Tibet Our Country Program concluded in UTCV on 30th June, 2017

Tibet Our Country’ Program concluded in UTCV on 30th June, 2017

TCV School, Upper Dharamsala celebrated the concluding day of its ‘Tibet Our Country’ Program on 30th June, 2017. In the morning at 8 am, with pungent aroma emitting out of the smoke of incense powder, all the students and staff members gathered at the basket ball ground and started the celebration by paying obeisance to the almighty gods with prayer offering, followed by a round dance (gorshey) led by the home amalas.

The concluding day function was held at 9.30 am the Herman Gmeiner hall subsequent to the prayer offering program. The function witnessed the presentation by all the sections. The cute poem and the innocence of infant section students, the beautiful and varied items of the junior section, and the humor filled skits of the senior section sent strong moral messages to the audience.

Mr. Sonam Sichoe, the Education Director was the chief guest. Addressing the gathering, he spoke on the aims and objectives and the importance of having this kind of program.  Talking on ‘Secular Ethics’, the theme of this year’s TOC, he said that this should not be the end to the program, but should thus be continued throughout. He further said that education does not only confine to academics, but also include moral values. He also mentioned that the creation of such environment should not only be the responsibility of school, but each individual must contribute in the creation of the environment.  The same, he said, could be achieved through individual realization and putting one’s daily act in all the ten competencies.

Following the function, the chief guest along with the other dignitaries was escorted to the exhibition prepared by all the school children K-11.  The exhibition was later opened to all the school children and visitors.

This month long program initiated in the early eighties has become a yearly program implemented in all the TCV schools. The project aims at stimulating the children to work on topics related to Tibet, thus making the children realize and create a bond with their roots. Every year, a theme is provided on which the students do research and present their topic on the concluding day.


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