September 4: Visit by one of our former volunteers who worked here in early 1964:

Mrs. Juliet and her husband Brigadier Satish K Issar visited us today bringing forth a lot of reminiscence of her early days in Nursery for Tibetan Refugee. She was here to work as volunteer nurse through Save the Children in early 1964 when TCV was at the most difficult time. She has very vivid memory of those days and left with us few slides of those early days which we will post in due course of time. We are very happy to have her visit us after many years.

May 26 – Opening Ceremony of 18th Gyalyum Chemo Memorial Cup


 We are very pleased to have Indian Football icon Mr. Baichung Bhutia and Tim Brown Newzealand footballer and captain as the guest of honour during the inaugural Gyalyum Chemo Football Tournament this year.


May 7th :

We are very happy to have His Excellency Mr.Kirsan IIyumzhinov – former president of Kalmyk Republic of Russia and supreme Head Lama of  Kalmyk Buddhists the most revered  Telu Tulku Rinpoche visit us for the second time. We are most honoured and blessed by their visit.

Italian parliamentarians visit TCV after the audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

March 22:

James Wagner – president Emory University along with the faculty members pay visit to TCV while they were at Sarah Institute of Tibetan Higher Studies for a collaboration project for students’ exchange program.

March 22:

Japanese Khenpo along with our Japan Dunchoe visit TCV before their audience with His Holiness.

March 4: Shri Apurva Chandra – Chairman of Central Tibetan Schools Administration (CTSA) and education officer pay a courtesy visit to the school

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