World Tobacco Day

World Tobacco Day

To observe World Tobacco day, Health and Environment Committee members organised an event on May 31, 2017. We have conducted drawing completion on the theme ‘Tobacco’ in advance and students who were selected for top three positions were given prize by Senior Section Headmistress on the day.

After the assembly while students were leaving the hall for class, we have distributed two coloured bands to everyone – purple and yellow coloured bands which has different meanings.  The meanings of the colours were explained to the students:  yellow colour means “I will not smoke in school” and purple colour means “I will help my friends to quit smoking”.  Students were asked to collect the band colour of their choice and stick on their sweater for a day. We have also prepared various charts with information relating to the tobacco day and put-up on different board near senior section.

In the evening, we have requested Kunphen – a NGO working on treating drug abuse in Tibetan community to conduct a talk on tobacco for senior section students at Dickyi Tsering Hall. They came with two speakers who shared their real life experiences to promote awareness among our students. Their talks were followed by question and answer session. The day was concluded meaningfully.   We would like to extend our special thanks to our volunteer teacher Gen Monlam la helping us make this event a successful one.

Health and Environment Committee -2017


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