from the school campus at about 8:30 am. The bus speed though the hills of mountains till we reached our destination and while travelling in bus in the whole environment was very lively and exciting. The students sang and danced to bring the curtain down to a wonderful tour.

The first stop and the destination was the Kangra fort. All students visited the breath taking spot Kangra fort. Excited staffs and students had their picture and photographed .The visit to Kangra fort was truly rewarding for us. The students were able to collect information to acknowledge them. It was a natural surrounding with a narrow river flowing continuously at the corner. After purchasing the entrance tickets students and teacher went into museum to see the exhibition, where they were a number of pictures, old antiques of 11th and 10th century and other display materials depicting the history of fort.

Next destination was Himachal flour mill which is located in Kanga HP. It was the highlighter of our tour wherein content to commerce student. It was much related to process of production. In this factory we learnt process of producing wheat into flour and different product made from wheat like Ata, Maida, Suji, and Bran. Our tutor or guide was Mr. N.K Avasti, who is the general manager (GM) of this particular flour mill. He described us about the functioning of production, starting from cutting, cleaning milling. In one of his statement, he said that in this production both arts and science were applied. In reference to these statement arts is there when they used the techniques while production. For example sprinkling of water to remove the biotechnology effect and science is there, when they apply the principles like purchasing raw materials at lowest rate and reducing the dependability on labours.

The next visit was Norbulingka, a place of Tibetan arts and culture were preserved. Mr. Tsering Phuntsok PRO gave us the details information about this institute. It was started in 1985 by former minister Kelsang Yeshi and there are 18 different sections and more than 430 employees were working there. The main four departments are a follow:

  1. Education and research department
  2. Administration department
  3. Production department
  4. Scales department external and internal.

Norbulinkga is not behind with the current business trends. This institution does there business online reaching to international market and satisfied foreign customer also. Foremost important in our community this institution boasts for their self-reliant organstation.

Finally, the tour was successful one and was truly a enriching and unforgettable experience.

Name: Yeshi Gyaltso

Class XIIth Com ‘E’

General Manager Mr. N.K Avasti explaining about process of flour mill

Mr. Tsering Phuntsok (PRO) explaining about the process of Norbulingka Institute



Commerce Faculty                                                                                           Commerce Faculty

     Chairman                                                                                                         Assistant

CTSA Principals and Rectors Visit to Senior Section: April 21, 2012

Visit to Middle & Senior Library

Visit to the Senior Section IT Section

Visit to Middle & Senior Library


This year, the English department of the senior section brought a change in the program by reintroducing the English elocution contest as English teachers fervently believes that each child is unique and has multifaceted talents and potential for growth and must be given the opportunity to develop his/her potential to the fullest. The contest was held between Class IX and X on April 20 at 7 p.m.  in  Deckyi Tsering hall. All the students of Class IX to XII attended the program.  It is important to note that every student of class IX and X got the equal opportunity to take part in the English elocution. The first preliminary round was conducted within the class itself and those qualified students went on to the second preliminary round which was conducted by the English department. Finally, there were 12 finalists who had the opportunity to stage before the audience. There were three features in the elocution contest- poetry recitation, speech and dramatic enactments. Tenzin Dolma, Class XD, was selected the best in poetry recitation and  Tenzin Kunga, IXD as the best speaker  and  Tenzin Yangzom, XS was selected the best actor in dramatic enactments. The overall trophy went to Class IX. Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal, the chief guest awarded prizes to the winners and consolation prizes to all the participants. This elocution competition has helped students to display their oratorical skills, clarity of thought and lucidity of presentation and enhance their self-confidence.


On preventive health measures and overall wellness of children in school, the school management has arranged an annual health check for all the students in the school. The medical team of the school started the annual medical check up for the senior students starting with class IX on the morning of April 17. The students are undergoing thorough examination of their bodies.  This program is observed as very useful as it it is encouraging to see the doctor and the nurses engaged in their work with devotion on students with their unique medical skills.


Mr. Nawang Phuntsok, Associate professor in Elementary and Bilingual Education, fromFullerton,CaliforniaState University,USAwas invited the resource person. The resource talk was arranged at 4.30 p.m. in the staff room. All the teachers of the senior section attended the talk. Mr. Nawang Phuntsok shared multiple perspectives on how teachers can make teaching learning process meaningful and experiential to students in their classes. He also spoke about his observation of our school in general and classroom teaching in particular and also provided us corrective measures.


The students of Class XI from different TCV schools joined the school on April 11 amidst much excitement and anticipation. In order to make them feel more welcoming and familiarize them with the school campus, this year the school arranged two-day orientation program for them. On the first evening, a welcome party was organized for them. The program began with the introductory speech from Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal, Village Director and then, Dresi, sweet buttered rice with added raisins and Tibetan butter tea were distributed to the students as mark of auspicious symbols for their success and accomplishment in school. The students were divided into groups and each group had a mentor appointed from Class XII who helped them to participate in interactive games. On the second day, student mentors held a guided tour for them and they had the opportunity to gain knowledge about the campus. The members of the Student Advisory Committee elucidated explicably to the students about the school rules and encouraged them to remain compliant with school rules and regulation.


In support to the call for ‘Tibetan Schools Shake- Out Drill 2012’ jointly organized  by the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA) and GeoHazards International, Mrs. Sonam D. Samkhar, Principal called upon the school heads meeting and decided to hold an earthquake safety drill in the classrooms. The headmasters of all four sections gave the necessary instructions a day in advance in order to carry out the preparedness drill effectively. On Monday, April 4, 2012 at 11:00 A.M. a total of 2007students that comprises 1110 boys and 897 girls of all fours sections: Senior, Middle, Junior and Infant  and 150 teachers and staff members took part in the drill. The drill began with a drumbeat from the school temple at 11:00 a.m. and stopped exactly after 1.30 minutes. During these two minutes, all the students practised Drop, Cover and Hold On under the desk in their respective classrooms. After the drum stopped, all the students came out of their classrooms covering their heads. Then the senior and the middle section students assembled on the football ground and the junior and infant students gathered on the basketball court. The class teachers took the roll call to check if all the students had been evacuated safely to the grounds. Eight students volunteered to be part of a rescue team and another four students from each class volunteered to act as injured students for the drill. Two students from each class were placed incharge of First Aid.  The rescue team evacuated the injured persons to the medical camp where they were provided immediate basic treatment. The entire drill was an exciting exercise as students responded well to the drumbeat exercising ‘Drop, Cover and Hold’. The overall response to the drill was a stimulating experience in developing survival skills to cope with an earthquake disaster as students gained awareness about the basic survival skills.


Class XII students and their concerned teachers attended the funeral procession and the cremation of Martyr Jamphel Yeshi on March 30, 2012. They had the most unforgettable experience in life. Both teachers and students became overwhelmed with heightened emotion and distress looking at the tragic sight of the casket draped with the Tibetan National flag, carrying the deceased body of the martyr. The whole episode was poignant and had huge impact on students.


Mr. Sonam Tsering, TGT (Tibetan) attended the week-long DOE workshop on ‘The Tibetan New Education Policy’ at Tibetan Institute for Higher Studies, Sarah, from March 22-27,2012. As a part of the sharing experiences in enlightening other teachers of the section, under the guidance of the school administration, Mr. Sonam Tsering was made to share his learning experiences at the workshop to other teachers in the section.. All the teachers of the senior section attended the workshop from 4.30 p.m.-6p.m. in the staff room and learned much from him. The teachers felt that it was worth attending.


A special prayer session was held at Tsuglakhang at 4 p.m. for the deceased Martyr Jamphel Yeshi, 27 who set himself on fire on March 26 inNew Delhiin an apparent protest against the continued Chinese occupation ofTibet. The teachers and the students of Class IX and X attended the monlam.


Mr. Wei Tsai, Taiwanese and Program Director along with his Tibetan translator, Mr. Tsering Tenzin has initiated a special after- class program starting form March 21, 2012 to the students from 4:30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. at the school Cultural Centre. They took different classes namely make up class, photography class and also a class on ways to treat voice in song and music. The main aim and objective of the program was to help students to realize their Latent potentials and talents and to build in their self-confidence. The senior students joined the different classes in accordance to their choices and interests. The senior girls learned about how to use make- up in a professional manner and they also had the opportunity to display the art that they learned in the make- up class. The girls enjoyed the class through hands-on experience and sharing their artistic talents. Mr. Wei Tsai also did the medical diagnosis of both staff and the students who have health problems.


The graduation function for the Class XII outgoing students was held on March 26, 20 on the Basket ball ground at 9.00 a.m. in the morning. Mr Phuntsok Tashi, Principal of TCV Gopalpur and an alumnus was the chief guest of the function. All the teachers, non-teaching staff members and the entire students from K.G. to XII attended the function. Mrs. Sonam Dolkar Samkhar, the Principal, gave an introductory speech focusing on the needed life skills that will help students to face the realities of life. This was followed by a speech from the chief guest who gave a stimulating talk to the outgoing students about life after school.  Finally, Mr.Tsultrim Dorjee, Senior Headmaster concluded the function describing the meaning behind the backdrop of the stage decoration and also encouraged students to continue to work hard to meet the needs of the Tibetan community. Unlike the previous years, this year the graduation ceremony was intended to observe with much more grandeur, but the weather hampered the smooth functioning of the morning program of the graduation day. This year, each graduating student was offered three scarves from the Head office, the school management and the staff welfare committee. The ceremonial dinner was offered to the graduating students in the same evening.


The school management decided to observe Lhakar once in a month and the first Lhakar was observed on Wednesday, March 22, 2012. The senior section staff and the students from Class IX, X and XII in traditional Tibetan dress gathered in Deckyi Tsering Hall at 8.30 a.m. in the morning and the Class XII Commerce A students gave a presentation about the observance of Lhakar and the associated movement and the activities that are launched on Wednesday by Tibetans in Tibet and exile for promoting Tibetan language, culture and identity. The most interesting part was that the students were introduced few Tibetan vocabulary which are not commonly used by the Tibetans. The students were advised to speak pure Tibetan, make lhakar pledges, to go vegetarian every Wednesday. The program ended with a feedback from Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee, headmaster who encouraged both staff and students to speak pure Tibetan through the day except in the classrooms. In the evening at 7 p.m., Rev. Delek, Religious instructor of the Junior Section was invited to give an  introductory lesson on Buddhism’ to the students of Class XII for 45 minutes and this was followed by an interactive session for 15 minutes.


The 17th weeklong Tibetan Opera festival was celebrated at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) Dharamsala from March 20 to March 26, 2012. The artistes from various opera groups were invited to take part in the festival and they presented their performance from several operas.  The senior students of Class IX, X and XII attended the festival and watched the opera show – ‘Pema Woebar’, ‘Price Trimey Kunden’ and ‘Drowa Sangmo’  on March 21, 22 and 23 respectively. The students learned to appreciate out rich cultural heritage and also realize the need and importance of observing Tibetan opera festival in the preservation and promotion ofTibet’s unique and ancient tradition of performing arts.


The Tibetan Women’s Associations commemorated the 53rd Tibetan women’s Uprising day on March 12, 2012 at the martyrs’ Pillar in honour of the sacrifices made by Tibetan women inTibet. Hundreds of Tibetan women along with supporters took part in the commemorations. The function was followed by a protest march raising slogans for a freeTibet and demanding an end to china’s repressive policies inTibet. A total of 232 girls from Class IX, X and XII participated in the commemoration of the day.


Mr. Stan Albro –A.K.A coach fromOhio,USAand Mr. Richard Gazdayka fromCalifornia,USA   are teaching English to the senior students on a voluntarily basis from March 19, 2012 from Monday through Friday. A total of 81 students from Class IX and X have signed up for the class. These enthusiastic students have been divided into five groups. Each group is being given the opportunity to attend one- hour class on weekly basis and they are being taught how to be creative in writing in the English language.


The 53rd Tibetan National Uprising day was observed at Tsug-la-khang, the main temple in Dharamsala. Thousands of Tibetans led by his Holiness the Dalai lama and the exile tibeant leadership took part in the function. Mr. penpa Tsering, Speaker of the Tibetan parliament in- Exile and Kalon Tripa Lobsang Sangay addressed the gathering and urged the leaders inChina to change their repressive policies inTibet and resolve theTibet issue. A total of 540 students from Class IX, X and XII of Upper TCV Senior Section joined the official commemorations. The students along with public as wellas foreign friends and supporters also participated in the protest march from Tsuglakhang to kacheri which was organized by the non- Tibetan governmental organizations.


The parents’ day function was held in Deckyi Tsering Hall at 9 a.m. on March 5, 2012 in commemorating the birth anniversary of late Gyalyum Chenmo, g . All the staff members and the students of class X and XII attended the function. Mr. Kunphel Saherling, TCVAdmission Officer was invited to be the chief guest. All the staff members and students paid a tribute to the late Gyalyum Chenmo, mother of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama by offering a prayer and scarf. The chief guest gave a stimulating speech to the audience.

School Opening Day: March 1

The School re-opening day ceremony was held in Dickyi Tsering Hall. All the senior students attended the function. The opening ceremony started with a rejuvenating speech from Mrs. Sonam Dolkar Khangsar, Principal. Venerable Tenzin, Ex Director of TCV organization, was invited to be the chief guest. Class XII toppers of the annual examination were awarded academic prizes. The chief guest shared some valuable experiences that he contributed during the formative years of TCV organization. The ceremony ended with an effective speech from Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal, Village Director.



 Teachers and staff of the upper TCV school attended the two-day orientation program on the 28th and 29th of March 2012. On the first day of the orientation, Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal, Village Director shared the decisions arrived at the Finance meeting. This was followed by a speech from Mr. Tenzing Sangpo, Edication Director of TCV schools and guided the teachers to continue to work hard by having an understating of the child psychology. The School Principal spoke about the resolutions passed in the Educational Developmental Committee and also highlighted the suggestions written in the teachers’ annual report and provided the needed feedback. On the second day, Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee, headmaster convened the meeting and encouraged the teachers to come up with pressing issues related to the section that need urgent attention. The teachers provided valuable suggestions for further improvements in the smooth functioning of the school.



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