Report on Parent Teacher Meeting, 2017

Report on Parent Teacher Meeting, 2017

24th June, 2017: TCV School, Upper Dharamsala had its first Parent Teacher Meeting (PTA) for the year 2017 on 24th June, 2017. Following the suggestions and the resolution made during the 2016 MDC on the need of a PTA meeting before the examination, the function of the first PTA was held on the above mentioned date in Dekyi Tsering hall from 9 am to 10.30 am.

Around 330 parents attended the function.  The School Principal welcomed all the parents and introduced the new changes in the administration to the parents. She then talked about the importance of the PTA meetings and the research based proofs on the benefits of such meetings on children. She stressed on the children being the most important, and thus the importance of need of collaborative team work by the parents as well as teachers due to the constant change in the society. She further requested the parents to keep a close vigilance on the actions of their child, and to further keep in constant touch with the house mothers and teachers. The 3 focus areas for 2017, resolved in 2016 Education Development Council (EDC) meeting, which are a) Promotion of Secular Ethics in Education, b) Strengthening implementation of Basic Education Policy and c) Controlling Substance Abuses, were also made aware of to the parents.

Dr. Sonam Topgyal, from Delek Hospital who especially came to attend the function,  introduced the hospital’s project titled ‘Zero TB in Tibetan Kids’, currently undergoing in the school. Aimed at eliminating TB in Tibetan school children, the doctor explained the types of medication and appealed the parents to take more responsibility.

Finally, the school Principal gave a short workshop to the parents on the CBSE initiative for class IX and X. She explained on how the entire pedagogical machinery gets affected and the changes under the CBSE’s remodeled scheme.

Mr. Passang, the Vice-President of Parent’s Association, through an anecdote of Thomas Edison stressed on the importance of parent’s involvement in a child’s success and urged the parents to use positive reinforcements.

Information and knowledge uploaded, the parents headed to the respective sections to meet the teachers of their child. The whole PTA meeting went from 10.30a.m. till 1.30 p.m. As per the school diary, the second PTA will take place on 18th November, 2017.


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